Brutal DOOM

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    Step 1: Watch this video

    Now, if you aren't already searching the internet for 'Brutal DOOM' and how to run it...

    Step 2: Dig up your old DOOM and DOOM2 wads

    Step 3: Download and install one of the following DOOM ports
    Each one is essentially based on the one above it, I've played just fine with GZDoom and Zandronum.

    Step 4: Download Brutal DOOM -

    Step 5: Put all that together. You should get away with dropping the wad files into the Doom port's directory and then dragging and dropping the mod file onto the executable. It's a bit cleaner to make a shortcut or batch file though.

    Step 6: Play on the hardest difficulty. (You may also want to go through the settings options and have a tweak)

    Still not sold? Here's the feature list:

    -Dramatic increase of gibs creating a much gorier atmosphere.
    -3D bloodspots allow all textures to be covered with blood, including the floor and ceiling.
    -A more dynamic interface. For example, blood splashes on the screen if the player kills an enemy up close, and glass cracks and/or bullet holes may appear on the screen when the player gets injured.
    -When the player is critically injured (30% health or lower), the screen gets stained with tiny blood splatters, and a dripping sound is played intermittently as the marine's blood drips continuously on the ground (albeit this is just a visual effect which adds to gameplay realism and does not incur in further health loss).
    -New death animations for all enemies. Body parts can be torn apart by regular fire on various locations on the enemy's body, cut in half with the chainsaw, melted with the plasma gun, burnt into smoky scorch by fire or electricity-based attacks, and blown to smithereens by explosives.
    -Corpses can be further mutilated upon death.
    -Many enemies have new attacks (more details below), and many enemy attacks do up to twice the normal damage.
    -Many of the game's weapons have been altered or tweaked in various ways, such as by making it necessary to reload or by adding secondary functions (see also below).
    -The berserk pack's functionality has been expanded. With it, the player can perform fatality-style finishers on monsters, as well as grab Lost Souls and explosive barrels and throw them. Performing fatalities on monsters replenish player's health - the more powerful and dangerous the slain enemy, the more health will be recovered. The player is completely invulnerable while performing a fatality, no matter if surrounded by monsters or taking damage from them. Also using the berserk pack, the player can pick up stunned zombies and imps (a "stunned" monster will have had one of its limbs blown off and be kneeling on the ground) to use as meat shields against projectiles. While using a monster as meat shield, the player is limited to firing only the assault rifle and becomes vulnerable to monster attacks while firing the weapon. A meat shield can also be thrown towards other enemies, while "intact" or after being destroyed, and cause enormous damage by pressing the alternative fire key, but this action will be automatic whenever the player needs to reload the rifle.
    - Implementation of headshots for all monsters - except for the Cacodemon, Lost Soul and Pain Elemental. Headshots deal as much as double damage (depending on the weapon), and can gib the monster's head for one of many special death animations (see the screenshot at the right). Autoaim does not assist in getting headshots.
    -Invisibility spheres are replaced with captured marines. If the player punches or kicks the marine, he will be freed and will gladly help the player fight against the demons. The captured marine holds random weaponry, with multiple playthroughs of a level resulting in differing weapons that the marine will fight with (more powerful weapons have smaller probability of occurring in the marine's hands). The marine can punch enemies at close range and even perform fatalities on them (being fully invulnerable in the process) to replenish his own health, just like the player can do. The demons around the captured marine will attempt to kill him before the player can free him. If the marine is killed in battle after being freed, his weapon will be left for the player.
    -If the player kills certain monsters (or shreds their corpses) with the chainsaw or rocket launcher, they can steal their weapons - for example, the Revenant's hellish rocket launchers and the Mancubus's flame cannon, both mapped to key 8 (key 9 for the Mancubus cannon in version 0.18 onwards).
