Invent an award for a 2012 game (hatchetjob podcast)

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    I'm posting this again, since I used the wrong title last time.

    Invent an award for a game released in 2012.

    For three years, the podcast has been running an alternative to GOTY awards. We’re different because we don’t have any set categories and our show comes out six months after everyone else. So we’re doing 2012 games now. You can submit awards for any game on any medium; video, mobile, board etc.


    1. The game has to be a 2012 release

    2. The award can be as serious or stupid as you want.

    Was Spec Ops the game that made you read Joseph Conrad? Does Xcom EU win the game in which your family died? Whatever you think, create an award.

  • Deleted user 27 August 2013 14:42:18
    First morriss
  • Ashleyfiddes 27 Aug 2013 14:45:53 980 posts
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    Least amount of game in a video game?

    Got to be between dear Esther or asuras wrath
  • 1Dgaf 27 Aug 2013 14:54:39 5,027 posts
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    Old School Soviet posted these in the previous thread:

    Most likely to induce entitlement complaints about random loot: Borderlands 2
    Most wasted use of Hong Kong as an exotic locale: Sleeping Dogs
    The Drunk Translation Team Special Mention: Way of the Samurai 4
    The Jury's Still Out Ribbon: Dishonored
    The Fatal Familiarity Cup: Tie between X:COM, Hotline Miami and FTL

    Plenty more, Hitman:Whatever the sub was, f**king franchise raping tripe, god awful micro-transactions of Touch My Katamari, the WW2 stubbornness/trend bucking of Sniper Elite V2, and a luvvie mention for TWD.

    List here, despite it being for NA.

    Finally, Unexpected Best in Show 2012: Birds of Steel. 18 months on, and I still love it.
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