The New PlayStation 4 without Restrictions

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    I've been playing PlaStation games since 1999, and today, I consider myself to be a hard-core gamer in the sense that I play 8-10 PS games a year right through to the end. I love playing games
    Ė canít live without it.

    In Denmark, console games are fairly expensive: An equivalent to £56-57 per physical game is not an unusual price here. On top of this, my possibilities for fast internet connection are limited. Having no access to fiber-optics, I have to rely on mobile broadband and am currently preparing for an upgrade from 3 to 4G.

    So, Iím grateful that Sony has decided to maintain access to games in physical form and that you donít have to be connected to the Internet to play single-player games on the PS4. Compared to fiber-optics, also 4G offers fairly modest speed rates as download speed depends on distance from the cell tower, number of users and environmental issues. In my home, downloading a full PS4 game would take forever, and streaming and playing online is still impossible with 4G, I think. 4G is not that fast as it is hyped to be.

    If Sony had made connection to the Internet obligatory, I think they would loose a lot of their gamers simply because it would be too difficult for a lot of us to comply with such a demand. In Denmark we donít pre-install LAN ports in new buildings and a large portion of our rural areas are still without decent Internet coverage. In my case, in addition to buying a PS4, I would also have to buy a router which is a device, I know absolutely nothing about. And if you had to use an Internet connection, had to use a router Ė what ever happened to plug and play then?
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    This couldn't have been added to the existing thread, I agree.
  • robthehermit 20 Jun 2013 14:03:08 7,457 posts
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  • Deleted user 20 June 2013 14:06:02
    They didn't make internet connection compulsory AND they didn't give you an ethernet port either, wtf are they thinking???
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