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  • FatSternKikwi 22 Feb 2014 23:52:22 1,639 posts
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    I own it and it will probably be the next one I play but I need a break from JRPGs. Going to play some short, easy to pick up games then get back to stuff that requires commitment.
  • Paulie_P 23 Feb 2014 00:29:36 424 posts
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    Ok game but just not for me. Thought the combat was repetitive, jumping puzzles were ok and I never dug the artstyle. Doesn't quite hit the highs of other metroidvania games.

    Could see why others might like it but it's a 7/10 in my books.
  • Gunzberg 23 Feb 2014 21:14:00 2,315 posts
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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds 9/10

    A return to form for the series! The first good Zelda game after Twilight Princess (imo, Phantom Hourglass had crap design decisions, Spirit Tracks was yawn and Skyward Sword disappointing) Completed with lvl 3 master sword, most collectables, all costumes and all but one item fully upgraded.

    + Always feels awesome playing as the Hero of Time
    + Great Graphics on the 3DSxl
    +Loads of dungeons and bosses, doable in whichever order you choose, perfectly designed and paced for portable play
    +No obscure puzzles as in Skyward Sword
    + Entire game has been designed for fun and mechanics that didn't work so well such as collecting loot to upgrade items (SkySword) have been majorly improved here

    - Hate the game asking me if I want to take a break when I take a while between saves. (2 unskippable text messages which get annoying fast)
    - Final dungeon reuses 4 of the previous bosses

    Summary: Got a 3DS ? Get this. No discussion
  • drhcnip 23 Feb 2014 21:18:00 5,884 posts
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    lots of gaming goodness...preferred it to the rayman games

    hoping for a sequel to address a few things (like the use of the heads) but very little to moan about

    reminded me of klonoa more than anything, which can only be a good thing

    8/10.....only because i think some improvements and tweaks woud make it brilliant...maybe a 9...
  • BernieLentils 23 Feb 2014 22:07:55 47 posts
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    Sleeping Dogs - It's a Grand Theft Auto clone. But it clones it very well.

    Far superior to GTA IV, not quite a match for GTA V. Combat's excellent, cornering lets the driving down, gun play average.

    But the Hong Kong setting and Triad narrative was interesting, and any game with Warp and Ninja Tune radio stations gains an extra Lentils point.

    And I was able to indulge the 80s by singing I Ran by Flock of Seagulls in the karaoke bar and drive to Pale Shelter by Tears for Fears.

    I loved it.

  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 22:22:54 9,897 posts
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    That reminds me I need to play SD, it's been on my HD for ages.



    Been playing this off and on for a couple of weeks. Thougt it was a brilliant game to be honest. Major minus points for the voice acting which for some reason bugged the shit out of me, and a couple of frustrating trial and error insta death moments rendered more frustrating by the sometimes unresponsive controls.

    Apart from that? Got a lot more from this than I thought I would. Dug the visuals big time and most of the time the controls worked well. Nice balance of platforming, puzzle solving and combat. Got especially frantic towards the end which was great fun.

    7 or 8 / 10 (can't decide)

    Now, back to Dantits Infertits, I mean Boobte's Nipplerno, I mean Dante's Infer.. Whatever. Why does it have so many boobies in it for fuck's sake ladies put some clothes on, I'm not twelve.
  • BernieLentils 23 Feb 2014 22:28:08 47 posts
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    @Wunty_Phyve You need to play Sleeping Dogs. It's been on your hard drive for ages....

    ... and frankly, I'm fed up of your hard drive going on about it.
  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 22:32:15 9,897 posts
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    @BernieLentils In all fairness I did start it. Something got in the way. I don't even know what, there may have been cowboys involved. I love the Hong Kong setting as well seeing as it's one of my favourite cities.
  • BernieLentils 23 Feb 2014 22:56:59 47 posts
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    @Wunty_Phyve If the cowboys were Red Dead Redemption related, that's understandable.

    First hour, I thought Sleeping Dogs was derivative and frustrating. But the combat, story and level of polish rewards your patience.

    Delighted there's a sequel in the works.. speaking of sequels, surely Rockstar's working on another Red Dead Redemption?
  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 23:11:13 9,897 posts
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    @BernieLentils It was indeed Red Dead. One of the finest games I've ever played with one of the best protagonists. Genuinely had a lump in my throat at the end. Although that might have been a chicken nugget.