    -Enhanced lighting and shadow effects for decorations and projectiles similar to those found in the Doomsday engine.
    -Enemy bullets now act as projectiles, albeit very fast ones, allowing the player to dodge them given sufficient time and distance.
    -The fists are faster and can make quick jabs. They are also a silent attack and will not alert enemies. The alt-fire throws a slower but more powerful right hook punch. Punching a Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Heavy Weapon Dude or Imp from behind before the enemy has noticed will snap their neck, killing it instantly without alerting other enemies.
    -A kick attack has been added to shove enemies away from the player, similar to the one in Duke Nukem 3D. It can be bound to a specific key. When performed in mid-air, the player performs a flying kick with his foot turned 45 degrees left-upwards, which deals much more damage.
    -The chainsaw uses the Doom 3 Chainsaw sound effects and blood splatters on it when sawing an enemy.
    -The useless pistol is replaced by an assault rifle, matching the player's sprite, which unlike the original pistol remains useful even late in the game. The assault rifle has a decent fire rate (close to the original chaingun) and is one of the most accurate weapons in the mod. The alt-fire mode allows the player to aim down the sights to snipe enemies (starting from version 0.18, the aim is made via a realistic telescopic crosshair embedded on the weapon). It has a clip size of 30.
    -The shotgun now has a black synthetic pump and stock instead of wooden ones, and also has a vented heatshield on the barrel. Like the assault rifle, the sights can be used for more accurate shots. It now fires 10 pellets per shot to match the super shotgun's 20. It has a magazine size of 8.
    -The super shotgun has a faster reload time, and at point-blank range will deal an additional damage boost. It now has the option of firing only one barrel at a time, thus shooting only 10 pellets.
    -The chaingun is now correctly referred to as a Minigun (as well as resembling the more traditional design of said guns), and fires 50% faster but also requires a spin-up and cool-off before and after firing respectively, similar to the plasma gun. The alt-fire mode makes the barrels continuously spin, further increasing the firing rate but also drastically decreasing the accuracy and alerting monsters. The recoil from continuous firing will constantly push the player's aim upwards (version 0.18 only). Unlike most of the reworked guns, it does not need to be reloaded.
    -The rocket launcher has a much smaller splash damage area, but has a faster fire rate and causes 50% more damage on a direct hit. It holds 6 rockets per clip. It is also the only weapon that reloads automatically after emptying a full ammo clip or when the players selects it for the first time.
    -The plasma gun now deals roughly double damage and can cause minor splash damage to enemies (and players, if the bolt hits a nearby wall), but fires at a slower rate. The alt-fire mode fires a spread of plasma bolts in a shotgun-like spread, which can do as much damage as two rockets. It has a clip size of 50.
    -The BFG9000 uses the Doom 3 BFG sound effects and the primary energy ball deals double damage. Instead of the original BFG's hitscan tracer attack, it simply deals damage in a very large radius. It can also fatally injure the player if the energy ball explodes too close (only applies if it hits an inanimate object or obstacle and not an enemy), again unlike the original BFG. This revamped version of the BFG9000 now expends 50 plasma charges per shot.
    -Most weapons cause kickback, especially the Super Shotgun and the BFG9000 - the bigger its firepower, the farther backwards the weapon pushes the player.
    -The player is able to flip monsters off by a bindable command known as "Offend". This command will alert nearby monsters as if the player had just fired a weapon. There are other bindable commands, such as "Wave". Pressing the wave button during a fatality (see below) will allow the player to see his own wave animation in third-person.
    -There are several voice acted taunts and one-liners that can be spoken with keys J and K. Many of these quotes are taken straight from the infamous Doom comic.
    -The player's ammo capacity for bullet weapons has been increased from 200 to 300 (and from 400 to 600 with a backpack).
