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  • Mola_Ram 30 Jun 2014 00:03:02 17,576 posts
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    My brain hurts.
  • Mola_Ram 30 Jun 2014 00:03:21 17,576 posts
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    Ah, new page. Lovely.
  • coomber 30 Jun 2014 17:35:51 428 posts
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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist (PS3)

    Great game, definitely an improvement over the last one, mainly because it got rid of the awful mechanic where the screen turns black and white when youíre being stealthy.

    A couple of design decisions still let it down for me though - the graphics seemed to be a bit glitchy, with parts of Sam Fisher disappearing into walls or the floor as he sneaked around, and I canít stand this trend of having J J Abrams lens-flare in every other bloody game at the moment. Why take me out of the moment by pointing out that everything Iím watching unfold is happening on a TV screen?

    However, the most incomprehensible design decision by a mile was the mission which you play as Briggs as a FPS. Who on earth thought Splinter Cell should have a Call Of Duty level? If I wanted to play COD - and I donít - Iíd bloody buy it.

    However, I liked the gameplay, loved the way it ripped off Mass Effect (though I didnít bother playing any of the side/loyalty missions) and the wide range of guns, gadgets and settings was great.

  • whatthefu 30 Jun 2014 23:35:55 1,068 posts
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    Dead Rising 2: OTR

    Almost identical to the original DR2, the same frustrations exist, though iirc the checkpoint system was worse in the original.
    I played it since DR3 is coming to PC and really its just made me hope there are enough changes lol.

  • Deleted user 1 July 2014 03:13:33
    @coomber I actually liked the black and white effect in Conviction. And i'm glad they retained the smoother control they introduced in that game. Blacklist definitely feels more polished, though. That and I quite like the daytime levels. It makes this a little more tricky.
  • gooner77 1 Jul 2014 08:06:50 1,275 posts
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    Wolfenstein New Order 7/10

    Thought it was pretty good. Better than the EG review suggested and had enough stoeylune to keep me interested. The biggest hook was the gunplay and the graphics.

    I did get a bit bored about 2/3rds of the way through and there were too many scenes of BJ stabbing people in the face
  • Kichijoten 1 Jul 2014 13:15:05 4,555 posts
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    Halo reach 10/10 (campaign)

    Just replaying all the halo games in order before my new console arrives. Haven't played reach for maybe two years. F**k me it is amazing, it is a near perfect campaign experience and the best halo in terms of character and story. I haven't played a halo for quite some time and i had almost forgot how it makes all other shooters seem average in comparison.

    i wont mention the multiplayer as for the first time in a halo game it sucked.

    now for halo 3.
  • Rens11 1 Jul 2014 15:55:37 1,787 posts
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    Resident Evil 2

    Finally completed it played on Vita. Much prefer the old style Resident evil games and although 4 is excellent is just doesn't feel like a resident evil game to me. Game was much shorter than I was expecting at around 9 hours for both scenarios.

  • Gunzberg 2 Jul 2014 16:57:50 2,315 posts
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    Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe (PC) 8/10

    Really solid Metroidvania and definitely worth a playthrough. Took me about 15 hours to complete with about 80% of all secrets and collectables done. For Batman fans there is some really enjoyable stuff here.

  • ValtermcPires 2 Jul 2014 22:09:33 9,139 posts
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    Gone Home - 7.5/10 (PC)

    Well was a good experience, a bit different and somewhat short, can be finsih in 1h, 2h or even 5 minutes, depends on your play style.

    Gone Home is first-person exploration were we play with girl named Kaitlin, that just reaches their house after a year away. Our main goal is find what happen to our family while we were away, while we explore our house we will find lot of secrets about our family, like their tastes, their private stuff (like porn magazines inside boxes) and one big secret about Kaitlin sister Sam, she was having a relationship with another girl called Lonnie.

    We will find many objects like, medals, photos, games and even a condom inside a wardrobe. Gone Home, has lot of easter eggs, personally is a thing i enjoy very much in video games.

    Also this game is not scary at all, I personally didn't find this bad at all In fact, I felt that the night-time atmosphere without having to worry about any pop-ups helps me enjoy the game more, but there is a little weird/spooky thing but i won't spoil.