    Sleeping Dogs strikes me that the protagonist is similarly interesting, a bit of personality, and like I say, Hong Kong has great appeal. Will try and get onto it soon. Didn't know there was a sequel coming though, more reason to get this one played.

    Yeah, I would have thought another Red Dead game would be par for the course, maybe there will be. Certainly hope so. Not enough western games dammit!!!
  • Deleted user 23 February 2014 23:20:27
    The last game I finished was Demon Souls, I haven't played games for a long time for various reasons, and decided to focus on beating this as I wanted to get into the series and wrap up Demon Souls and Dark souls before the next Souls game came out.

    I didn't find it hard to be honest, maybe it's because I upgraded my weapon to a Crescent Falchion + 5 kinda early on, and started with a Royalty class. I don't know. The only trouble I had was with one of the swamp plague levels and King Allant.

    I find Dark Souls to be a far more punishing game as it is more difficult in a lot more places than Demons Souls. Anyway they are both great games, easily in the top 10 of last gen for me.
  • minky-kong 24 Feb 2014 13:39:42 13,479 posts
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    Gunzberg wrote:
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds 9/10

    A return to form for the series! The first good Zelda game after Twilight Princess (imo, Phantom Hourglass had crap design decisions, Spirit Tracks was yawn and Skyward Sword disappointing)
    Completely agree with all these points. I really enjoyed LBW after the DS and Wii Zelda's all but killed my enthusiasm for the series. Highly recommended for any 3DS owner.
  • imamazed 24 Feb 2014 13:40:03 6,322 posts
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    The Swapper

    Beautiful. I mean, really really stunning; in both visuals and sound. The gameplay is wonderfully simple and, a couple of puzzles aside, always clicks and feels right when solved. It's available this week for as little as 70p via the humble bundle, I urge anyone to go for it.

  • FatSternKikwi 24 Feb 2014 13:51:54 1,639 posts
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    Absolutely agree, and the humble bundle comes with a ton of other amazing games. Sadly I already own all of them :/ but if you dont go for it!

    On topic:

    Oh boy yesterday was a big day for finishing games. Did nothing but play games!

    Serious Sam 3: jewel of the nile

    This was ok, like all serious sam games the shooting is fun and hectic but getting around the levels and finding out what you are supposed to be doing can be a pain. This was better than the main game but not by much.


    Brothers: a tale of two sons

    Really neat little game that everyone should play. It is short but feels satisfying all the same. Another game like dear esther, gone home or journey that works well finished in one sitting.


    Spyro the dragon

    Was a big fan of the 2nd and 3rd game when I was younger so picked up the spyro trilogy on psn. Finished the first game this weekend and enjoyed it. Not a very complex game and the controls are bad by modern standards but still playable. Also pretty short but felt the right length.


    Trine 2 goblin menace

    Like Trine 2 this is absolutely gorgeous but plays like shit. Unlike the first game which rewarded creative use of box making this one just fucks you over all the time. God is it bloody annoying.


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  • Deleted user 24 February 2014 13:56:48
    Killzone Shadow Fall.

    Loved the first couple of missions, while sneaking through the forest didn't break any boundaries, it was beautiful to look at and a welcome change to the Killzome formula.

    Overall the missions have their highs and lows but was happy to finish by the end as I was playing on Hard and the checkpoints were all over the place and a few hoard mode parts found their way into a few missions- they soured my experience a little.


    Sold it and now onto Battlefield, which is also absolutely beautiful, but I don't care what anyone says, 60fps makes so much difference.

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  • Psiloc 24 Feb 2014 14:47:19 4,438 posts
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    I recently completed Chrono Trigger followed by Final Fantasy VI :)

    I'm a big fan of Square's PS1/PS2 era stuff and tried repeatedly to get into these two games, but being from PAL land my only option was the PS1 ports. When you hear online about how Square's SNES > PS1 ports were terrible (mired by shocking load times and slowdown), if you're from a PAL territory you need to also factor in the inherent additional 17% slowdown. In short, the PS1 versions are a slow, boring and irritating affair that barely represent the originals at all.

    Splashed out on a US SNES and US copies of both games and they are absolutely glorious on the original hardware. I experienced zero RPG fatigue and both were a joy to play non-stop until the end. I'm seriously over the moon I enjoyed them so much.

    I know it's a lot of money but I can't recommend this way of playing them enough.

    Without question, 10/10 both. And I finally get to add VI somewhere into my list!