    -Both the Grenade Launcher and the Rail gun from the Skulltag source port have been given new sprites and attributes. The Grenade Launcher is a standard issue M79; it has a much larger blast radius than the Rocket Launcher, but fires much slower. The -Rail gun fires at a slower rate than the vanilla Skulltag Rail gun but uses half as much ammunition, has a scope for zooming in, and reloads after 5 shots instead of 4.
    -Sprite change of rockets and box of rockets, backpack, armor bonus, armor and megaarmor.
    -Zombiemen will sometimes rapidly fire off 5 shots without pausing. Also, both he and the Former Sergeant must stop to reload their weapons after a while.
    -Shotgun Guys now fire 8 pellets per shot instead of only 3.
    -Wolfenstein SS officers changed radically into soldiers in black Nazi-style clothing with demonic/undead appearance and fanatical military voices, and possess sharp AI that makes them extremely deadly enemies, especially in groups. Their powerful MP40 submachineguns, mapped to key 8 (key 0 in v0.18), can be picked up and used by the player. The MP40 has a higher rate of fire than the assault rifle and a 32-round magazine.
    -The Imp now has a jumping pounce attack like its Doom 3 version that it will use at close range, and can sometimes shoot two fireballs in quick succession. Its projectiles are now much more realistic, with several sound and visual effects. Whenever the Imp successfully slashes the player, the red scratch graphic marking and its respective sound effect used in Doom 3 are shown on the screen, the slash scar position on the screen vaguely hinting where the attack came from.
    -A dodge system was introduced in version 0.18, allowing some enemies (mostly the weaker ones, such as Zombies, Imps and Lost Souls) to occasionally dash/roll/fly sideways to avoid projectile attacks.
    -Demons, by nature of being a melee-only monster, by default will always perform a fatality on the player, depicted by the monster chewing on a few gibs or the killed player's head. A Demon can also burn to death if struck by a player-thrown Lost Soul or any fire-based attack: when this happens, the burning-to-death Demon will run aimlessly at about half speed, repeatedly crying in pain while its body burns incessantly. This will continue for a few short seconds until the Demon collapses dead as its burning corpse turns black, and the flames extinguish shortly after.
    -Spectres are completely invisible - save for their eyes, making them much harder to detect - however, they briefly flash into a translucent state upon attacking and taking damage. When a Spectre is killed without being gibbed, its corpse loses the translucency power (in the form of a red aura which "smokes" upwards from it) and becomes permanently visible.
    -The Cacodemon can sometimes shoot two consecutive projectiles and shunt itself out of the way of incoming attacks. It also floats a bit faster than its classic Doom counterpart. Aside from being given greater speed and agility, another difference is the Cacodemon's melee biting attack being now fully audible with a chewing/slashing sound effect, unlike the classic Doom Cacodemon's silent gaping maw. If a Cacodemon bites a player to death, a sideways animation will be shown depicting the monster eating the player's upper torso then dropping the player's mutilated lower half to the floor as the monster squares back up to the camera.
    -Melee-oriented monsters, such as Hell Knight and the Demon, will perform fatalities on the player and even other monsters if they kill them with a melee attack.
    -The Hell Knight now can sometimes shoot three consecutive projectiles, in a similar fashion to the Imp and Cacodemon. However, when the Hell Knight performs the triple fireball throw, the animation for this depicts the monster throwing right-handed, left-handed and right-handed in that order. A copy-and-paste job of his right-handed throw is used essentially to mirror the throwing motion when a Hell Knight alternates throwing hands. Both the Hell Knight and Baron of Hell throw right-handed by "default".
    -The Baron of Hell has gained two new projectile attacks: in the first one, it launches 3 projectiles in a wide spread instead of one. The animation for this tri-spread attack is shown by the Baron clapping its hands together instead of his usual sidearm throw - this animation is essentially a cut-and-paste job of his sidearm throw animation horizontally duplicated to look like the Baron swings both arms in order to clap its hands together and launch the attack; in the second one, albeit quite rare to happen, the Baron can grab and throw a dead monster's corpse (usually a Zombieman or Shotgun Guy) like a missile towards the player, in the same concept of meat shield described above, incredibly causing massive damage - but this attack cannot be performed with corpses that were already placed in the ambiance by the map designer.
