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  • mothercruncher 28 Dec 2013 11:51:54 16,273 posts
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    I'm really impressed with the Orb covers too, having used them for a week or so now.

    I can't get on with the convex ones- the ones that mirror the DS4 sticks- mostly because they add too much height to things and make interaction feel a bit clunky due to the increased stick "throw".
    The convex ones, with the grippy dots on though, brilliant. Only add a couple of mm to the stick height and extremely grippy. Plus, you have a nice spongy middle bit you can press in which is very addictive ;)
    They feel like they will only improve with use too, as the dots round off a bit and the rubber itself softens with time. A must buy IMO.
  • Syrette 28 Dec 2013 11:54:30 50,266 posts
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    They're cool, although I struggled to put them on. Really fiddly.

    Ended up borrowing someone who is good with their fingers (oo er) who managed to get them on.
  • Syrette 28 Dec 2013 12:05:18 50,266 posts
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    You probably have little soft girly thumbs then.
  • Gruff 28 Dec 2013 12:25:25 3,428 posts
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    I got the Assecure nice and grippy for my "Pro Gamer" needs :p
  • mothercruncher 28 Dec 2013 12:49:27 16,273 posts
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    I think it depends on exactly which controller you have ecureuil and therefore when it was manufactured. I suspect early ones had the issue and Sony have quietly corrected things for subsequent manufacturing. And who knows how stock was distributed around the world for the early days.

    Plus, a big factor is A. how much people's hands sweat and B. what type of sweat they produce. It really affects guitar strings in the same way, with some people feeling they need to put new ones on monthly, others going for a year before they feel the strings sound dull due to it. Horses for courses.
  • saintedd 28 Dec 2013 13:24:52 317 posts
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    After a couple weeks of playing Killzone and having to use L3 to sprint the left stick has worn away.

    I have put on the covers and its better for grip, but unhappy that the quality is so poor.
  • jonharrispro 19 Jan 2014 15:12:28 562 posts
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    Thanks for the info guys. PS4 arriving in a week so have ordered some Orbs.
  • Deleted user 27 January 2014 22:16:32
    So have they fixed this problem with the later batches of PS4 pads?

    The left stick of my pad is looking pretty worn. I know the solution is the third party covers, but I'd rather get a replacement for what is essentially a faulty product.
  • Darren 4 Feb 2014 13:05:31 9,574 posts
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    The ORB Thumb Grips are superb in my experience. You get two pairs for £2.99 (on Amazon) but I like the rough ones better as they offer superb grip and are a lot more comfortable for long gameplay sessions too. I've just bought a second DS4 controller plus ordered another set of ORB grips so if the R1 button does stick on the controller I got with my console then I will take that one back to the shop for a replacement. I was very surprised though that a £60 controller doesn't even come with a USB charging cable. Sure, you get one with the console but it is always nice to have spares and they don't cost much so it seems tight of Sony to not include one with new controllers (the controller certainly isn't worth £60 either IMO).

    I do personally think the DS4 feels a bit cheap in build quality simply for the ease at which the analogue stick tops are wearing out for many people and the reports of the R1 button sticking. I've had no such issues with my XBO controller but then it has been used far less.
  • Psiloc 4 Feb 2014 14:05:17 5,108 posts
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    I tried the ORB things and immediately took them off. The extra height they add to the sticks obviously creates a bit more leverage and therefore makes the sticks feel looser. As one of these people who currently thinks the DS4 = perfection, I wasn't having that.
  • Ron_Justice 4 Feb 2014 15:02:17 3,172 posts
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    I just ordered a set of the Orbs. I have Kontrol Freeks now so I'm not wearing the stock thumb stick away really but one of Kontrol Freeks is beginning to de-laminate - I've had them for over 2 years so I'm not fussed. Hopefully, I'll be able to slip the Orbs over the Kontrol Freeks and go for uber* protection!

  • arsenalherd 17 Jul 2015 06:57:09 141 posts
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    I go back to my local Game shop quite often to swap pads due to the dual sticks wearing away, glad I paid the 2 year warranty with them
  • SomaticSense 17 Jul 2015 12:40:37 15,062 posts
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    It'd probably save you the bus fare/petrol costs to just spend the four quid on the Orb covers and be done with it.
  • the_milkybar_kid 17 Jul 2015 12:54:53 8,003 posts
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    Are they any good then? The rubber on the left stick has properly come away and it won't be long before it's just a plastic stick.
  • arsenalherd 17 Jul 2015 13:30:38 141 posts
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    @SomaticSense I tried and just couldn't get to grips wit them, plus my work is 2 mins from Game.
  • StixxUK 1 Jun 2018 18:21:05 8,158 posts
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    Resurrecting this to ask

    1.) If anyone could recommend something like a cover (that doesn't involve taking the pad apart)


    2.) If I need to take it apart really, can anyone recommend some decent replacement thumbsticks - as if I'm going to that effort, I want it to be worthwhile!

  • Frogofdoom 1 Jun 2018 18:52:10 13,426 posts
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    Either get some orbs or control freaks. Failing that buy some Xbox one replacement sticks and put them in there instead.
  • DrStrangelove 1 Jun 2018 19:54:51 14,258 posts
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    I bought some stick caps for some €2 or so a few years ago, sadly eBay won't let me look into my purchases from that time. But I can confirm they solved the problem for good.
  • markytonline83 1 Jun 2018 20:03:31 894 posts
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    I wonder how abrasive some peoples thumbs must be to wear them down. Got 2 from day 1 launch and no wear at all. And they’ve been hammered
  • greg_wha 1 Jun 2018 21:50:21 1,307 posts
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    I like these...

    KontrolFreek CQCX - PS4
  • dominalien 2 Jun 2018 08:15:44 9,170 posts
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    markytonline83 wrote:
    I wonder how abrasive some peoples thumbs must be to wear them down. Got 2 from day 1 launch and no wear at all. And they’ve been hammered
    I have 2 DS4s from around launch and they both have the problem. On the one I used more the stick outer surface got worn right through and fell off. I replaced them with these: and they've been very good so far with no trace of wear. They were quite a bit cheaper last year, though...
  • dominalien 2 Jun 2018 08:16:20 9,170 posts
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    Oh, and I have one newer DS4 that I got with the Pro and the sticks on that one are fine.

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  • blobs 2 Jun 2018 10:14:00 601 posts
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    I bought these a while back..
    Stick Covers

    You get eight in a pack for about £3 and they're excellent, I've never had any problems with them.

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  • StixxUK 10 Dec 2018 20:31:45 8,158 posts
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    Having used the Orb covers for a bit, I don't really like the dotted ones (not a fan of the spongey middle) or the smoother concave ones (which were ok at first but actually hurt my thumbs when I use them now).

    I'm thinking of taking the pads apart, potentially doing one with PS4 style sticks (as close to the official as possible) and the other with XB1 ones.

    Thing is there's a lot of choice on Amazon and I don't want to waste time and effort taking my pad apart for a sub-par stick. The PS4 ones recommended further up seem good, but can anyone recommend some good XB1 sticks?
  • chessboxer 10 Dec 2018 20:40:06 336 posts
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    Why not get metal sticks?
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