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  • Deleted user 11 September 2018 15:17:59
    I did the first heist (Fleeca) and after the second stage of the mission my teammate chased me down the road in his armoured car and shot the crap out of me. Fortunately it let me complete the heist with someone else.

    I also joined the last stage of a different heist with some very high level players who had obviously played it before so they were stupidly quick. I guess I was really there to make up the numbers. Luckily I'm l33t so I still ranked 2nd but it'd have been good if they'd slowed down to 90% speed.
  • hedben2013 18 Sep 2018 16:07:29 2,193 posts
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    Today I will be buying a Fort Zancudo hangar and a stealth helicopter to put in it. Then fingers crossed for a discounted Cargobob and maybe a MOC so I can start researching and improving vehicles.

    Still enjoying it and finding it not too grindy atm, although I suspect the cashflow will seem slow again once I've blown all the extra I got from the end of summer login bonuses and RDR tie in missions.
  • hedben2013 19 Sep 2018 14:52:26 2,193 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago I bought the hangar, and dropped an extra million on the workshop so I can modify Smuggler's Run planes. Then realised I don't have enough left for the Akula heli as well. Currently deciding whether to grind an extra million within a week to afford it, or go for a discounted MOC instead. I'm not falling for it, but I can *totally* see how people who are cash-rich and time-poor could drop hundreds on shark cards without really thinking about it.
  • hedben2013 19 Dec 2018 09:19:20 2,193 posts
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    I know this thread's apparently becoming The Me Show, but I've been having a blast with the new arena mode:

    All events are double RP and $ for another week- Flag War is my fave so far, especially if you get a decent team with a combination of nippy bikes and heavy blockers
  • KD 19 Dec 2018 12:10:38 3,542 posts
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    I been meaning to give it a try.
  • hedben2013 6 Jan 2019 11:10:41 2,193 posts
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    Gunrunning missions are twice the profit until Tuesday, and I've got my routine perfected for fun and profit. Steal a car, sell a car, do a couple of quick Arena matches, steal and sell another car, do a couple of flying cargo missions for Ron (not that profitable but great fun and good for unlocking discounts), restock gunrunning supplies and sell all stock for double profit, repeat.

    Must have made a couple of million in the past week alone, and enough variety and close calls with other players to keep it interesting
  • hedben2013 7 Feb 2019 11:50:50 2,193 posts
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    Still speaking to an audience of one here, but if anyone wanted to pick up an Oppressor Mk2 (the crazy OP flying motorbike that's basically the best for PvP in the game), it's on sale this week, along with the Terrorbyte truck you need in order to modify it.

    It's not cheap, $2.1M even at trade price (it's $4M normally), but apparently the trade price unlocks after 5 Terrorbyte missions - so you're looking at about $3M total for the truck and bike if you buy the truck and do the missions first.
  • hedben2013 26 Feb 2019 13:07:19 2,193 posts
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    There's something genuinely interesting happening in the meta of GTA online this week. (Well, to a loser like me anyway)

    The latest update last Thursday either enabled or made easier a glitch that allows players to earn in-game money passively while AFK. Known as the "Lester glitch" or "LSIA glitch", it involves requesting a plane from Lester (which costs $1000) and then going to an airport where planes spawn constantly and getting a $1000 refund each time a plane spawns, roughly once a minute. Players are leaving their consoles on overnight with elastic bands around their controllers to avoid getting kicked for idling, going into passive mode so they (supposedly...) can't be killed, and then coming back the next morning to tens of millions in cash. This would cost upwards of 50 in real currency if bought through shark cards.

    It's taken off to such an extent that literally every lobby I've been in for the past few evenings has about 5-10 people doing this glitch- you can tell they're doing it by the number of people in passive mode in the airport.

    But the meta part is that people seems divided into one of two factions:

    Glitching is good-
    a) because now everyone can afford the best tools for outwitting griefers (namely the Opressor MkII used by most griefers and a Stromberg which is the best vehicle to fight against it)
    b) and it should be encouraged, because Rockstar are less likely to ban people for it if it's a large enough proportion of their playerbase

    Glitching is bad-
    a) Once you have enough money to afford all the toys, the game isn't fun any more
    b) PC players can't do it because the glitch only works on consoles so they're unfairly being "left behind"
    c) You're risking getting banned/suspended and no amount of in-game cash is worth losing all your progress to date

    ... so now there's people from the "glitching is bad" camp who want to mess with the glitchers in public lobbys, by coming up with increasingly innovative ways to kill people even while they're in passive mode, like driving a fuel tanker to their location and getting police to shoot it.

