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  • anaxis 1 Oct 2013 02:45:41 5 posts
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    Hey fellow gamers, I've been having a spot of bother with a recent eshop purchase. I'm sorry that this is a bit long. I'm just not sure how to relay all the info more concisely.

    I decided to purchase Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate via the Nintendo eshop on my 3DS on Sunday 22nd as it was on sale. I picked the option to buy and was prompted to add more funds which I did using my debit card.

    Funds loaded, I completed the purchase and was given the option to download the game. When I tried to download I got a message saying I had insufficient space on my memory card, so I tried my spare camera SD card which had about 1 gig free. Again, no luck. It still wasn't enough free space so I ordered a bigger memory card online. I checked for a last time that the option to redownload was still showing in the "titles you've downloaded" section, and my balance was showing as 0.00. Everything looked to be in order.

    Fast forward 5 days and my memory card has arrived in the mail. I go to the eshop and the first thing I notice is that my balance says 17.99 (the sale price of monster hunter). I look in the titles you've downloaded section, and it's no longer in there at all. I check my account activity and it has record of me loading the funds to buy the game but not the actual purchase itself.

    Somehow over 5 days the eshop forgot I purchased the game. I've spoken to 2 different Nintendo customer service reps. The first person suggested that because I didn't download the game to my memory card that the purchase didn't complete. If that's the case, why was the game showing in my titles I've downloaded list, and giving me the option to redownload it?

    Another suggestion was that even though I bought it, because I didn't download it during the sale period that the transaction was cancelled. This seems particularly bizarre. Surely the exchange of money is enough to "keep" the game. At this point I don't care that I missed the sale. I do however care that Nintendo won't put the money back on my debit card. I only put the funds into my eshop account in order to buy the game.

    Can anyone advise where I can go from here? All I want is either the game I "bought" back on my account, or the 17.99 transferred back to my debit card.

    Again, sorry it's so long. I didn't want to leave out any relevant information.
  • redcrayon 1 Oct 2013 07:16:23 4,649 posts
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    Do you get an emailed receipt or anything for the game purchase rather than the funds added? I've never bought a full-price eshop download so don't know.

    That's pretty crap if they won't add MonHun to your downloads list at that price or refund the money to your card, they must have a record of the transaction going through on your machine's ID.
  • anaxis 1 Oct 2013 12:27:43 5 posts
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    Unfortunately I have no receipt, therefore no proof on my end. I gave the first customer service rep the serial number on my 3DS. I'd have thought there would be record of my purchase and attempted download somewhere. Because everything looked okay it didn't occur to me to take any screenshot of the purchase. Really wish I had now.
  • redcrayon 1 Oct 2013 13:30:13 4,649 posts
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    It sounds like a bizarre freak accident based around the use of multiple memory cards- don't 3DS systems have to format the memory cards or something before you can use them? I don't know, whenever have done a system transfer the card you want to use and the previous one seem to have to be inserted/removed in a a specific order, it's not like you can just pop them in and out like with other gadgets. I don't know, not trying to excuse them or anything, but that sounds like the issue. I'd be incredibly surprised if they didn't have a record of your purchase on their end, being able to download it later if your memory card is full is a pretty basic feature.

    You can certainly argue that 17.99 isn't an amount you can easily add unless you were gunning for a game at that specific price, the most recent one being MonHun. Seeing as you do have a record of the date of funds added that then means that the only thing you could have been attempting to do on that date was buying MonHun (or another 17.99 title). Logic doesn't always work on customer service reps, but that's what I'd try.
  • anaxis 1 Oct 2013 14:15:56 5 posts
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    I turned off my console when I changed memory cards, but you may be be right that it's an issue due to different memory cards. I checked with my original card that I made the purchase, plus the 1 gig camera SD and neither show the game as having been bought. Someone from the admin department is supposed to call me today, though I previously was told someone from the eshop team would contact me but never did.

    If I don't hear from anyone today, I suppose I'll try emailing. I don't fancy having to make a third 0845 number call at my own expense. On the plus side.. When they put me on hold, I got to listen to Final Fantasy Chocobo music. I guess it's not all bad!
  • Deleted user 1 October 2013 14:49:05
    For what it's worth, the licences for games you purchase are tied to the console itself. Not the memory card. Whether you have the game on one SD card or another, it shouldn't matter. This doesn't sound like a hardware issue to me. Rather something has gone tits up with Nintendo's eShop.

    I can't imagine what exactly though, as Nintendo allow folk to re-download games they've purchased, that have since been removed from sale. At least this is the case with the Wii.
  • redcrayon 1 Oct 2013 14:49:20 4,649 posts
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    Hey have you got one of the 'say no to 0845' apps for your phone? They source the cheaper landline number for you, well worth it, :-)
  • anaxis 1 Oct 2013 15:38:07 5 posts
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    Hey, thanks for that. I completely forgot about those say no apps. Much appreciated!
  • anaxis 1 Oct 2013 17:00:58 5 posts
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    I come bearing good news. Not had any phone call, but I checked the eshop again just now and it appears that my money has been refunded. Phew.

    I've definitely learned my lesson. No more buying eshop games without double checking I have enough space on my card from now on.

    Thanks redcrayon and Raiko for the tips. I was starting to get a little stressed with it all :)
  • rq 11 Oct 2013 14:19:37 2 posts
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    MH3U is huge - it needs 14,200 blocks, or about 1.5 Gb. So the old 3DS 2Gb card wouldn't be enough once you have the video app downloaded and a few Mii Plaza hits. Even a 4Gb card from the XL struggles - I probably can't add any more "big" download titles, just virtual console games and other tiddlers.
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