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  • dfunked09 31 Dec 2020 08:34:50 1,451 posts
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    Base building in 4 was totally optional. I went through the entire thing without touching it (I think it forces a tutorial on you at some point but that's all you have to do.)
    It's worth playing just to experience the world imo. Far Harbour is pretty cool too if you have the DLC.

    NV is absolutely the better game though.
  • Deleted user 31 December 2020 08:42:52
    @dfunked09 Smashing: thanks for your thoughts!

    If/when 4 appears on Game Pass (that whole phrase feels weird!) Iíll most likely give it another go.

    Cheers :)
  • Dazimus 31 Dec 2020 08:56:19 1,554 posts
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    Does New Vegas hold up well nowadays? I finished Fallout 3 and 4, loved both. For some reason I never got into New Vegas (I think I got distracted and didnít pick it up again).
  • Deleted user 31 December 2020 09:20:04
    @Dazimus Bear in mind that I had my lovely new XSX for Christmas and so far have only played New Vegas, Forza Horizons 4 and some train simulator thingy, so maybe I'm no judge!

    That said, it feels VERY Fallout 3 to me, although I'm missing some of my favourite music from that game at the moment.

    It looks like F3, but the frame rate seems smooth as silk. It plays like F3, with all the usual open world "random" things happening and interesting characters to talk to.

    I'm enjoying it immensely, but bear in mind I've been out of the picture for a while. :)
  • KnuttinAtoll 31 Dec 2020 09:22:56 8,633 posts
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    Dazimus wrote:
    Does New Vegas hold up well nowadays? I finished Fallout 3 and 4, loved both. For some reason I never got into New Vegas (I think I got distracted and didnít pick it up again).
    Graphically it's aged, alright - while F4 can still look nice enough, it's probably best to approach NV like other retro games and focus on the gameplay - which is still the best of all the Fallouts, and the different paths and endings are quite satisfying to play through.

    I played NV originally on the PS3 which was one of the roughest experiences I ever had on any console, but being able to play it stable and smooth on PC is much better now. Still haven't completed some of the various DLCs, but shinies like CP2070 keep distracting me. I should really give it another go.
  • ghearoid 31 Dec 2020 10:57:10 3,677 posts
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    Fire Emblem Three Houses - after finishing the DLC I decided to replay the Golden Deer route, recruiting the new available characters. Really enjoying it all over again. Just passed the time skip.

    Doraemon Story of Seasons - Christmas gift from my mum, so far I'm only in season one but I'm already hooked. Love the aesthetic of the game and the relaxing music. It's quite captivating.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons - I don't know if I'll ever stop playing. It's my GTAV.
  • Bichii 2 Jan 2021 18:45:10 4,214 posts
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    I thought I'd try transistor today as i can't play Hades yet. Bloody hell it's pretty good so far. I've no idea what is going on but that's kind of appealing as the game seems to be slowly revealing itself to me.
  • JoeBlade 2 Jan 2021 19:26:06 5,713 posts
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    I really liked Transistor but after a certain point the functions and the number of combinations - esp. with the active/upgrade/passive mechanic - becomes hard to get your head around. I could never bring myself to finish it because of it.
    Could've used some online guide or something but that just feels stupid.

    Gorgeous game though.
  • LoneWolf80 2 Jan 2021 20:28:33 176 posts
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    Just started Hades...... Really enjoying it so far although I can't beat the first boss.

    £8.99 on epic using the £10 voucher giveaway.
  • StixxUK 2 Jan 2021 21:01:44 8,524 posts
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    Dark Souls... on Switch

    Really hard to go back to after finally beating (and platinumming!) Bloodborne. Feels really clunky both in mechanics and "quality of life" stuff.

    Still, I feel like I need to play through it now - it's another one where I've gotten really close to the end and stopped, in this case it was Bed of Chaos. I've now beaten the tree/bug/whatever it is and foolishly decided to delve into the DLC. It's hard and even with a +15 uchigatana I'm not doing enough damage to Artorias!
  • Bichii 2 Jan 2021 21:17:34 4,214 posts
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    Yeah the old from games are pretty painful after BB and sekiro. I'm really looking forward to and at the same time a little worried about my upcoming demon's souls play through on ps 5. I've got a feeling that except for the beautiful visuals I'm going to keep thinking how inferior it is to sekiro and BB
  • myiagros 2 Jan 2021 21:28:33 1,461 posts
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    Started Sayonara Wild Hearts on a whim a few days ago and it's bloody fab! Especially the soundtrack, which will be going straight into the rotation on my music player.
  • bone-on 2 Jan 2021 21:37:39 659 posts
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    Mixing Fenyx Rising with Gran blue Versus
  • Rogueywon 2 Jan 2021 21:38:51 10,695 posts
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    My live list as of the start of 2021:

    Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) - Mostly loving this so far. Had one bad night with it, where everything that could glitch did glitch, but other than that it's been smooth sailing. Coming up on the 35 hour point and only just started to make significant headway with the Act 2 main quests. Looks astounding on PC.

