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  • PierrePressure 28 May 2020 09:30:28 1,077 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    Just finished Crackdown 3 which I really enjoyed which is surprising as it got a bit of a kicking in reviews.

    Quantum Break now has my full attention, although so far I'm not really enjoying it.

    Might just pick up Xenoblade Chronicles after the recommendations here.
  • Globalmeltdown 28 May 2020 11:14:38 790 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Maneater on Xbox
    Saints Row the Third Remastered Xbox
    Mafia 2 Remastered Xbox
    Rage 2 PC
    Nioh 2 PS4
    Dark Souls Switch
    Half life Alyx PC with Quest Link
    Detroit Become Human PS4
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4

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  • Malek86 31 May 2020 08:52:42 10,093 posts
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    Started Prince of Persia Classic. The original game is too ancient and unwieldy for me. This remake seems to fix that. I suppose it will get super hard eventually, but for now, it's fun enough.
  • AddyB- 31 May 2020 09:36:24 710 posts
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    All switch

    Borderlands 2
    Bioshock infinite
    Xcom 2
    Xenoblade chronicles
  • Pipedream 31 May 2020 09:53:40 540 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I cant stop playing Monster Hunter, World on the Xbox and Generations on the Switch.
  • Darth_Flibble 31 May 2020 14:23:14 4,241 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Couldn't decide what to play so started Saints row 4 on ps-now, heard the ps4 version crashes a lot but none so far (around 35% in) Its a fun game but its aged a lot and this port isn't a good remaster

    Just started red faction guerrilla port on ps4, another lazy "remaster" a bit of work has been done to make it look better at 1080p but thats it so far. lots of shaven head characters in this

    Everspace as its leaving gamepass soon, its spaceship fighter thats rouge-like. no normal you die a lot and slowl upgrade your ship
  • ghearoid 31 May 2020 15:55:49 3,574 posts
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    Xenoblade Chronicles DE - I'm really feeling it!

    Animal Crossing New Horizons - I just mean to pop in for a few minutes, but then I'm pootling around for hours.
  • Malek86 31 May 2020 16:16:44 10,093 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    Ok, so PoP Classic is much easier to control than the original, but still pretty hard. Restarting from a checkpoint won't reset your timer, so at times I just have to restart the level instead.
  • Graxlar_v3 31 May 2020 17:19:37 10,041 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Trials of cold steel
    Jurassic world evolution
  • Tomo 31 May 2020 23:31:19 17,702 posts
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    Just installed GTAV on my PC having last played it on PS3 however many years ago. Good grief. What a game. Looks absolutely stunning now with all the bells and whistles on. The acting is great still and the dialogue is frequently hilarious. I still haven't finished RDR2 but this made me realise how much more I prefer the GTA series. GTAVI is going to be insane. Can't wait.
  • richardiox 31 May 2020 23:39:41 8,631 posts
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    Considering GTA V was coded for 14 year old consoles with 512mb RAM, the mind boggles at the prospect of GTA VI which I assume and hope will be next gen only.
  • Deleted user 1 June 2020 09:22:07
    Due to the lockdown, I've been able to get through more games.

    Telltales The Walking Dead Series

    I had already played seasons 1, 2 and the mini episodes, but I never got round to playing season 3 and 4 till now. People seemed to turn on Telltale pretty quick around season 2, but I found them pretty good with only a few minor issues and some strange choices in the writing at times. Thought season 3 was pretty good and I liked how we were seeing a much colder Clem from someone else's perspective. It makes you wonder has see snapped like Kenny or Lily had and it's not till around the mid way point of the season does she ease off.

    Season 4 was good too, but I didn't like how they left Clem. Felt like she didn't need to lose a limp and they could have played with the idea of was she bitten or is she just injured instead. The way it ends just makes you think if they're attacked again, she's basically dead. Also think they should have time skipped to the end of the walkers like they do in the comics (apparently) and she survives with the group etc.

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  • Malek86 1 Jun 2020 09:36:56 10,093 posts
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    richardiox wrote:
    Considering GTA V was coded for 14 year old consoles with 512mb RAM, the mind boggles at the prospect of GTA VI which I assume and hope will be next gen only.
    We haven't even heard anything about GTA6 yet, and even if they are indeed working on it, chances are that development only just started, what with RDR2 and all. I'd wager we won't see an official announcement until at least 2021, plus Rockstar usually announce their games a good couple years before release. By 2023 the previous-gen consoles will be dead and buried, even by Microsoft.

    Doesn't sound like something you need to worry about at all.

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  • Deleted user 1 June 2020 09:49:52
    Rockstar said not long ago they're changing the way they're making these big open world games don't forget. Instead of releasing a massive city, they're talking about cutting it up into sections and releasing it slowly to lower the stress and workload. Basically, they're going the games as service model like Sea of Thieves, division, rainbow six and so on.

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  • TitanWarlord93 1 Jun 2020 09:50:44 465 posts
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    Played a few games of Warzone with a couple of guys last night. It was great fun despite getting our arses kicked. Better with a squad than solo.
  • Malek86 1 Jun 2020 09:52:22 10,093 posts
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    @Tale90 even then, the first episode would be the one that requires the most development time, so it still wouldn't be coming anytime soon.
  • Rodney 1 Jun 2020 10:07:55 4,398 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Streets of Rage 4, had to take a break from it due to work and stuff, but getting back into it. It's really very good, and I like that each time I play it I get a bit further into each level. Playing with blaze.
  • Dave_McCoy 1 Jun 2020 10:12:35 3,271 posts
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    @Tale90 I skimmed past but still managed to hit the spoilers for season 4 of Walking Dead. I wish you would have tagged spoilers on specific story stuff.
  • Deleted user 1 June 2020 10:20:50
    @Dave_McCoy Sorry. Thought it had been out long enough by now so know one would care.

    Still worth playing even with this info. I think you'll agree when you get to it though.

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  • retro74 1 Jun 2020 11:09:37 3,229 posts
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    I've been playing RE3 Remake on PS4 but I've completed it about 10 times and got the Platinum (which I never do on any game)

    Despite that I went through it again yesterday using some of the weird extra weapons

    Need a new game to play
  • HelloNo 1 Jun 2020 11:26:24 2,180 posts
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    Control - I'm enjoying it, but some of the combat feels a bit cheap. For example how fragile Jesse is and some of the enemy attacks feel OP. The combat itself is actually really fun, I like the characters, the voice acting and the whole game has a really distinctive style and sense of mystery.

    Saints Row 3 Remastered - Just as fun as I remembered, though I find myself rolling my eyes at some of the jokes now, particularly the ones around 'whores'

    Baldur's Gate: Dragonspear - I've really got into this now, though struggling a bit since somehow I only have one dedicated melee fighter.

    Bannerlord: The same game but better in just about every way, however given its early access it's not finished. I had got away with virtually no problems but suddenly it crashes whenever I join in a siege.

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  • Rodimus-Prime 1 Jun 2020 18:31:22 375 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I've gone from having written off Andromeda to being fairly enthralled by it. It's still a massive disappointment... but my oh my, some of the views.

  • TechnoHippy 1 Jun 2020 18:41:47 17,316 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
    I hated Andromeda on release, but quite enjoyed playing through it a year or so ago. It doesn't stand up the previous games, but it provided some ok sci rpg action.
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