    -Chaingunners, Hell Knights and Barons of Hell can be kicked in the crotch, stunning them for a few seconds (applies only from version 0.18 onwards).
    -Arachnotrons are much larger, around the size of a Baron of Hell, and also move faster. Their plasma shots now are the same blue projectiles fired by the player's own plasma gun.
    -Lost Souls now deal less damage, but fly around and attack much faster, which can potentially cause unlucky or slow players to miss attacks constantly - making them one of the more frustrating enemies in the game. Their health is also halved compared to their vanilla version. Their flames have been removed from the sprite and are now generated by particle emmiters. Upon death, Lost Souls explode in a fire puff and leave small bony chunks on the ground.
    -Pain Elementals explode upon death, causing heavy damage to nearby monsters and the player as well. Said explosion can be prevented only by killing them with an execution/fatality.
    -Revenants always fire two guided missiles at a time (matching their animation of both shoulder cannons lighting up when firing), and non-guided missiles are fired in volleys of four. Guided missiles have a much more limited fly pattern (they tend to travel downwards to the ground unless they can reach their target or hit any obstacle) and are now indicated by a reddish glowing color (non-guided missiles have a yellowish lens flare effect).
    -Mancubus fireballs have a small radius blast area that deals slight fire damage. They leave damaging flames for several seconds after hitting a surface.
    -Arch-Viles are less powerful, as their attack takes longer time to charge and they have less hit points, however they can resurrect enemies without having to stop and face the monster's corpse. Their appearance also changes, as they now sport large stereotypical ram-like demonic horns.
    -The Spider Mastermind's minigun is now a high-calibre gatling gun loaded with explosive rounds (each round, although much weaker than a Cyberdemon's rocket, is still very powerful). Its reaction time is much quicker, almost instantaneous, giving the player little time to get out of its way. However, its bullets travel slower than normal bullets, so they can still be avoided if the player has a lot of room to circlestrafe. Perhaps the most dramatic change to this monster is that it has four times as much health as its vanilla counterpart (3000 to 12000), although it will take increased damage from some weapons. The creature's mechanical chassis absorbs most of the damage inflicted (it nullifies around 7/8th of the attack's original damage value), producing metal sparks from gunfire and chainsaw attacks.
    -The Cyberdemon has a new melee attack: a devastating stomp, which against the player almost always means instant death. In addition, it shoots its fire-engulfed rockets faster and for longer (four rockets instead of three) in a wider angle, giving it a limited ability to lead its shots against circle strafing players. Like the Spiderdemon, its death animation is visually enhanced. As an aesthetic correction, the rockets are now fired from the Cyberdemon's rocket launcher arm instead of the middle of his legs, akin to his Doom 64 version. Starting from version 0.18, using the "Offend" command to flip the Cyberdemon off will enrage him, causing him to fire his rockets much more aggressively - he now fires six consecutive rockets, in a much faster rate and having smaller interval time between walking around and firing again.
    -Decorative props, such as trees, hanging corpses and lights, can be destroyed. Destroying hanging corpses will occasionally reward the player with health and armor bonuses.
    -The player and monsters now "wade" through a liquid instead of walking on it (their sprite appears partially submerged), and wading through liquids causes a splashing sound to be played. The various liquid textures are also enhanced.
    -Enemies randomly drop demon strength runes upon death, which act similarly to berserk packs (albeit they do not recover health as much as the berserk pack does).
    -In certain versions, Commander Keen's head is replaced with that of infamous pop star Justin Beiber.
  • M83J01P97 26 Jun 2013 12:25:36 7,552 posts
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    The Duke Nukem Forever market will lap this up...