    Octopath Traveller (PC) - Generally enjoyable, but oh my word it can be grindy. Have worked out some character builds which makes random battles a bit faster. That helps a lot. Nearly finished all of the Chapter 2 stories now and not looking forward to the grind I'll need to get up to spec for the Chapter 3s.

    Halo ODST (PC) - My current co-op game. Has been parked over Christmas.

    Sackboy (PS5) - Bought this because I wanted something else to play on the PS5. It's good. Hit detection is a little over-fussy at times, but it's still a great 3d platformer.

    Monster Train (PC) - Got all of the clans to rank 10 now, so switched my focus to powering up the covenant ranks.

    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS4, on PS5) - My current Sunday afternoon game. Bloody impressive stuff.
  • Malek86 2 Jan 2021 23:20:10 11,529 posts
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    A beta complete version of Daggerfall Unity has been released recently, so I'm like sure, let's play this again and see if it's just like I remember it.

    After I get out of the tutorial cave, I go to the city and join the Fighters Guild. Very first quest, what's it gonna be? I gotta kill an easy monster in a dungeon. Okay, sounds easy enough for a starter.

    What they don't tell you is that the dungeon in question is a massive labyrinth, which would surpass most JRPG final dungeons in complexity. And while the regular enemies are easy, the place is also full of zombies that can kill you in two hits.

    When I finally manage to find the monster, after a good hour of dungeon crawling and running from every zombie I see, turns out it is a werewolf and my regular steel weapon can't hurt him. Joy. So I make the trip back to the entrance of the dungeon, which takes a while because reading the almost incomprehensible 3D map requires a titanic effort, and the zombies are still everywhere.

    Eventually I make it out, and then I have to fast travel between three cities before finally finding an armorer that sells an elven weapon. He wants 600 gold. Damn. I buy it, and travel back to the dungeon. The layout is kept as is, but all monsters have respawned. Amazing. One of them also drops a weapon similar to the one I just bought. Brilliant.

    Finally I find the monster, and kill it in like three swings. Make once again the trip back to the surface, and finally back to the Fighters Guild for my reward, 140 gold. After two hours of suffering. I could have made that much selling some random item found on the side of the road.

    Yep, it's exactly like I remembered it.

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  • JoeBlade 2 Jan 2021 23:31:31 5,713 posts
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    Daggerfall? As in: Elder Scrolls Daggerfall?

    I've played literally every single installment of the series - well, unless you count ESO, which I don't because it's an MMO - but only really started getting into it with Morrowind.

    Arena and Daggerfall were almost revolutionary for their time as those were among the first open world RPGs ever. They sure as hell were bloody clunky and janky though. But I still have fond memories of them.

    Edit: ESO, not EOS. What is it with me and acronyms? o_O

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  • Graxlar_v3 2 Jan 2021 23:35:20 10,806 posts
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    Trying to play dragon age origins... a great game that is being impaired by the fact it crashes on me every half hour and my limited knowledge of PCís has found my unable to find a fix (other than turn down the visuals until it looks like a ps2 game.
  • Malek86 2 Jan 2021 23:44:05 11,529 posts
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    Daggerfall is very complex though, much more than even Morrowind. I kinda like Arena better because it's easier to just pick up and play.

    I've played Daggerfall quite a bit in the past, but never finished it. In fact, I kinda got too busy with the random quests and never even tried to tackle the main story. I'd like to make an effort this time. Though if I do that, there goes any hope of completing that 52 games challenge...
  • Gunzberg 3 Jan 2021 10:12:15 2,850 posts
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    Just started FF15...hmmm

    There are some bloody dull bits and endless loading even on fast travel. Going to give it a few more hours then see.
  • Mola_Ram 3 Jan 2021 12:59:11 25,155 posts
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    Dazimus wrote:
    Ichi is such a good character. Definitely want to play more with him as the lead.
    One thing I really like about him as a lead (aside from his personality), and about many entries in the Yakuza series in general, is that it feels like there aren't many RPG protagonists who are in their 40s. Particularly JRPGs, where once you get past the age of 20 you're practically ancient. Everyone is this brooding, tormented teen, and it gets tiresome after a while.

    I get that having younger people in the lead might make games appeal more to the younger crowd, but this feels different. Hell, one of the first party members you get is some middle-aged homeless dude with an umbrella. And while the game does play it up for laughs a bit, it's also really touching and interesting to have people around that other games wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.
  • Dombat 3 Jan 2021 19:36:44 1,876 posts
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    Back into being hooked on The Witcher 3. Making glacial progress doing side quests, hunts and question mark activities but enjoying it.

