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  • wuntyate 19 May 2020 00:46:02 15,827 posts
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    The Sinking City

    Well this is just so lovecrafty i can't help but love it. Quite unsettling at night with the old headphones to boot. Sure it's not top tier but I'll never let a bit of jank put me off. This is great.
  • Rogueywon 19 May 2020 07:41:35 10,023 posts
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    For the last month or so, Persona 5 Royal and the FF7 remake took up a huge portion of my gaming time. I've finished them both now, so the current list of games on the go is as follows:

    Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC): Played a bit of this at launch but put it down as I didn't really have the time to learn its systems properly. It's clearly a harder, more complex game than the Warhammer titles I'm more accustomed to. But I've broken through the surface now, with an advanced single-player campaign on the go and just started a co-op campaign last night.

    Sakura Wars (PC): Lightweight, fluffy piece of anime-style silliness. Essentially a hybrid visual novel/musou game. It's not best in class as either, but it does have a certain charm, as it leans heavily into its own daftness.

    Phoenix Point (PC): Meant to play this at launch but got sidelined. Probably for the best that I waited, as it seems post-launch patches have now fixed the worst of its bugs and balance problems.

    That's a pretty short list for me to have on the go at the same time, but Persona 5 Royal grabbed me so hard that it essentially became the only game I was playing for a period of weeks (with FF7 Remake stepping into that slot straight after). I'm only just starting to spread out my playtime a bit more now that those are done.
  • Rodney 19 May 2020 09:37:21 4,736 posts
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    Rise of Nations. Addictive but not sure I'm so much enjoying, but more obsessively compelled to keep clicking on things to build stuff.

    Guns, Gore, Cannoli 1&2. These games are perfect. First one is a bit slower and more tactical. Second is just insanely kinetic, double jumping around the screen to shotgun Nazis in the face. Both have satisfying shooty mechanics, and good games to play in short burst to de-stress.. My games of the year (if I had played them when they were released).
  • PierrePressure 19 May 2020 10:11:47 1,229 posts
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    I've gone on a bit of a gamepass binge as my motivation to get the PSVR headset out each time is decreasing rapidly.

    Currently on the go:

    Quantum Break: Only had a quick go on Normal difficulty but it seems quite tough. Still a pretty looking game.

    Crackdown 3: Really enjoying it so far, it looks awful but it plays well enough. Extra points for Terry Crews and his OTT performance.

    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Needed to play a platformer and missed this first time around. Looks like building vehicles is the main draw which I'm not sure I can stand. Might be the first one to get deleted early.
  • waggy79 19 May 2020 10:50:29 2,329 posts
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    Been getting into GTAV online due to the Epic freebie. Like any online game that's been out many years it's a bit daunting for noobs. The extras they give you in the premium edition do help and I won a very nice car on my first spin at the casino.
    It has big issues with hackers though (nukes destroying everything) and a flying bike with rockets called the Oppressor seems stupidly overpowered with little to defend against it.
  • QBX 19 May 2020 11:17:42 199 posts
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    @PierrePressure I did the same with Banjo the other week. The car building/every quest being some form of race really didn't appeal to me.

    Not sure how it will play in the early stages but best advice for Quantum Break is to use your abilities as much as possible. I treated it like a cover shooter first time round which can be a bit dull but once you start getting upgrades that's when things start to click.
  • Gibroon 19 May 2020 11:26:58 2,341 posts
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    I did manage to get online for a while but the last couple of days it doesn't seem to sync up. Enjoying the single player though, never completed the main story on ps4.
  • simpleexplodingmaybe 19 May 2020 17:11:19 15,263 posts
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    I think Iím in a bit of a rut after enjoying RE3 so much.

