(Vinnie) Jones sticks boot into England - "past its sell-by date" Page 2

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  • Deleted user 4 September 2013 14:23:10
    There's also a certain irony to the fact that America and LA in particular is very much the same anyway. He's just in a little protective bubble so it doesn't affect him. And he could have done that just as easily in England if he wanted to, just with shitter weather.
  • Deleted user 4 September 2013 14:24:48
    love to know how much money he has. Wouldn't have believed it to be enough to live in such an exclusive neighbourhood.
  • Deleted user 4 September 2013 14:28:27
    A quick look at IMDB shows he has been in pretty much constant films or TV since Lock Stock in '98. It's almost entirely total shit, but he'll be earning a good few million a year. Certainly enough to pay a lease on a place like that.
  • ED209 4 Sep 2013 17:55:37 505 posts
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    Lamb wrote:
    In any case people living on top of people is not the way forward unless you appreciate a lower standard of living.
    Tell that to Fred West.
  • Gartt 5 Sep 2013 14:52:38 1,923 posts
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    He must have a bloody good agent, he's been in over 20 films/shows since last year.
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