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  • quadfather 7 Aug 2017 12:27:02 31,986 posts
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    Are there any games like that on the horizon at the moment?
  • KnuttinAtoll 7 Aug 2017 12:36:11 5,708 posts
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    I've moaned extensively about RotTR in the "other" thread a few days back. The first AAA game in absolute ages that I actively abandoned after about only 7-8 hours of playtime.

    It's basically a poor man's version of Uncharted (and I really like Uncharted), and it doesn't feel anything like TR anymore. Way too much gunfights (and the violence is very jarring - one moment Lara acts like this little innocent puppy, the next she butchers some faceless merc with her grappling hook). Story is dull and stupid and I ended up skipping most of the dialogue very early on (and still got the gist of it regardless).

    Well aware that I'm in the minority of disliking the game - but it's not what Tomb Raider is supposed to be about.

    Personally I think Tomb Raider Anniversary is above and beyond the best game in the entire series - a follow up to that would definitely be something that I would be interested in - as long as it leaves out that awful Ubi-titis and makes traversing levels more challenging than push left stick forward and press X or A every 5 seconds.

    Been a long time since a video game has annoyed me on so many levels.
  • spleendonkey 7 Aug 2017 12:41:28 276 posts
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    I only played the original reboot of Tomb Raider and that was bad enough. It was offensively bad in every way. I can only imagine that they've doubled down on all the bad parts.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 7 Aug 2017 12:53:55 3,731 posts
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    A touch of rose-tinted spectacles here? The original Tomb Raider games were not that fantastic. Yes, they did have their moments and the first one, in particular, was generally entertaining. But they also massively outstayed their welcome and some serious flaws in the series managed to persist for many more instalments than they should ever have been allowed to.

    Play the original now (either directly or via its facelifted "Tomb Raider Anniversary" remake) and those flaws really do leap out at you. Poor controls, dodgy hitboxes, boring combat, overly-precise requirements for jumps, objects which look like they should be passable but aren't, "adventure game logic"...

    They're not even really all that exploration-based. A lot of the time, they're just about sliding block and jump puzzles in fairly small areas.

    I don't think a new Tomb Raider which was just a direct successor to the pre-reboot ones would really fly these days. The reboots might have gone too far in the combat/survival direction, but a decent new instalment would still need to have something else to add on top of the fairly slow, samey puzzles and bland combat from the old games.

    That said, I would certainly welcome a return to the more upbeat adventure-focussed atmosphere, plot and dialogue from the older games. The grimdark of the reboot was interesting for the first couple of hours, but they really did stretch it too thin (particularly when it just rolled straight over into the sequel unchanged).
  • KnuttinAtoll 7 Aug 2017 12:56:24 5,708 posts
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    Part of the annoyance for me is all the logical errors - as UncleLou has mentioned already those local people speak perfect English and wouldn't be out of place in a NYC coffee shop, Lara almost consistently dresses inappropriately (not even packing a hat and gloves when going to Siberia?), the fact all those long lost artifacts from various cultures are scattered around a small map teeming with enemy soldiers.

    I basically got constantly reminded I'm playing a game, with press X or whatever appearing together with a small tutorial image every few minutes. Not to mention certain paths being locked because "you don't have a knife yet" and some such - err hello why is Lara cutting other stuff as part of the script, but when trying to unlock a path she doesn't have a knife? It's quite insulting. Shame because it's a pretty game but what good is that if it's such a chore to play it.

    As for the optional tombs, I only tried a few but found them rather underwhelming and on the short side. Feels like tacked on DLC rather than being a part of the main game.

    As you can see from all these paragraphs I'm not quite over it yet;)
  • KnuttinAtoll 7 Aug 2017 13:07:26 5,708 posts
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    @Rogueywon Rose-tinted? Not going to deny it - and yes I looked at TR (the original) a while back via emulator and couldn't play it anymore, although TR:A was such a blast to play when it came out - it felt fresh in terms of controls and graphics, but had the soul of the originals.

    I'm not really disagreeing with anything you stated, but what I'm sorely missing from the latest game (didn't play the reboot but hear it's very similar) is the sense of awe and remoteness the first game in particular instilled. Starting with a basic hole in a wall that opened up to a massive underground lake, and trying to find the best way to navigate through it (without constant hand-holding and press X to win controls - I do remember the frustrating controls of the originals, which TR:A addressed).

    To be quite honest, it will be pretty challenging for dev's to come up with art & level design that'll wow me in the same way (I did like the frozen ship in RotTR though). And less is definitely more when it comes to action set pieces, but then the market seems to be disagreeing with me on that one.
  • Malek86 7 Aug 2017 13:34:51 7,071 posts
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    @SYS64738 I liked the enviroment design in ROTR. Many awe-inspiring backgrounds in there. It is definitely one area that is very much improved over the original reboot.
  • Phattso 7 Aug 2017 13:46:12 23,445 posts
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    I enjoyed the two reboots. I disliked the early Tomb Raiders, though, so no precious memories were shat on in the process.

    They scratched the kill, collect, explore itch for me. About 30hrs apiece, after which I moved on. Quite short for open worlders, but that was about as long as they kept my interest. Preferred the recent one to the recent Uncharted, too. By a long way. As a game, that is, Uncharted of course has more interesting characters.
  • KnuttinAtoll 7 Aug 2017 14:59:00 5,708 posts
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    @Malek86 The design itself was fine (and the game does look stunning most of the time), but it felt like a parkour theme park at times. Too many poles with ropes (some which were restricted for use until you unlocked certain gear), climbing walls with way too obvious markings etc.
  • Stranded87 8 Aug 2017 20:57:46 1,803 posts
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    I love the main mechanic of watching AR recordings. Story is pretty good but not as good as some games in the genre. Still, it was enjoyable and didn't drag.

