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  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 10:37:36
    Mighty Switch Force 2

    So yeah, more of the same. It's a little harder than the first game, but not by much. Worth giving a spin if you loved the original. Should also be hitting the Wii U's eShop within a month.
  • CharlieStCloud 18 Jul 2013 10:40:08 5,812 posts
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    Raiko101 wrote:
    Mighty Switch Force 2

    So yeah, more of the same. It's a little harder than the first game, but not by much. Worth giving a spin if you loved the original.
    I had the first one on the 3DS and to be honest, Mighty Switch Force seems like a game that never needed a sequel ... was there anything drastically different, or is it a similar game set in a different place?
  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 10:55:28
    It actually feels more like DLC for the original game. It's a level pack, basically. You get 16 new levels, and a new gun. The levels are all new, though they don't really offer anything truly new. The Fire Hose mixes up gameplay up a little, but we're talking one extra type of block for directing water and being able to put out tiny fires that might make platforming a tad more difficult.

    It's just as satisfying to play as the original is, though! I've yet to start gunning down the par times, but it doesn't seem like it'll be any more tricky than the first game.
  • Deleted user 18 July 2013 11:14:36
    Sounds Shapes (ps3)

    Decent. Great visuals, design, and generally good platforming. Controls felt a bit heavy, but the Beck stuff is head and shoulders above anything else in the game.

    Way too short with only a handful of albums, albeit supplemented with user levels, and curated albums from the dev team.

    Havn't really touched the edit mode atm.

  • figaro7 20 Jul 2013 05:34:51 1,426 posts
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    New Super Luigi U

    +Luigi controls like he did in mario bros 2
    +Smaller levels and 100 second time limit forces your focus on skill
    +Impressive level design
    +Nabbit is a playable character
    +contains secret exits, levels and worlds as per NSMBU

    -Re-uses boss battles and overworld from NSMBU
    -Takes a little while adjusting to Luigi's floatiness

    As a downloadable package this beats NSMBU hands down, the focus on smaller levels harkens back to the original mario bros where precision and skill is the order of the day.

  • drhcnip 20 Jul 2013 10:52:05 5,924 posts
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    walking dead on ps3


    excellet game, really excellent but it was the disc based version so there was a lot of slowdown when locating info on the disc which was extremely irritating

    also, the subs are some of the worst ive seen...
  • David_Richardson 20 Jul 2013 11:10:47 1,052 posts
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    The judder and slowdown isn't exclusive to the disc version. It's one of the few faults with the game.
  • drhcnip 20 Jul 2013 11:24:34 5,924 posts
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    damn shame, really...

    oh, and some of the end of chapter 'you & x% of players' stats were wrong

    but minor quibbles, really....
  • FrostPan 20 Jul 2013 12:31:29 1,454 posts
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    drhcnip wrote:
    walking dead on ps3


    excellet game, really excellent but it was the disc based version so there was a lot of slowdown when locating info on the disc which was extremely irritating

    also, the subs are some of the worst ive seen...

    Glad you enjoyed it. Played and completed it recently and I thought it was brilliant. Definitely get the DLC, I was initially apprehensive due to its short length, but it's absolutely worth the full price. Definitely looking forward to season 2.
  • Gunzberg 20 Jul 2013 19:23:16 2,315 posts
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    The Increadible Adventures of Van Helsing + DLC 85%

    Got it with the DLC for the "pet" for 9 euros in the steam sale.
    Played it all of today and had a blast. Love the style, the humour and the pace.

    Some negatives:

    Tower defense section, the waves each have way too many mobs
    Combat a bit repetitive

    Can't go wrong at that price
  • Kostabi 20 Jul 2013 19:57:14 5,915 posts
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    Gunpoint - 8/10

    What a fantastic game. Thumped through it in two sittings but considering it only cost a couple of quid in the Steam sale I'd say it was money well spent.

    It even generates a blog.
  • Deleted user 20 July 2013 22:49:12
    State of Decay (xbla)

    Some good stuff here, and lots of potential, but in its current state any honest review has to read like a litany of negatives imo.