    To finish, yes is good (i will consider this game yes) but is one of those games to play when you find it in promo because what offers is not enough to pay full price.
  • Matt36 3 Jul 2014 15:54:10 2,147 posts
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    Assassin's Creed (360)

    Went back to collect flags & get the last 2 achievements in the story (Lucy & glitches)

    Even more tedious than I remember. We all know it is. I won't go in to boring detail. At least its done now.

  • Rens11 3 Jul 2014 19:59:10 1,787 posts
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    Call of Juarez Gunslinger PC

    Superb voice acting and a decent story told very well told. The Guns are meaty and satisfying, stylish game all round. Nice to play a game with interesting collectable for a change, help to flesh out the story. Bought this for a fiver alongside far cry blood dragon absolute bargain would have happily paid £40 for Juarez best shooter I've played in years and underrated in my opinion


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  • Kichijoten 4 Jul 2014 07:19:22 4,555 posts
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    Halo 4 .

    so pretty and 343 really trumped bungie on sound design although reach had a far better soundtrack.

    i love everything in halo 4 when not fighting promethians, the knights are quite fun to be fair but the dog type and flying ones are just so boring and annoying.

    the cut scenes are fantastic and generally really well acted. The mission on the science facility is one of my fav halo levels.

    hopefully for 5 343 can design better new enemies.
  • Phattso 4 Jul 2014 07:42:40 22,910 posts
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    After 37 hours since launch, I wrapped up the main campaign. Some dud missions, and the story was utter utter shite until the third act when it became almost passable, but overall I had a great time.

    I didn't dislike the setting, I didn't dislike the driving, I actively enjoyed the combat, I thought it allowed for open world stealth in a way no game has before felt encouraged and empowered to check out alternate tactics via the camera hacking and exploding junction boxes, etc. etc. Each ctOS compound was a little puzzle that I took great delight in solving.

    Even the hacking minigame was enjoyable.

    If they can un-fuck the story and double-down on the hacking I think any sequel could be really amazing.

    As it is, it's a very strong and very enjoyable 7/10 for me. AC4 probably edges it because pirates, and FC3 also edges it because shark punching. I'm looking forward to GTA5 on the PC now, because if the 360/PS3 players are to be believed it takes a giant shit on WatchDogs. We shall see.
  • Deleted user 4 July 2014 09:06:26
    You made it sound quite interesting, but then you said AC4 edges it.
  • ValtermcPires 4 Jul 2014 23:21:41 9,139 posts
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    Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - 6/10 (PC)

    Well since this game was announced i really wanted to play it, because i'm huge
    fan of the series, and now i had the chance and i got the say got bit disappointed. Back to the Multiverse contains the same humor that we find in the series, this is a pretty good positive point, but the fact that the main story going too fast was awful to me, they could have add more universes to explore.

    In Back to the Multiverse we can play as Stewie or Brian (we can make a fast switch) and we going to universe to universe to find and defeat Bertram, Stewie rival, and over these universes we have mini side missions and we are going to defeat well known boss from the TV show.

    You earn money by killing enemies, allowing you to buy and upgrade weapons and also unlock new costumes for your characters. Stevie and Brian have different weapons and projectiles, and you are encouraged to alternate characters to make the best of all situations.

    Although this game has some technical issues, once i complete a level and while i was loading screen the game from no here complete block, i had to restart my PC. I wish they would have fixed this by this time.

    Graphically speaking could be much better, it has that cartoonish look witch is fine although i would prefer the graphics like the show has. But the comedy the game has can cover the lacks of graphics on this game.

    After finishing the single player you can play the 7 challenges that game offers and you also multiplayer mode, but unfortunately the game no longer has anyone to play so basically the only replay value is the challenges to complete.

    Is good game, even if you don't know the show play it, but watch out for the price you pay for it.
  • Phattso 5 Jul 2014 03:37:00 22,910 posts
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    Raiko101 wrote:
    You made it sound quite interesting, but then you said AC4 edges it.
    AC4 _does_ edge it, for me. In AC4 I could almost entirely ignore the utterly shite storyline and just have pirate adventures. According to Steam I did that for almost 50 hours, and I still haven't finished the story and I still dip into it.