    Maybe it's only interesting because I'm at the peak of a months-long obsession with GTA online at the moment, but I'm enjoying the whole "competing factions organising outside of the game" vibe. A bit like those Eve Online articles that are fascinating to read even though I'll never play it.
  • hedben2013 26 Feb 2019 13:15:02 2,193 posts
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    hedben2013 wrote:
    a) Once you have enough money to afford all the toys, the game isn't fun any more
    By the way, when/if I finally get bored of GTA Online, this will be the reason. For better or worse, grinding and then buying stuff is a core part of the game and if I had infinite money I'd probably drop off it quicker
  • Deleted user 26 February 2019 16:36:28
    Whenever I go online in GTA these days it seems there are only 2 or 3 other players online. And in a big map that isn't fun.
  • littlewise 26 Feb 2019 19:45:40 1 posts
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    What makes it particularly bad is the satire on the radio shows about the CoD clone (I forgot what they call it...).our site It doesn't really work if you then have micro transactions.
  • hedben2013 26 Feb 2019 21:37:13 2,193 posts
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    @TheHammerite That's weird, I have between 15 and 25 most evenings on Xbox. I take it as a blessed relief when my lobby empties that I can shift cargo risk-free
  • Deleted user 27 February 2019 07:57:47
    Tried Online a couple times (am on PC) and the sense of a vertical grindwall to overcome to have even a small chance against better geared up and experienced players (if you're lucky and don't have to deal with cheaters) combined with a heavy focus on PvP just puts me off each time.

    Definitely prefer the much more coherent SP, and I'd be all over this game again if some SP DLC were to be released, which I know will never happen.
  • hedben2013 27 Feb 2019 09:17:40 2,193 posts
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    I do agree that they should make the curve less harsh for brand new players. Until you've got at least a vehicle warehouse, a bunker and a heli, grinding is a complete farce. When I returned to online after a long absence, I dropped 15 quid on the starter pack that gives you a few businesses, a Frogger and a good bike. If I hadn't done that, there's no way I'd have enjoyed it enough to keep playing.
  • Deleted user 27 February 2019 09:36:17
    And that sounds pretty much pay to win for me, which I simply cannot support, even though I'm certainly guilty of supporting overpriced microtransactions (spent hundreds of Euros on Elite Dangerous but at least they don't affect gameplay at all and I spent over 1300 hours in that game so can just about justify it).

    I guess some balancing tweaks would probably go some way but since the current model is such a great earner for Rockstar, can't blame them for not bothering.
  • hedben2013 27 Feb 2019 10:58:48 2,193 posts
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    @KnuttinAtoll That's fair- I will say I've had much more than 15 worth of entertainment since then (it was my most played game of 2018), and haven't felt the need to spend anything else. And having that extra step up didn't exactly turn me into a winner, it just meant that if I did lose cargo or vehicles to PvPers/griefers on a run, it didn't matter so much because I could make the money back relatively quickly.

    The heists are also a farce though, frustrating and impossible unless you have a reliable crew (I don't because all my workmates who play it are on PS4, and none of you gits here seem to like it! :p ).

    Overall it was my GOTY last year but very much a flawed gem.
  • Deleted user 27 February 2019 11:11:22
    @hedben2013 glad you're having fun with it (otherwise what's the point).

    I think I could see myself getting hooked but now that you mention it, the over reliance on teamwork is yet another aspect I don't like. Even in Elite where I'm member of a squad I usually just prefer to do my own thing, on my own, which is perfectly doable (it's still more of a SP game with MMO elements bolted on).

    Still have GTA5 installed and can't see myself ever uninstalling it - it still ranks as one of my all time top 5 games and is fun to spend a few hours in the sandbox now and then.
  • hedben2013 24 Jul 2019 11:57:57 2,193 posts
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    I tried out the new casino last night...

    Purely through the lens of GTA Online being my most-played game of 2018 and 2019 so far, I'm pleased to get a load of new content for nothing. The new cars aren't my thing, but the penthouse is fun and I'm looking forward to trying more of the co-op missions.