    -bad graphics
    -tons of bugs, too numerous to mention
    -threadbare story line, starting strong but going swiftly downhill culminating in the weakest ending since ever
    -too expensive

    Long story short, yes it's an open world zombie survival game, but because it's so shit wait until two things have happened ; a theres more content for it and b it's on special offer and cheap.

    (7/10 if it was 1200msp)

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  • wobbly_Bob 21 Jul 2013 08:42:57 4,416 posts
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    Battlefield 3

    A real mix of good and bad. Great graphics and realistic setting/military tech, attention to detail is impressive. It's cool you get to be in so many situations. The bad: instant death if you don't do what the game wants you to do. The game not telling you what to do. There are so many rage inducing moments.

  • kentmonkey 21 Jul 2013 19:29:57 22,545 posts
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    Nobody does games like Double Fine. Iíd feel confident that I could identify a new Double Fine game in production just by playing the first minute of it, due to their unmistakable style. And by style I donít just mean how it looks, but how it sounds, how itís written, the humour and how you interact with the world and how the world interacts with you. Stacking has oodles of Double Fine style.

    Although the characters donít actually speak, their conversations are spoken through the clatter-clatter of a typewriter keyboard, which somehow leads to more character being portrayed than most speaking characters in other games can achieve. The way they speak from their mid-riffs, where the two sections of their Russian doll bodies join, instead of their painted on mouths emphasises Double Fineís attention to detail.

    But, at some point around the time of Costume Quest (which, although still an enjoyable game, started to show signs of a change in direction), Double Fine seemingly lost the ability to construct the gameplay that deserved to accompany the style theyíve always been great at creating. Itís games have now become style over substance, a description that sadly for me describes Stacking perfectly.

    After having fallen in love with the demo, and intrigued by the challenge of attempting puzzles in different, ever-increasingly inventive ways, I was let down by the rest of the game. What started off so promisingly in the train station quickly turned into disappointment.

    For starters the puzzles are just far too easy, and the solutions are, in the vast majority of cases, always mere seconds away from the problem. The whole game ends up playing like some overly long tutorial. Got to get people out of a room with a big fan outside of it? Why not send the guy who canít control his flatulence over to the fan to fart into it. Itís not as though you could miss him, heís been walking past this area for the past five minutes creating plumes of green gas from his posterior. Got to get a safari area on a boat closed down by the health and safety inspector? Why not take control of the bear in the room opposite the safari area and walk over to scare the visitors.

    Having completed the game in well under 4 hrs, and having achieved nearly 70% completion along the way, even for the paltry price I paid, I still felt out of pocket. Had I wanted to achieve 100% completion, Iím sure I could have done that in under six hours. I could already see the vast majority of the alternative solutions to the puzzles, I just couldnít be bothered anymore to go and collect the correct doll to complete it. If Iím honest, thereís only one puzzle I can remember where the final solution wasnít completely obvious to me and, as it was so late in the game, Iíd already resigned myself to not bothering to discover the alternative solutions by that point. The further challenges that unlock are also equally easy to complete, often requiring you to just take control of a particular doll and press X a few times in front of other dolls. In some cases you have to reunite families or groups of particular dolls along the way (by stacking them together) but, again, these arenít particularly hard to achieve and Iím fairly certain I captured them all along the way to completing the story.

    Iím still a fan of Double Fine; even though they appear to have lost the ability to reach the heights of games such as Psychonauts, theyíre still able to create enjoyable experiences. But I miss the days of when they could create enjoyable games to accompany those experiences. Stacking could have been a brilliant game but, although pleasant enough, it ends up feeling quite small and ultimately hollow. Much like the last Russian doll at the bottom of the stack.

  • andytheadequate 21 Jul 2013 19:38:58 8,980 posts
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    The challenge in stacking comes from 100% completing it. I felt exactly the same as you until I went back and finished it fully.

