• neilka 7 Feb 2014 12:01:09 21,199 posts
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    It's a "stylized first-person adventure comedy" that's apparently quite funny and is out later today on Steam.

    Edge 9/10
    PC Gamer 92/100

  • Deleted user 7 February 2014 12:46:05
    Still no price?
  • Mr_Sleep 7 Feb 2014 12:54:04 21,633 posts
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    I thought this was going to be a new genre of music. Sounds hateful, hopefully the game is better than the terrible idea of jazz mixed with punk.
  • Tonka 7 Feb 2014 12:54:14 27,660 posts
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    I thought this was some new musical genre
  • neilka 7 Feb 2014 12:57:20 21,199 posts
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    Physically_Insane wrote:
    Still no price?
    Not on Steam yet, but you can preorder it for $15 via Humble Bundle on the official site.

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  • Boriska 7 Feb 2014 12:59:00 595 posts
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    Borbetomagus make good noise with that old brass.
  • YenRug 7 Feb 2014 16:18:17 4,529 posts
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    On GoG now, along with this seriously WTF? trailer:

  • Fake_Blood 7 Feb 2014 16:25:26 8,443 posts
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    Spoilers and all that jazz:
    Giantbomb QL

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  • boo 7 Feb 2014 18:18:23 13,426 posts
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    /was expecting a Jaco Pastorius thread

    /wanders out
  • erniewhatbert 2 Mar 2015 16:49:53 2,862 posts
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    Big thread bump.

    Did many play this?

    I recently got a 5k retina iMac, not primarily for gaming, but I'm basking in the Steam library for games that haven't made it to the consoles I own. Most of the indie titles I've played so far max out at 2048 1152 or 4k if I'm lucky. But Jazzpunk goes up to 5120 x 2880 and it's eye-poppingly glorious, it looks incredibly good.

    It's a great game, too, bonkers but funny, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a shame it only lasted 2-3 hours. I'd rather play through a game that short with so much craft and ingenuity than something that's churned out and padded.
  • TPReview 2 Mar 2015 16:59:19 1,267 posts
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    I thought all the best bits were the guy who gave you the missions. By the end it was as if the guy making it didn't care anymore, it all got a lot less refined than the first few sections.
  • erniewhatbert 2 Mar 2015 21:15:23 2,862 posts
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    @TPReview the best parts were definitely the more structured sections. The last main level wasn't as good as the rest of the game as a result. The first level and the holiday one were my favourite parts.
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