    Oh wait...
  • Mola_Ram 26 Jun 2013 12:32:10 17,576 posts
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    It actually looks much better than dnf.
  • Deleted user 26 June 2013 12:36:04
    Looks ace!
  • D_arkTrooper 26 Jun 2013 13:35:35 1,476 posts
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    Had Brutal Doom a while I can say it is AWESOME.
  • SuperBas 27 Jun 2013 09:09:35 1,674 posts
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    I just started playing vanilla Doom for the first time, 15 minutes a day. Any more and I get motion sickness. I hope to increase my playing time every day so I can one day be cured.

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  • Deleted user 27 June 2013 09:33:44
  • Rodpad 27 Jun 2013 09:39:40 2,964 posts
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    Yeah I'm fucking getting in on this.

    Might start making Doom maps again too.

    Out of interest, did anybody play community maps back in the day? WADs such as Eternal Doom, the British Doom League packs such as BDL11.WAD, Execution, Gothic DM?
  • Tiger_Walts 9 Nov 2013 01:08:20 16,674 posts
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    Version 19

    Latest version. Works on Zandronum 1.0 or higher, or GZDoom 1.7.0 or higher.

    - Sticky gibs added.
    - Dozens of new death animations and multilations for almost every monster.
    - Removed vertical recoil for minigun's primary fire.
    - Fixed a bug causing the minigun to spend one bullet without actually firing anything at the start of the fire animation.
    - New smoke effects.
    - Better sprites for smashed brain pieces.
    - New sprites for the Rocket Launcher.
    - Improved blood decals.
    - Fixed a bug causing barrels to dont cause damage when exploding over a liquid surface.
    - Improved Lost Soul's death.
    - Fixed dynamic lights for some projectiles.
    - When a burning zombie runs into an explosive barrel, the barrel will always explode.
    - The flying bodies of zombies and imps killed by explosives will now cause area damage.
    - Added The "Super Marines". They will follow you everywhere, and if they get too far, they will teleport next to you. They will talk to you. They will give you items. They will salute you if you salute them. They are supposed to follow you into other levels.
    Sometimes they will fail to know where you are and teleport next to you. This usually happens if you enter a teleport while they were standing next to you and not moving.
    - Added localized damage on legs for zombies and imps. Now legs amputations happens when you actually shot their legs, and not randomly. But shooting legs now deals less damage.
    - Fatalities are now much faster, and will give 50% less health. But now the health given by these adrenaline boosts can go over 100%.
    - Super shotgun can kill Cacodemons with a single shoot at point-blank range and Hell Knights with a shoot to the face, but now it requires more time to reload.
    - During the "Revenant Baseball" fatality, the player can aim at an enemy during the fatality and kill it with the revenant head.
    - New animations: Hell Nobles will roar at the player when spoted.
    - Fixed a bug causing sticky gibs to spawn far away from the wall.
    - Further improved smashed brain sprites.
    - Much improved melee combat.
    - Burning barrels can be used as a weapon; it can be kicked, and its burning fuel will lit the ground, dealing heavy damage on enemies.
    - Integrated Perkristian's HD sounds.
    - New gibs for players that now have the correct color translation.
    - Added bouncecounts to all bouncing objects to prevent infinite bounce loop on elevators.
    - non-interactive gib pieces disappears after 2000 tics to prevent fps drops.
    - Finally fixed the "spinning heads" bug.
    - Added floor and ceiling decals for rockets.
    - Improved the "aftermath" of all explosions.
    - Fixed a bug causing barrels to still have colision even after it exploded.
    - Fixed a bug causing revenant rockets to instantly explode on spawn when a revenant was too close of a wall.
    - Fixed a bug causing the Baron of Hell to spawn wrong gibs after his head is destroyed.
    - Cacodemons can be set on fire.
    - FIxed a bug causing some actors to behave weirdly underwater.
    - Improved chainsaw.
    - Revenant Missile Launcher primary attack will not fire when not targeting an enemy. Use alt fire for a free fire mode.
    - Nerfed Super Shotgun (increased spread and reload time).
    - Nazis and Commander Keen upgrades removed because it was breaking compatibility with wads using DEHACKED.
    - Cyberdemon will need to take 12 rocket headshots instead of 8 to die quickly.
    - Improved stealth kill sprites.
    - Improved Revenant's blood, gib pieces, and now it acts like a real undead creature (you must destroy its torso or head to stop him. He will still able to fight after you destroy his legs)
    - Added more brains to Imp's curbstomp fatality.
    - Fixed a bug causing shotgunguys and chaingunguys to not drop weapons after a Stealth Kill.
    - Fixed a bug causing the Rocket Launcher to do no splash damage when a rocket exploded on a ceiling.
    - FIxed a bug causing some projectiles to unable to hit the head of a Mastermind.
    - Fixed a bug that wouldn't make zombiemen be set on fire by imp fireballs.
    - Fixed a bug causing the assault rifle to bug when you tryied to reload the weapon with a full clip while aiming down the sights.
    - Explosive Barrels will no longer explode when hit by punches, kicks, or lost soul attacks.
    - Fixed a bug allowing the player to do punches while in a fatality.
    - Improved deaths when enemies are killed by kicks on berserk state.
    - Punches will no longer force the player to stop and face the target.
    - Imps can swim underwater.
    - Killing an enemy with a freezing weapon will cause it to have a new death animation.
    - Improved zombieman and shotgunguy curbstomps, and added more brains.
    - Revenant Missile Launcher only fires when it has a valid target.
    - Changed the way that mancubus fireball behaves; now it will explode on impact, launching burning fuel in all directions.
    - When an enemy is kicked or tossed away by explosions, it will able to hurt other enemies and infight.
    - New guts looks much better now.
    - Fixed stealth monsters.
    - Added horizontal cut death animation for Demons.
    - So many minor fixes that I even forgot to list.
  • Deleted user 16 December 2013 10:59:42
    Downloaded this last night. It's utterly brilliant. Playing with headphones makes me realise just how scary / tense it can still be.
  • quadfather 23 Jan 2014 12:21:16 30,831 posts
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    Just installed it.