    They're different genres though. As fun as the GTA formula is I still prefer pirate adventures and (in the case of the FC games) first person open world mayhem.
  • Deleted user 5 July 2014 07:48:36
    Transistor (PC) - 7/10

    Beautiful visuals, wonderful soundtrack and a rather intricate combat system that was mighty fun to experiment with. Unfortunately the game is far too short lived for what it was trying to do and the world design was somewhat lacklustre offering a rather dull corridor crawl for the most part. I think Supergiant games could have been much more ambitious with this game. Still great, with a rather likeable pair of protagonists.
  • bobdebob 6 Jul 2014 19:56:22 601 posts
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    Uncharted - 5/10
    Uncharted 2 - 6/10
    Uncharted 3 - 4/10

    Over-hyped mediocrity, basic cover shooter with imprecise aiming, bullet-sponge enemies, linear platform/exploring and cutscenes which slowly start to take over as the series goes on. The story is clichťd as hell and cribs heavily from adventure films which I get is the point but it's so predictable and by-the-numbers that I couldn't really care about the characters on-screen. Then the plot turns really stupid in Uncharted 3.
    It's also very light on exploring with shootouts taking up most of your time.

    Nice graphics and impressive temple designs which is a shame since they sort of echo Zelda's dungeons but are incredibly linear despite looking open.

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  • chrisno21 6 Jul 2014 20:14:50 1,979 posts
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    Murdered Soul Suspect on PS4.

    Was engaging and kept me hooked for an enjoyable 6-8 hours before it was completed, platinum and all.
    Certainly not the best game in the world but a nice break from shooting stuff in the face and dragging yourself across a dull sandbox.

  • coomber 9 Jul 2014 16:33:41 428 posts
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    Beyond: Two Souls

    Very enjoyable, and a nice break from my usual stealth/RPG/survival horror games. Superb story-telling, but it shared the same faults as Heavy Rain: Tank-like controls and occasionally not understanding what I'm supposed to be doing. I'd just wander around waiting for a screen prompt to show up. In addition, somewhat bizarrely, I regularly found the screen too dark to see anything. I know some of the game is meant to be in the dark, but at least let me see my own hand in front of my face!

    Anyway, good fun, I enjoyed the way it implemented stealth and fighting (which kind of contradicts my opening sentence, I've just realised!) and being able to influence the story works well too. Nicely set up for a sequel at the end - just a shame we almost certainly won't ever see it.

  • ValtermcPires 9 Jul 2014 23:35:06 9,139 posts
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    [B]Broforce - 10/10 (PC)[/B]

    Well Broforce is actually a very good positive surprise indeed, i had so much fun lately playing this game. Is a great combination between, Metal Slug and Contra.

    There is not story on Broforce and pretty much no motivation beyond saving the hostages (those hostages are the Bros) and kill all the bad guys you find on your way, soldiers, mecs, dogs, tanks. But that's not much of a negative at all, because the gameplay blows away any wishes for a story or deeper motives. Also Broforce is set to be on 80's/90's action movies, is something like the Expendables but on video game form.

    Personally the best part of the game aside from non stop action, are the characters, you will have so many memories while playing this game, you to have an idea there are over 20 Bros to unlock and more to coming since the game is not on his final release, and you will have some very know Bros such has, Rambo, Robocop, Blade, B. A. Baracus, Neo, Machete and more, and they also have their primary weapon and a secondary.

    We start the level off as a random Bro and while you progress through the level you will swapping to others Bros, plus you can keep the Bro you start off, no one forcing you to make the switch. You will unlock new Bros you saved enough Bros.

    Each level is a fully destructible playground filled with explosive barrels, propane canisters, and enemies ready to kill you, beware that you die with one shoot, but you also kill very quickly, Broforce is game were you need fast reflexes. I did enjoyed the graphics on this game, very detailed, the blood, fire, flying and the explosion were the best part. All levels have destructible environments, this opens new path to finish each level quickly or to find a better strategy to defeat your enemies.