    That said, I do think they're treading a very dangerous line with the inclusion of actual, genuine, house-always-wins gambling mechanics. There's some discussion in the comments on the front page article, which seems split into general themes of:

    - it sucks to let people spend real money to get GTA$ which they can convert to chips and gamble, but not have a method of converting it back to real money even if they manage to beat the odds and do well at the (virtual) casino
    - this is essentially real gambling, in a game played by kids (as everyone knows, even though it has a +18 rating)
    - which surely makes them even more of a target for hysterical tabloids and gambling regulatory bodies, as we've already seen with lootbox "surprise mechanics" coming under fire, and the resulting bans in some countries (ie. you can't play poker in RDR2 or use the GTA Online casino if you're in Poland)

    On the first point, although it's accurate, I can't get too worked up about it. If I do well in the GTA casino I can still convert the chips into GTA$ which I can then spend on other stuff I might actually want in-game, rather than having to grind for it. I know once any money goes in it never comes out again, and as I've said upthread I'm happy with the one purchase I ever made in addition to the base game.

    But the other 2 points are a lot more dodgy on Rockstar's part, and I do get the sense it could blow up into a media frenzy even bigger than the one we saw with Hot Coffee...

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  • KD 24 Jul 2019 12:38:28 3,542 posts
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    Max chips you can get a day is 50000, works out you can convert at most 1.50 a day. Guess it's better than people putting loads into it daily.
  • hedben2013 24 Nov 2019 06:37:10 2,193 posts
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    hedben2013 wrote:
    I do get the sense it could blow up into a media frenzy even bigger than the one we saw with Hot Coffee...
    Well, this didn't happen
  • Deleted user 24 November 2019 08:56:17
    Tried this again last week, just to see what the new content was like.

    Have to say, while the content itself is of the usual high quality, it was still a horrible experience.

    I'm about level 9 I think (i.e. a noob at the very beginning with nothing to my name), the game did not stop bombarding me with texts, calls, invites, pop ups, what have you. It was like taking the adblocker off your browser, and was relentless.

    Most of that stuff was late game or so expensive I would have to grind for weeks, so basically irrelevant to me (not to mention it was just too overwhelming to figure out what it all even was about).

    The load times are still awful. Took me two attempts at about 5-10 minutes each to get into a lobby.

    Then there's the cheaters (am on PC). I was hoping I'd avoid them, and what are the chances to bump into them in my first session. 100% it seems.

    It's such a shame. I love single player and the game world is still absolutely impressive after what, 5 years? I want to play all that nice content but after 5 minutes in the game I'm losing the will to do so. If only they released the new assets heists etc as paid DLC I'd have bought it. But that sweet shark revenue from seemingly mostly teenage players is too sweet to pass on for R* I suppose.
  • hedben2013 24 Nov 2019 09:20:14 2,193 posts
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    @KnuttinAtoll I can't help with the PC cheaters or load times, but if you'd genuinely be ok paying to gain access to higher level stuff like heists, the Criminal Enterprise starter pack is worth a look. It sidesteps a lot of the low-level grinding and means you could earn enough for a facility (and the doomsday heist) in hours rather than weeks.

    It's the only thing I've ever paid for in GTA:o and I've no regrets.

    Also, if you've got Amazon Prime, the Twitch Prime freebies are another good leg-up
  • Deleted user 24 November 2019 15:09:16
    @hedben2013 sorry to say but I think this last session has put me off for good. It really is a shame as there is a diamond hidden under all that shit. A LOT of shit I'm not willing to dig through unfortunately.

    I wonder if R* are following the same approach with RDR Online too. Don't have the hardware to run it unfortunately to find out myself.
  • KD 24 Nov 2019 15:15:12 3,542 posts
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    I normally look on here for something I like and play on that week, stock car racing was 3x the other week so was getting 100k a win or minimum 40k just for driving defensive.
  • KD 24 Nov 2019 15:20:12 3,542 posts
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    Turn voice comms off, casino and nightclubs work in friends only lobby so I been avoiding everyone for last year or so.

    Also Netlimiter program makes public lobbies solo, I been using it for 3 years.
  • hedben2013 25 Nov 2019 10:16:57 2,193 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Or if you're on Xbox you can go to Settings, Network, Test NAT Type and that gives you a solo lobby for long enough to complete any of the sell missions even if you're solo and doing 3 separate vehicle drops

    I tend to do bunker, nightclub and motorcycle club sales in public lobbies for the bonus cash though
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