  • MatMan562 24 Feb 2014 21:32:25 3,425 posts
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    Strider (2014)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's the first game in a long while that I haven't got bored of whilst playing meaning the only time I switched it off was when I had something else to do. It's pretty typical metroidvania stuff but with very fast and fun combat. My only real complaint in regards to the combat is that, to switch to one of the different types of cypher you have to press a direction on the d-pad which would normally be fine but in such a fast paced game, where the left stick controls movement and the direction of your attacks, it takes just a little too long to do and means you have to stop moving for that time. Maybe they should have had L2 cycle through them instead? But other than that, the combat was near perfect.

    I finished the game in 5 hours 3osomething minutes with a completion of 66.7% and I plan to go through it again on hard finding all the collectibles and then again on Easy to finish it in under 4 hours for the Trophy, so I'd say it's good value for money at 12.

  • DUFFMAN5 25 Feb 2014 23:27:21 22,679 posts
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    Hi mate
    The Brothers in arms games ? I enjoyed them at any rate.
  • CosmicFuzz 26 Feb 2014 00:02:42 32,214 posts
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    Brilliant! So imaginative, and used every feature if the Vita without it becoming a gimmick. Genuinely loved it to bits. Going back to collect stuff I missed.
  • Telepathic.Geometry 26 Feb 2014 03:09:50 12,422 posts
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    @MatMan562 Nice recommendation, think I'll pick this up at lunch time. :)
  • Armoured_Bear 27 Feb 2014 23:42:35 21,962 posts
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    Wind Waker HD

    Looks genuinely jaw-dropping in HD, charming as ever with the fantastic sense of exploration and adventure missing from Skyward Sword.

  • mrpon 28 Feb 2014 08:20:14 34,281 posts
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    Guacamelee (PS+ Vita - crossbuy/save)

    Right up my street this game so obviously totally loved it. Completely rinsed it as well and a fairly easy platinum if this is your type of game. Art style, music, the detail to the graphics all superb.

    Play this if you like: Metroid, platforming, exploration, collectibles.

    I'll be cruel and knock off point for a little percentage glitch but other than that I can't fault it so it gets a hearty 9.5/10
  • CosmicFuzz 28 Feb 2014 08:53:03 32,214 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    @mrpon I thought I'd hit a bug myself regarding the percentages, but turns out some areas have more than 100% of stuff to find. Although I imagine you've already got them if you've platinumed it?
  • CosmicFuzz 28 Feb 2014 08:59:15 32,214 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    @mrpon also, how do you get hyperlinks to work in your sig? I've tried the usual href tags but nothing is showing up...
  • mrpon 28 Feb 2014 09:00:14 34,281 posts
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    Yours are working fella.
  • CosmicFuzz 28 Feb 2014 09:00:33 32,214 posts
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  • JiveHound 28 Feb 2014 09:08:26 9,339 posts
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    Pretty much mirrored my sentiments.

    Played through Normal and Easy and now on my Hard 100% run. The cypher modes on dpad really ruins your flow.

    I think more variety in basic enemies wouldn't have gone amiss and the disconnected maps were a bit jarring but overall a very slick and enjoyable romp.
  • Gunzberg 28 Feb 2014 13:51:53 2,315 posts
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    Gravity Rush incl. DLC 7/10 but only just

    Charming presentation, interesting concept
    Kat is a great character

    - disjointed story that never provides an explanation
    - many, many frustrating missions
    - terrible challenge missions with difficulty way too high
    - overpriced DLC with passable to terribly frustrating missions
    - overall massively flawed execution and game design

    Had the main game not been free, I probably would not have bothered. The few bits of charm don't make up for often spending half an hour every hour cursing the game and its missions.

    Summary: Don't believe the hype and only download if out of decent games to play. If you don't bother, you're missing nothing and saving yourself from stress.
  • PazJohnMitch 1 Mar 2014 16:26:18 13,433 posts
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    Remember Me (PS3)

    Such a disappointing game. Great concept and graphics but an undercooked and underused main concept. The rest of the game is full of hateful decisions that seem to want to punish the player. It was simply painful to play.

    Remember Me is a game that has indivisible enemies that had hit you but you cannot hit them. Enemies that cause you damage when you hit them, even if you use projectiles and bosses that take a very long time to kill. Also the bosses seem to be pretty glitchy. I had to repeat a few of them because the following cutscenes did not trigger.

    Even though it is "free" on plus it should be avoided.

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