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  • ZuluHero 14 Aug 2018 09:22:00 6,917 posts
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    News article on the beeb today:

    Still a good aid for helping to quit, but perhaps not a healthier substitute (as first thought) in the long term?

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  • billythekid 14 Aug 2018 09:30:48 12,302 posts
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    I've just got a Horizon Tech Falcon tank with the mesh coil in it, wow some great flavour from this thing.
    Using Tropix blackcurrant juice and it's like vaping on blackcurrant Tunes cough sweets!
  • Psiloc 14 Aug 2018 09:32:19 4,937 posts
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    I remember not long ago a study being done where they actually tested the effects of the vapour on the lungs (rather than just studying the components in the liquid) and the opinion among the vaping community was that they had in fact simply tested the effects of constantly dry hitting a coil.

    No idea if this is that study or not but there it is.
  • ZuluHero 14 Aug 2018 09:49:04 6,917 posts
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    This one is more about 'damaging vital immune system cells'

    Researchers found e-cigarette vapour disabled important immune cells in the lung and boosted inflammation.
    Not sure how much is in it at the moment, but thought it might be of some relevance.

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  • BinaryBob101 15 Aug 2018 18:40:41 26,611 posts
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    When PHE come out and back the study will be when I pay attention to it.
  • the_milkybar_kid 15 Aug 2018 21:12:37 7,816 posts
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    Does anyone vape CBD? Been watching a Joe Rogan podcast with Dorian Yates (my GOAT bodybuilder). And he swears by it for general muscle relaxation after workouts and for recovery, antioxidants and skin care.

    Never vaped before, smoked for about 4 years a long time ago. Where would you recommend to start? If anything I'm interesred in experimenting as my workouts leave a lasting effect as I'm getting older (only 32 but been weight lifting for 10 years).
  • Mr_Sleep 16 Aug 2018 13:06:51 22,046 posts
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    I have vaped CBD before. It definitely has an effect but the most effect I have had from dripping it under my tongue and swallowing it as instructed. Go for good quality ones as there is some tat on the market.
  • the_milkybar_kid 16 Aug 2018 13:42:16 7,816 posts
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    Yeah, you can tell the cheap shit from a mile off. Usually infused with some wacky flavour like 'berry blitz' or 'apple bonanza' as far as I can tell. Are there any reputable sites that you'd recommend?
  • Mr_Sleep 16 Aug 2018 15:12:51 22,046 posts
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    I get mine from a local vape shop. I get this stuff in the neutral flavour.
  • Fake_Blood 16 Aug 2018 15:26:58 9,159 posts
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    User name checks out.
  • Psiloc 17 Aug 2018 10:02:16 4,937 posts
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    Stark contrast to the article the other day.

    For example, it said it was "unacceptable" that a third of the 50 NHS mental health trusts in England had a ban on e-cigarettes on their premises, when there was a "negligible health risk" from second hand e-cigarette vapour.
    greater freedom for industry to advertise e-cigarettes
    relaxing of regulations and tax duties on e-cigarettes to reflect their relative health benefits

    an annual review of the health effects of e-cigarettes, as well as heat-not-burn products

    a debate on vaping in public spaces, such as on public transport and in offices

    e-cigarettes licensed as medical devices

    a rethink on limits on refill strengths and tank sizes

    an end to the ban on snus - an oral tobacco product which is illegal in the UK under EU rules
  • Psiloc 23 Aug 2018 18:16:20 4,937 posts
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    What's a good tank nowadays?

    I've got a baby beast at the minute but the coils aren't worth a damn and last about five minutes. Looking for something that lasts a while longer with good flavour and all the rest of it and doesn't leak.

    I do vape the really sweet stuff gourmet stuff which is probably worth mentioning.
  • phycus 23 Aug 2018 20:40:28 326 posts
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    Aspire Cleito 120 is a good tank, 100 watt (rated to 120 watt) 0.16 coils is what I use. Coils last me about 3 to 4 weeks, also vape sweet fruit liquid (monster melons is my fave). Only caramel flavour seems to lower coil life to 1 to 2 weeks. Never had a leak, and you can get a fatboy glass tank for it.

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  • pk1980 11 Sep 2018 22:15:02 1,160 posts
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    The glass bowl should be unavailable due to TPD, however not always the case as got one myself a few months ago.

    Recently went nicotine free. Turned out to be an error on my part for reasons.

    Today picked up an Aspire Gusto it is bloody great. Expensive to run, in vaping terms, but loving it so far.
  • eleven63 4 Dec 2018 18:19:38 2,396 posts
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    Not had a cigarette since Friday, when I got hold of a Juul vaping thing. As a dedicated 20 a day man for way to long, pleased that this is working, it seems, so far. A 'pod' a day is about a packet worth equivalent, therefore costs about 2.40 a pack, 1/5th of the price. All good so far.
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