    Absolutely fucking fabulous

    Plenty of times I've laughed out loud, and when you get a multiple barrel death - oh my, that's just a thing of beauty
  • Awimbawe 23 Jan 2014 12:29:22 605 posts
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    The little I've played of this is bloody ( literally ) brilliant, just a shame that my pc seems to hate it with the fans sounding like it's going in to takeoff mode. Might try an updated version to see if that fares any better.
  • quadfather 23 Jan 2014 12:58:46 30,831 posts
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    I need to get a beserk pack to try throwing barrels at enemies. That's got to cause some comedy
  • Donk10 23 Jan 2014 13:29:18 102 posts
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    So does this work with the steam version?
  • Tiger_Walts 23 Jan 2014 15:02:13 16,674 posts
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    All you need from your original version is the doom.wad

    You should find an unmolested version in the Steam package.
  • quadfather 1 Jul 2014 09:03:55 30,831 posts
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    Try hell revealed for doom 2. Not a mod, but a tough challenge
  • Tiger_Walts 19 Jul 2014 16:14:24 16,674 posts
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    Brutal DooM v20 WIP
    Recurring Nightmare

  • quadfather 13 Sep 2014 13:56:59 30,831 posts
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    Haha, I *did not* know that you could free other marines to help you per level. That's brilliant! Even get comms with them. Fucking awesome.

    I've got used to the way the shotgun works now, so it's feeling comfortable again.

    Bloody hard if you're not careful
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 16 Sep 2014 06:29:31 47,491 posts
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    Embarrassingly I've not yet figured out how to install this.
  • Dirtbox 16 Sep 2014 07:23:18 90,176 posts
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    Post deleted
  • Tiger_Walts 11 May 2015 19:09:51 16,674 posts
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    Less than a month to go.

  • Sharz 14 May 2015 15:25:37 1,795 posts
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    I see DOOM got number 1 spot in RPS best shooter list, no real surprise.

    How do you convince a youngster that the gameplay is solid and stands up today? Tried talking to a 21 year old and he said the 'graphics are crap' he won't even try it. Yes the PS3 was his first console and only recently got a PC.

    Edited by Sharz at 15:26:16 14-05-2015
  • JiveHound 14 May 2015 16:24:05 9,340 posts
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    That looks amazing.
  • mumtoucher 14 May 2015 18:28:40 513 posts
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    HOLY SHIT that looks amazing!
  • reggy72 14 May 2015 18:59:37 684 posts
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    Gotta agree with the two posters above, looks stunning. Those Finishing moves were something else.
  • Tiger_Walts 2 Jun 2015 18:54:22 16,674 posts
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    3 days till v20
  • grover 14 Jun 2015 14:30:53 12 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    I'm in the "fun for an hour then you just wanna play proper Doom" camp on this one. It's a hoot, but its not really a game.
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