Hemlock Grove

  • BinaryBob101 14 Sep 2013 15:47:40 26,520 posts
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    So, having watched episode 2 of Hemlock Grove, I don't think it's quite as bad as many critics say it is.

    Yes, some of the acting is pretty bad and the accents are all over the place, but the universe presented is dripping with American gothic and it has an intriguing premise behind it. The locations are wonderful too and it has a very Twin Peaks atmosphere about it.

    I'm looking forward to the next few episodes.
  • FatsoJetson 15 Sep 2013 00:32:35 353 posts
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    @BinaryBob101 it really is a series that grows on you. For about the first five episodes, my wife and I couldn't decide whether it was absolutely shit or absolutely brilliant. We were hooked by the end though. Looking forward to season 2.
  • chopsen 15 Sep 2013 00:38:22 19,993 posts
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    I thought it was unwatchable, confused pish and gave up after a few episodes.
  • beastmaster 14 Apr 2014 19:28:36 18,069 posts
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    July 11th for the second season.

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