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  • rock27gr 28 Dec 2013 19:33:37 6,409 posts
    Seen 14 hours ago
    Registered 13 years ago
    This reminds me, I've been slacking so much I haven't gotten round to join yet!
  • Deleted user 28 December 2013 19:42:17
    @DMJ Code has been sent!
  • DMJ 30 Dec 2013 12:41:15 797 posts
    Seen 3 days ago
    Registered 14 years ago
    @Pinky_Floyd Did you PM here or on the Wii U? I can't see a code on either. Mind, it gives me an excuse not to exercise: "The gym won't let me in!" :D
  • Deleted user 30 December 2013 12:43:02
    @DMJ On here, check again but not via mobile version of the site. If still not there will resend :)
  • DMJ 30 Dec 2013 15:24:41 797 posts
    Seen 3 days ago
    Registered 14 years ago
    Ah, that'll be why. Using my phone. :) I'll have a check. Cheers.

    Edit: It's not in my inbox, weirdly. The universe wants me to remain unfit!

    Edited by DMJ at 17:25:05 30-12-2013
  • Deleted user 30 December 2013 18:37:24
    @DMJ Have sent again!
  • DMJ 31 Dec 2013 11:02:02 797 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    I'm in!
  • Deleted user 7 April 2014 11:57:02
    So, i've finally got around to picking this up! Well, actually my girlfriend bought it, but it's just arrived. Are people still using this, then? I think I managed 8 - 10 weeks of the original, but I was house sharing at the time. I don't need to hide from anybody this time! :D
  • Deleted user 7 April 2014 13:27:10
    I haven't been able to use it since I had an operation a couple of months ago - I'm not able to at the moment, really miss it though as it's a lot of fun and can be as hard a workout as you want.
  • midi82 7 Apr 2014 14:57:38 1,037 posts
    Seen 18 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I don't use the workouts much, but I use the fit meter everyday and measure once or twice a week.
  • Deleted user 8 April 2014 15:27:03
    As I feared, this game is exposing me to be a weakling. My fitness age is 10 years beyond my actual age and just half an hours workout is enough to get my legs and arms wobbling uncontrollably. I look forward to any kind of improvement! :-P

    I'm quite impressed with the Fit Meter, too. I don't know how or why, but recording altitude is interesting. I honestly thought it was made up at first, but the graph seems to show a pattern when walking to the shops and back.
  • Deleted user 19 June 2014 07:10:43
    New walking and climbing challenges are available and some changes have been made to the weight display. Seems like I walk about 100 miles a month on average.
  • Deleted user 10 August 2014 21:59:29
    Am tempted by this, will have me doing some form of exercise. Is it worth it? I need to the board so full 80 price in a shop (argos).
  • Deleted user 10 August 2014 22:04:23
    @cheeky_prawnking Dont be doing that. Get a second hand board. The actual game is pretty good tho, and the fit meter does add to it.
  • Deleted user 10 August 2014 22:13:58
    The price includes the pedometer as well. Not sure if game on disc may do.
  • Deleted user 27 August 2014 09:12:52
    The battery has ran out on my fitness meter. Need to get one of those tiny screwdrivers to open it up. Have done over 1000 miles since last November. I don't use Wii Fit at all other than to track my weight every Sunday. Been doing that for about the last 2.5 years pretty regularly.
  • Deleted user 27 August 2014 12:27:10
    That's insane! I didn't imagine that would happen to anyone. I still use Wii Fit irregularly, but I do bar work most nights, so it becomes too tiring some days.
  • Deleted user 27 August 2014 12:44:06
    I guess the battery life on the meter depends on how much you use it. I've been wearing it daily since day 1, so I suppose 10 months usage isn't bad.
  • Toaster05 31 Aug 2014 14:34:43 1,920 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I've purchased a 2nd hand board on eBay but trying to find Wii Fit U with the pedometer is a bit of a mare! I missed out on an Argos offer last week they were doing the disc and pedometer bundle for 24 quid.

    Anyone know where I can pick this up for less that 35?
  • vickitselenoir 24 Sep 2014 08:33:10 1 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    For info, here in France Micromania is selling the fit meter by itself for 7.99. Not sure how much posting it to UK would be...
  • Toaster05 24 Sep 2014 19:57:58 1,920 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I'm sorted now. Picked up the bundle for 35 with the Fit meter. Cheers.
  • mAc6 1 Jul 2015 01:33:03 3,357 posts
    Seen 1 week ago
    Registered 6 years ago
    Thinking about getting the fullkit bundle tomorrow, saw it for 70 euro, looks interesting and fun, would rather have digital code in pack for downloading, hate discs in WiiU spinning all the time, even in Dashboard menu. So if I like this I might get the eshop version too for convenience. 35 euro these Nintendo people ask for it.

    Am I doing the right thing? Do you recommend me getting in shape by losing weight out of my wallet?

    Need so much confirmations to progress, please. Thank you in advance!
  • Runthejewels 1 Jul 2015 01:37:16 6,584 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    @mAc6 don't. Buy a sigelei 150 W TC
  • mAc6 1 Jul 2015 01:42:51 3,357 posts
    Seen 1 week ago
    Registered 6 years ago
    No need for that, I need a board for balancing in my life
  • midi82 1 Jul 2015 08:47:48 1,037 posts
    Seen 18 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    @mAc6 I would definitely go for the download version - I use the fit meter every day and occasionally (once a week or so) boot it up to check any progress. I haven't done any of the exercises for months but it's useful for keeping a check on how much I weigh.
    If I had the disc version it would have been stuck in a pile and I just couldn't be bothered to swap discs over just to weigh myself.

    The off TV is great for this as well, there is no need to turn the TV on (or switch channels) just to do a body Test.

    Edited by midi82 at 08:50:03 01-07-2015
  • mAc6 1 Jul 2015 08:59:54 3,357 posts
    Seen 1 week ago
    Registered 6 years ago
    @midi82 thank you, I'm getting this in couple of hours, unfortunately don't have a board, prefer a new clean one, meters are still full price around here where I live, so will have to go for the discounted full kit version which includes disc and start the fun, hoping for discount for the digital download delivery version later on
  • midi82 1 Jul 2015 09:05:43 1,037 posts
    Seen 18 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    @mAc6 cool, good luck!
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