    Asides from the campaign mode you have others modes that will give more post game, like COOP, level editor, Deathmatch, Run Mode this will keep you entertainment (be in mind this are all Alpha at time this is being writing).

    Broforce is hard, it's chaotic, it's challenging, it's fun as hell, every time you finish a level you feel happy and want to play more, personally is a game that worth every penny!
  • karlo87 10 Jul 2014 22:41:41 1,859 posts
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    Bioshock, still the pinnacle of atmosphere in modern gaming. 9/10

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  • SGMilne 11 Jul 2014 07:19:47 173 posts
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    Broken Age:

    Smart, looked great, didn't outstay its welcome.

    My type of game.
  • drhickman1983 11 Jul 2014 09:40:22 5,289 posts
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    Tomb Raider (2013) (PC)

    Looked quite nice graphically, and gameplay was fairly solid and enjoyable, but far from ground-breaking. The platform puzzle sections (which were pretty much optional) were fairly easy, which would annoy some but didn't bother me too much.

    It did feel repetitive at times though. It's not a long game, 10 hours played in total, but I doubt it could sustain my interest much longer so it's a decent length for what it is.

    If I must add a score, 7/10

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  • Psiloc 11 Jul 2014 09:48:29 4,457 posts
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    Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    In my old age I can now get Super Sonic by Aquacity Zone and Hyper Sonic by Flying Battery Zone. I've also learned that actually using either is fucking annoying, it's the same 5 seconds of music on a loop! How did I not even notice as a kid?
  • Rhaegyr 11 Jul 2014 11:33:18 4,298 posts
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    karlo87 wrote:
    Bioshock, still the pinnacle of atmosphere in modern gaming. 9/10
    As amazing as it was, I'd put Silent Hill 2 and STALKER a notch above in terms of atmosphere (possibly Dark Souls too).
  • SomaticSense 11 Jul 2014 12:12:07 15,110 posts
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    Phew. Finished Watch Dogs (finally). There are some truly brilliant campaign moments, but really starts to tail off after Act 3 and becomes a grind. Ubi really need to learn when to finish their games, and to pace the filler content better to stop the player getting bored after gorging themselves on the stuff early on.

    The final mission was the most ill-advised 'homage' to an in-house developer ever. Yeah, everyone remembers the final mission from Driver. But that's because it was one of the most hated and frustrating levels in recent gaming history. It was awful, and not something to be proud of to the point of borderline copying it's bullshit design. FFS Ubi.

    Anyway, it's a solid 8 for me. The second most-polished open-world game behind GTA V, and well worthy of praise. The stealth mechanics are fantastic and work well in the open-world setting (boding well for MGS V), and the gunplay is far ahead of it's third-person sandbox peers. It's amazing fun to play in short bursts. But it's let down by the bloat, a story that starts well but veers into uninteresting blandness, a boring main character, and some undercooked mechanics which try to enhance but instead end up limiting player agency (eg, the vigilantism aspect).
  • PazJohnMitch 11 Jul 2014 12:46:26 13,434 posts
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    I fully agree with the assessment of Watchdogs. Particularly the spoilered bit
  • Deleted user 11 July 2014 18:39:15
    Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4, single player)

    Somehow, I managed to muddle through to the end of this thing.

    + Dark, sci-fi setting felt pretty oppressive.
    + The OWL was something vaguely different.
    + Guns have a good heft to them, with the required audio to boot.
    + Nice variety of loacations.
    + Cool touch of the game removing the HUD for a moment when you hit pause so you can take clean screen shots.
    + Probably one of, if not the best looking console games ever released. I've a silly amount of screen shots and even have some set as wallpapers on my laptop.

    - Knotty level design, couldn't tell where I was supposed to be going half the time.
    - I also couldn't tell where I was getting shot from the other half.
    - Clear room of baddies, walk a bit, clear another room, rinse, repeat.
    - This was a complete slog even on Easy (and I usually play games I enjoy on hard). See point two above.

    Overall, a 6/10, definitely worth the erm, 99c I paid for a digital copy (multiplayer is a different story and is actually quite enjoyable). Just wish there were a cheat for invincibility so I could go back through to make more laptop wallpapers...

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