    I recently finished Thomas Was Alone after buying it in the humble bundle. Generally the platforming was good, although some of the levels were a bit tedious. The story was utterly charming though. I didn't even expect there to be a story really. 7/10
  • SolidSCB 21 Jul 2013 19:50:21 10,187 posts
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    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Finally found time to make a start on this series. A good starting point for sure, if a little rough around the edges and showing its age a bit. Plot, voice acting, gunplay and environments are all very satisfying. I played through on Hard and found it to be a very fair and well balanced difficulty with occasional spikes that added to the drama.

    On the downside, the platforming/climbing is a bit shit. Found it very difficult at times to get the camera to play ball, which led to a couple of very cheap deaths here and there and broke up the flow of the game somewhat. There† was also one particular section on a speedboat that was very poor and I only got through due to sheer luck.

    That being said, this was a great little adventure with a plot to match. Very late to the party but I'm hoping Uncharted 2 will build on the solid foundation this game has put down.

  • EMarkM 21 Jul 2013 20:09:53 4,471 posts
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    Main quest finished; will tivvy around with side quests for a while but I need to move on.

    Loved the story, characters and ending. Will miss Alyn Shir for a long time...

    Technically flawed, agonisingly brilliant. 8/10.

    (Got it via my PS Plus membership.)
  • Tomo 21 Jul 2013 21:08:53 15,826 posts
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    Yeah, agreed completely but I'd give it 3/10. It's just so boring.

    It would have benefitted from having smaller levels as well. Part of the boredom stemmed from having to hop across vast levels of emptiness. Not just searching for a doll, but whenever you finished a level you had to hop all the way back to the train station. And when you couldn't find the doll you need, Jesus, searching for your socks in the washing basket is more stimulating.

    I have Costume Quest installed too, but haven't loaded it yet for fear of it being a by the numbers RPG with a paltry sprinkling of Double Fine dust.
  • King_Edward 21 Jul 2013 21:33:12 11,470 posts
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    I really enjoyed Costume Quest fwiw. It is a by the numbers jrpg battle system, though a fairly snappy one, but there so much charm in the characters and setting that it easily made up for it its lack of depth. It's much greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Telepathic.Geometry 22 Jul 2013 02:00:07 12,422 posts
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    Thomas Was Alone - 8/10 Really enjoyed this. Short but sweet, and the blocks are amazingly full of character considering they are no more than colored rectangles. :) Some of the puzzles were really clever, but never really very challenging. I'd recommend this to anyone.

    Machinarium - 9/10 Loved this little title from start to finish. I don't play many point and clicks, so that's probably why I liked this one so much. Seriously though, absolutely jam-packed with character, and the art-style is perfect. Hats off to the guys who made it...

    Warning: some of the puzzles are absolutely diabolic! I admit I needed a guide to catch that fuckin' dog... -_-
  • superdelphinus 22 Jul 2013 08:28:13 9,781 posts
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    Bioshock infinite (pc)- 10/10

    Brilliant game. I was tempted to give it 9.9/10 for the repetitive things the enemies say in combat but seemed overly harsh when it's probably in my top 5 best games I've ever played (in pretty much 25 years now).

    Fantastic art, brilliant story and some lovely touches throughout (particularly like the bit with the guitar) make it a classic. I would say the gore is a bit extreme, but I think that's an intentional counterpoint to the bright and slightly cartoony world you are in.

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  • imamazed 22 Jul 2013 09:29:14 6,322 posts
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    Rayman Origins.

    A real delight, this. The environments are lush; every detail is stunning. The levels are very well designed. It feels about the right length. The difficulty is spot on - it means more average/poor players like me can complete it whilst at the same time offering more challenge to advanced players if they want. Will definitely go back to mop up what I can.

  • glaeken 22 Jul 2013 09:40:52 11,893 posts
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    State of Decay - 7/10 - I enjoyed it but I honestly kept thinking as I was playing it if only this had been developed using a decent game engine. The concept is exactly what I want and I keep thinking about if only someone would make this using the frostbite 3 engine. As it is the driving in the game is crap due to the terrible frame rate and pop-in. The shooting is also naff. Melee combat is reasonably Ok but could have had some more depth.

    Mission design was Ok though constantly having to save house mates who go missing got very annoying. I felt like I could not go off and explore at my own pace because some time sensitive mission to rescue someone kept popping up.
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