    Started another play of Grim Fandango but my hearts not in it

    Got Witcher 3 GOTY and classic Doom 2 in progress but not feeling them either

    Been dipping into Toe Jam & Earl (the original) as a podcast accompaniment but feel like Iíd like something less ambient

    Might go back to Obra Dinn as I didnít have time to invest to its completion last time
  • Rogueywon 19 May 2020 17:12:46 10,023 posts
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    Actually... should have said. For the avoidance of all doubt, Total War: Three Kingdoms is really good. It has a very steep learning curve, as is the norm for a historical Total War title, but it's lavishly made, very polished and insanely deep.
  • Humperfunk 19 May 2020 22:17:46 8,391 posts
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    Approaching the 50 hour mark on Okami after finally playing it after buying it on various formats since release in 2006.

    So glad I have, an absolute masterpiece. Likely to finish it tomorrow and has been a blast.
  • ChiefGB 20 May 2020 19:36:48 12,997 posts
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    Primal was good, hopefully it holds up.
  • Rum_Monkey 22 May 2020 11:22:01 1,583 posts
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    Pokemon Sword.

    I've never played a pokemon game before and was curious as why they're so popular. It's quite hand holdy at the minute with the game stopping every 10 secs to chat to someone to explain something. Got to the wildlands which has opened up a bit more now.

    The battles are very simple with no real tension or tactics to it so far but capturing a cool pokemon is definitely addictive.

    I'm hoping there's more to it as I get further into the game, especially with the battles.

    Also, what's the difference between this and shield?
  • Graxlar_v3 22 May 2020 12:00:24 10,654 posts
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    @Rum_Monkey you get a few different gym leaders and about a dozen different Pokemon.

    Pokemon can be very in-depth but you can do well by just super levelling 4 or 5 power pokemon.
  • DUFFMAN5 22 May 2020 12:15:20 26,316 posts
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    Mythica wrote:
    ChiefGB wrote:
    Primal was good, hopefully it holds up.
    I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I like that it has a more relaxed pace. The visuals and atmosphere are also spot on.
    Primal may be my fav FC, very underrated game.
  • Derblington 22 May 2020 12:24:19 34,242 posts
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    Maneater and Saintís Row 3 Remastered both out today, and I fancy both.
  • HelloNo 22 May 2020 12:33:30 2,234 posts
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    @Derblington No kidding?! Right that's today sorted.
  • whatthefu 22 May 2020 12:41:50 1,334 posts
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    Epic Store only, so no chance of a free upgrade of SR3 on steam where I already have the original.
    Maneater looks entertaining :)
  • yegon 22 May 2020 12:44:17 6,511 posts
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    Monster Train (PC) was released yesterday.

    Enjoyed the demo, got obvious Slay the Spire vibes from it, can see me sinking many hours into it.
  • Rogueywon 23 May 2020 08:59:47 10,023 posts
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    Maneater seems pretty fun after the first couple of hours, but be warned that the camera is shite and that the quest design is right out of the early days of World of Warcraft.
  • DUFFMAN5 23 May 2020 09:31:16 26,316 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Derblington wrote:
    Maneater and Saintís Row 3 Remastered both out today, and I fancy both.
    I do wish it had of been SR2. For me the highlight of the series, by a stretch, even with the bugs I would take it over most GTA's. I recently completed 3 on ps3 (did Xbox upon release) so this has come to soon.

    Maybe when it's around £15 in a few months time.

    Connected, you can tell we are getting near the end of the gen, due to the amount of "remasters" we are now getting. Companies trying to get out last few quid before the new machines.

    Some have had real effort put in, others no so much. I did buy Dragon's Dogma (remaster) DA on Xbox (£8) a few weeks ago. Hopefully that is one of the ones with effort put in. I mean it is a great game anyway, looking forward to completing this time.
  • simpleexplodingmaybe 23 May 2020 09:57:45 15,263 posts
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    I loved Saints Row 3. Iíve pretty much worn myself out on that Rockstar style open world but if I did replay one itíd probably be this just for how daft but still engaging it was
  • TechnoHippy 23 May 2020 13:08:41 18,010 posts
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    Picked up Maneater and it's fun, although a bit samey, very crashy though.
  • Rogueywon 23 May 2020 16:59:37 10,023 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
    Maneater's an odd game. Part of me wants to rage at the sheer bloody cheek of charging almost full price for something with levels of jank close to Goat Simulator. But fucking hell it can be funny at times.
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