What is wrong with my PS3? Please help.

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  • blackxin0 17 Jul 2013 03:37:04 42 posts
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    Ok i have no idea what is wrong with my ps3/Beast.

    My first ps3 had a bluray failure so I got a preowned ps3 Fat.( I just recently found out it's a 40gb model)
    I've used the console for nearly 1 year now and it's starting to show problems.

    At first the console would just shut off by itself with a (3 quick sound and a flashing red). The symptoms later started when I turn on the ps3, it immediately turns itself off! I would have to turn it on again twice for the ps3 to work perfectly.

    It later got to the point that I would have to turn it on rapidly 5 times for it to work, now it's so worst that I have to do it 10 times! No it has nothing to do with Summer heat because this problem started months before summer began, i was thinking it has something to do with the cold but it was not.

    Also I noticed a major difference with certain games i play:
    *MK9 which I usually play, the game kinda lags. What I mean is some of the button combos I input are not registered. For an example when I jump and to kick, and the A.I jumps and punches me. As i fall to the ground, if I want to do a quick roll get-up by pressing jump, the game does not register it but only remembers the last input which was the kick.
    The game slow downs at times during Ladder Arcade matches.
    When I boot the game and press START, while the loading logo shows, the game would occasionally freeze (this happens all the time when booting MK9 from hdd instead of disc).
    When I go to Online and I receive a problem about Network connection, pressing OK to go back to the menu. The game would freeze at times when played on hdd but does not with MK9 Disc.
    Also recently when playing Arcade Ladder the system fan will go loud (this might be subjective but i think it's to do with the summer heat)

    *Tomb Raider Guardian of Light: me and my friend played this a lot 2 weeks ago. Just last week we went back to it and found out a heavy delay when re-planting bombs on the ground. We were certain and sure last time we played the bomb planting did not take 6seconds to be replanted. Relics and Artefacts were not changed, we left everything the way they were last time we played.

    *Ninja Gaiden 3, a game I've finished many times during the few months of release. Recently I went back to playing this game on Hard and each time I get to Absimo Island when Ryu is a test subject to fight the fiends. The ps3 shuts off. Also while playing the fan starts to over spin and noise gets really loud. This never happened before when I was playing this game back in 2011/12.

    The Last of Us, this game was actually what got my ps3 to kick start the fan. My ps3's fan would turn on and the ps3 would shut off after 15-20mins of play. It was a hassle to play Last of Us with this frequent problem. When playing the last level, it was the worst because the system would shut down every 10mins!!!

    I have no idea if my ps3 is dying of if the problem is the hdd.
    I'm planning on formatting my 320gb hdd Western Digital (Blue). And it's a shame it's a Western Digital (blue) make. The WD 80gb hdd i had on my laptop which fried last year got me thinking my ps3 problem might just be the hdd.

    Then again I was thinking my thermal paste is dried up on the motherboard. But i cannot be bothered to take the ps3 apart.

    Please help, what is wrong with my ps3?


    And before people say certain things, read below:
    +my ps3 is well in a non-ventilated area!
    +i positioned the ps3 vertical now thinking the problem might go but remains.
    +i use the PS3 Auto Air dust Fan to blow out fans, I've done it many times and even do it 3 or 4 times one after another
    +i have vaccumed the ps3 with a hover

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  • Deleted user 17 July 2013 03:45:28
    Amazon came round and stole your cell.
  • Phattso 17 Jul 2013 04:36:37 22,905 posts
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    This is the normal expiration timeline for a PS3. Sony engineered the unit to self-destruct approximately six months before the release of the PS4.

    This was only made possible by the Awesome Power of the Cell (TM).
  • HandsomeCrab 17 Jul 2013 11:06:23 279 posts
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    Get a 360?
  • oconnomiyaki 18 Jul 2013 03:59:14 245 posts
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    It's overheating and shutting down to save itself. Mine did that recently and it's the middle of winter here, so nothing to do with summer heat either. You can try cleaning it out, but you'll need a special screwdriver to get into it. I just bought a new PS3.
  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 04:13:21
    Sounds like it's overheating/heading for YLOD. A 40Gb console is going to be around the 5 year mark and you've no idea how well it was cared for, or how aggressively it was used, so it's probably heading for the scrapheap soon anyway.

    I thought the 'fan test' exasperates potential problems with the fans by running them so far out of their normal operational range? I don't think you're supposed to be doing that, especially not 3 or 4 times in quick succession.

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  • Load_2.0 18 Jul 2013 09:18:00 26,392 posts
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    Sounds like Dutch Elm disease.


    Not the console.

    Unusual as it is normally only found in tree's.
  • nickthegun 18 Jul 2013 09:18:52 73,285 posts
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    Its fucked. Mine did this and its the PSU. If its in warranty YAY. If not, BOO.

    EDIT: Hmm.. it might not be if its glitching games. Mine just did the red flashing light thing and shut down.

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  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 09:19:44
    Just put the disc in and play
  • Trafford 18 Jul 2013 09:26:52 8,012 posts
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    At least it's only a console
  • blackxin0 18 Jul 2013 12:42:16 42 posts
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    @elmastero well I made a HDD Format which took 18hrs.
    it finished today and when i came back home I turned on the console. Expecting the console to shut down but it did not. Unless it was recent it turned off.

