Allegiance- FPS/RTS gem released by Microsoft 14 years ago

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    This is my first post here. So i apologize in advance if I screw something up.
    The subject of this topic, will be about what I think is, the best multyplayer only space sim ever created. Allegiance.
    Allegiance combines the resource and economy elements of RTS games with the situational tactics of a first person space combat sim unlike any game you’ve ever played. Every unit is piloted by a real person, making individual skill, tactics, and timing critical to success. Each team’s commander must exhibit both superior tactical and leadership skills to get the best pilots to fly for them.

    You as commander give tactical information to your team from a 3D top-down view, using their ships to scout the map, find wormholes to other sectors, detect enemy miners and relay back information on enemy movements. With this tactical view, commanders can plan out bombing runs, stealth missions, and setting up coordinated attacks across sectors of the map.

    Pilots fly in a first person view, from high velocity dogfighting in fighter and interceptor craft, to covertly sneaking behind enemy lines in stealth and scout craft to gather intel or harass the enemy operations. To win the game players will have to come together on coordinated strikes to destroy or capture enemy bases. Situational awareness is key, and the learning curve is steep, but the gameplay is addictive.

    Microsoft’s MSN Gaming Zone shut down allegiance along with their other pay to play games in 2004. The community developed in-house mod tools and after significant campaigning convinced Microsoft to open source the game. Since then the playerbase created a development community, enhanced the graphics, created new mods, and started hosting their own game servers, developed long-term tournament play called Allegiance Wars, and implemented many bugfixes to refine the game.

    A video says more than I ever can, so check out the gameplay video on Youtube:;v=WcRmSt7Q_LA

    Here is how you can get started:
    1. Go to
    2. Download the Game and create an account.
    3. Join a multiplayer server and begin playing. Large Games are played on weekends 3:00 PM EST.

    Check out the forums, find out where you are on the leaderboard, and look for the @help player to ask them questions on how to best help your team. Join the VOIP server - Mumble. -
    Do yourself a favor and try this game out.
    You will not be disappointed.
    P.S it's 100% free to play, no micro transactions whatsoever.

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