    Also pushing on with Disco Elysium. I've hit a lot of walls with progression but seem to be making good progress today.

    Demon's Souls. For various reasons I hadn't touched this for a good couple of weeks but beat the 4-1 boss and have worked my way through most of 3-1. I'm now at the point I got up to on PS3 so it's all new and unknown for me from here on.
  • Malek86 3 Jan 2021 19:41:31 11,529 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Oh man, I just discovered the nightmare that is poison in Daggerfall.

    This is evil. Evil, I'm telling you. I should have picked poison immunity during character creation.
  • Red_Bool 4 Jan 2021 09:42:03 2,169 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Control on Xbox One (GP)
    Having Gamepass means you can try out stuff. Really enjoying this combination of supernatural weirdness, interesting story and characters, a healthy dose of exploration and stuff to collect and good combat mechanics.

    The only minor annoyance I have are the occasional crashes (playing on an original Xbox One), but luckily I've never lost too much progress.
  • JoelStinty 4 Jan 2021 09:45:15 9,196 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Assassins creed Oydessy.

    Hasnít got it grips into me like Origins did and I think that is mainly down to the location. Whilst pretty I donít think Greece is that interesting compared to Egypt and thus doesnít disguise that the missions are a little one note.
    Not long got to Athens and walking through the sculptures yard was cool; Iíd like to see more of that. Itís what made origins quite unique, exploring its history . Story is intriguing though, and whilst I didnít really notice it in origins (guess because I was enjoying myself) having to clear side quests to get XP to progress is a little irksome.

    Hopefully comes together soon. May pick up a small gsme to break this up. See donut country is on sale
  • Red_Bool 4 Jan 2021 10:36:30 2,169 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    @JoelStinty Sounds like I need to try Origins :) I loved Odyssey! Having to do side quests to get more XP to progress did not bother me, because a lot of them are actually pretty good (note that I only did the exclamation mark missions, not the message boards filler).
  • JoelStinty 4 Jan 2021 14:04:49 9,196 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Red_Bool wrote:
    @JoelStinty Sounds like I need to try Origins :) I loved Odyssey! Having to do side quests to get more XP to progress did not bother me, because a lot of them are actually pretty good (note that I only did the exclamation mark missions, not the message boards filler).
    I absolutely loved origins. To be fair the hour sessions Iím having are going quick but i guess Iím comparing it against something I really liked. It may well be it that it does sink in. Just 16-17 hours in now and still waiting for it to happen.
  • Nanocrystal 4 Jan 2021 22:06:47 2,309 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Borderlands 3 (PS4)

    It's more Borderlands. As a massive fan of the first two games I was a bit underwhelmed at first but last night it started to click (I just hit lvl 19 as Fl4k). The guns are wonderful as expected. I've heard a lot of complaints about the humour being too juvenile, but that's Borderlands and has been since the beginning. Sure, not all of the jokes land but the game regularly has me grinning. I just did the side quest where you help a teenage girl (Ava) recover her diary, which was stolen by a bandit who is broadcasting the most embarrassing parts of it to his crew mates. It was funny and totally endeared me to the character (who apparently everyone hates?). Also, the music is a big step up from the previous games, the synthwave tracks that play during the missions on Skywell are epic.

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  • mrharvest 5 Jan 2021 11:09:47 5,641 posts
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    @JoeBlade I've quite liked ESO. Uh, 2,489 hours liked. I got a friend who had never touched an MMO into it (she had previously played Skyrim). She's now in more guilds than I am and playing 12-man trials. :D
  • quadfather 5 Jan 2021 16:11:03 37,928 posts
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    I'm trying to play cyberpunk. It's a bit difficult to get into but I'll give it more time
  • DrStrangelove 5 Jan 2021 17:06:58 15,371 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago

    My problem with BL3's humour isn't that it's juvenile, as you said it's always been unapologetically so. My gripe is that BL2 was masterful at this game, it didn't just throw out some random juvenile lines, it was sharp and witty and the delivery was amazing. It felt like they made an effort to hone and perfect it. It made an art of its stupidity.

    BL3 on the other hand, most of the time, feels like they just put the very first ideas of stupid jokes in the final game, without bothering to fine-tune them. As a result, it all feels lame and flat to me.

    The mission you mentioned is the exception imo, I really liked that one too, it made me chuckle. Also perhaps the single one where I felt an emotional connection with a main character, smiling at what a dick that guy is and feeling like ok he really needs to die.

    I agree with everything else though. Yeah the soundtrack is amazing, it's probably among my favourite game OSTs.

    edit: if you love the soundtrack, check out that of the Cartels event, pure 80s bliss. This event is going to return in 1 or 2 months if I'm not mistaken.

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