    So far I'm transferring all my saves back to my Beast:)
    i'll try out NG3 and see if it shuts down during Abismo island.
    also will try MK9 and see if the game reacts like it should.

    And as for the console.
    it was preowned a 40gb. I checked the back of the fan like the holes and I could see some sort of dent. I don't know what it is but looks like: the previous owner must have melted something on it or it had a YLOD or probably bluray failure.

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  • blackxin0 18 Jul 2013 13:42:32 42 posts
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    aww man!
    majority of my saves are all gone. It makes NO sense to me at all!
    I uploaded ALL my saves on PSN+ Cloud Storage.
    I saw that i nearly used up all my 1gb.

    So i deleted many saves I won't use again on my hdd, or games I won't ever play again.
    I deleted all previous files on Cloud. And REUPLOADED them onto PSN+ Cloud Storage.
    Even a night before the Auto updated uploaded some saves MK9, NG3, BF3, FLOW onto the PSN+ Cloud.

    After formatting my hdd, and booting up the console I could see my PS3 Profiles were there and my account still there. I checked my save files after updating NG3 v, and many of my saves are gone.

    WTF is going on man?
    i'm not impressed with PSN+ Cloud...if I freaking knew about this warning I would have just backed them up on a USB stick.

    I can't even 100% sync my trophies. it takes ages just to get to 20% and even gives an error code

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  • blackxin0 18 Jul 2013 13:53:24 42 posts
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    @elmastero not a dent on motherboard, it's a dent on the plastic.
    i plan not to open up the ps3, i can't be hassle with all the screws and stuff.

    if i can't get my saves back, then i will be gaming less.
    don't get how you sign up for a service and it doesn't work like you expect it to.
  • Ashleyfiddes 18 Jul 2013 14:13:56 980 posts
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    It thinks its an Xbox???
  • blackxin0 18 Jul 2013 16:44:14 42 posts
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    @elmastero ok i managed to get my saves back. the cloud storage sucks, it's not really cloud, it basically takes your saves as hostage:/

    anyway the ps3 shut down again while i was playing the NG3, so it confirms my thermal paste is dry!

    the system did not turn on the loud fan while i played MK9, NG3.
    in fact i couldn't tell with ng3 because i was using headphone.

    but i can confirm the reason why the fan went loud is because of the weather.
    But ps3 shutting down is to do with thermal paste.

    i remember a few days ago when i took out the hdd, the metal was so hot:/

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  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 16:47:09
    Throw it in the bin and buy a PC.
  • blackxin0 19 Jul 2013 23:24:40 42 posts
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    @elmastero thanks.
    i don't care if this console fails.
    the more the years pass, the more ps3 becomes cheaper.

    i just want to play Shaolin Monks again and they won't add it on freaking PSN Ps2 classic:/
    also there are other games still coming out in 2014 for ps3 that i want to play.

    i'm too skeptical to get the 60gb Premium ps3 because I don't know how long that would last and eventually i would have to put a thermal paste on that too.

    any news on Super Slim PS3? if they have usual problems like PS3 Phat and PS3 Slim?

    still my console still does the auto shut off thing, very annoying! Game play of MK9 still slows down.

    because sooner or later you will have to put thermal paste each months passing by so it's an annoying hassle.
  • blackxin0 29 Jul 2013 20:09:55 42 posts
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    @elmastero ok I actually opened up the Beast/Ps3 to observe.
    it had some bit of dust to some side of the system. I used a air spray and also hovered the dust away.

    i couldn't open up to the motherboard itself but I did open up the air fan and cleaned the dust around it.

    sealed it all back, but the same turning on to off problem still arises.
    I think the problem could actually be the PSU/Power Supply:/
  • Nexus_6 29 Jul 2013 20:12:54 4,006 posts
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    Have you tried taking the hard drive out, blowing the air duster in there and re seating the drive?

    I had a similar problem and that, having dusted it all previously seemed to sort it. Not been bothered since. Mine is original big boy 40gig
  • johnson81 29 Jul 2013 22:15:48 392 posts
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    This happened to my brothers PS3 about six weeks ago, it wouldn't load a particular level in Battlefield 3. It then started to shutdown with three beeps. It's more than likely the YLOD. I ended up taking his PS3 part using a tutorial and installing new thermal paste and using a heat gun, reflowed the solder. So far so good but its definitely not a long term fix and will probably go any time now. If its the power supply or hdd you could probably get another used PS3 for about the same price.
  • blackxin0 30 Jul 2013 19:23:10 42 posts
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    @elmastero thanks again.
    if you want to open tight screws on the Beast, use a plier as extended strength.

    Ok I got my copy of Last of Us and I tried the game, condition around the living room was cool and not hot. The game shut down during the prologue! And the game was making the over drive fan noise.

    Yes you must be right, it could do with the thermal paste.
    But I still want to know why it shuts down automatically why I turn on the console at cold start:/
  • dominalien 30 Jul 2013 19:43:29 8,497 posts
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    Chips heat up immediately.
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