  • Bichii 8 Aug 2017 21:34:19 613 posts
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    Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Ending could have been better.

  • evild_edd 10 Aug 2017 23:09:39 3,963 posts
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    Everyone's Gone To The Rapture

    Well the deliberately slow pace won't win over anyone who is offended by the existence of 'walking simulators', but if you can settle into the feel and setting it's actually quite moving. Surely the most gentle apocalypse depicted.

    Sound, visuals, and performances were a cut above the norm, and the script was solid.

    So, yeah, recommend unless you insist on combat / adrenaline in your gaming.
  • Ironlungs_76 11 Aug 2017 08:42:38 160 posts
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    Pony Island

    I killed Jesus/10

    Will need to play it again, some of the puzzles are devilishly good...!
  • TAJB 11 Aug 2017 11:29:38 1,221 posts
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    FALLOUT 4 8/10
    Took my time to complete it because I streamed the whole thing but was an enjoyable experience overall. The story left much to be desired but the side quests and random locations more than made up for a lack of main plot.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Aug 2017 12:13:59 3,731 posts
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    5/10 (as a game in its own right)
    8/10 (as a means of showing off VR)

    It's basically a rail shooter. You're in the cockpit of a giant, slow moving battlemech and aim independently with weapons on two arms, as well as defending by using a shield attached to each arm. As rail shooters go, it's not bad, as there is a bit of strategy in weapon switching and timing your shields, but it's also not the best I've ever played. I finished the story mode in just under 3 hours, which unlocks NG+ and some challenge-mode stuff. It's a very, very short game, given the price.

    But it's also a very impressive advert for the Oculus and is definitely how I'm going to be showing my shiny new toy off to visitors.
  • uiruki 12 Aug 2017 14:04:38 4,578 posts
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    40) Vostok Inc. - PC - 4/5 (all planets complete)

    I've got quite a lot of niggles about this but man, it's such a good idea to combine an idle game with a more active one and it gets so close. Great soundtrack too.

    41) Black Mesa - PC - 3/5 (Black Mesa section)

    Since they delayed Xen to December I decided to just go through. Ultimately, though it looks nicer, I think the new stuff they added mostly detracts from the game. Shitty little jokes that make you cringe (especially near the beginning), unsatisfying new puzzles and most of all the whole physics system. You're just constantly getting caught on stuff, bits of detritus often obstruct when you're trying to do something like activate an object and the way it handles stuff like getting out of water just isn't very good. Pretty much everything that's good in it is stuff from the original. New shotgun sound is excellent, though.

    @garlvinland - missed your original post. I played through in Japanese; FFXII's Japanese cast is mostly exceptional. I thought both Vaan and Penelo were quite flat but pretty much every other part is played extremely well.

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  • richardiox 12 Aug 2017 14:17:27 7,152 posts
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    I'm still really enjoying Vostok Inc, have just reached Vent and have upgraded my ship to fuck. Gonna try and do the last 4 systems next week and make Jimmy proud with my ruthless capitalism.

    It's a great genre mash up and the regular patches have sorted a fair few of those launch niggles.

    Would love a Switch version as would be pure digital crack on the go (and I don't own a vita)
  • Darth_Flibble 13 Aug 2017 12:57:03 3,076 posts
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    Just cause 3 (psn+)

    Really disappointing, the game has so much scope to be fun, OTT missions doing crazy stuff, one mission you get to ride a missile again like in 2. But in general, so many missions are dull, shitty game design once you get into the game. It does start off fun and blowing up bases is still good but that quickly wears off.

    The massive open world is bloated and feels like padding and you are forced to liberate some areas to up that game time total to get to the next missions. I heard the DLC is where the fun missions are, which sounds about right for gaming this gen.

    My Cousin ended playing a lot of the act 2 as I got bored of it, managed to finish the game and the end boss fight was shit and the ending was short and comes across as lazy.

    Glad I didn't buy this on disc as would have to sell it on or trade it

  • uiruki 13 Aug 2017 13:27:15 4,578 posts
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    Just Cause 3 was one of those games I was really excited to play, then really enjoyed playing for a few hours, then just stopped.
  • monsieur-Cosmo 13 Aug 2017 15:33:58 412 posts
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (less DLC) (PC). What can I say. I loved and hated it in equal measure, but it somehow grew on me. Some of the last bosses were incredibly annoying so I had to look up some strategy on the internet. Also had to revisit some areas to complete some side-quests. No DLC, but I'm ok with just the main game. The ending was kinda ridiculous, although it shed some light on the Handsome Jack character. Would love BL3 to be without the O2 and jumping "features".
    Otherwise a solid 8/10 from me.
  • ModoX 13 Aug 2017 23:38:04 3,306 posts
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    Hellblade: Sennua's Sacrifice

    Can I put it in here when I technically gave up on the second to last boss and watched a let's play of the rest? More importantly, can a game I couldn't actually finish myself be on my GOTY list? Because this will be, one way or another.

    I stuck it on easy mode as I didn't want a challenge from the combat at all, but apparently I don't get a choice since it was still really difficult. Anyway my experience up to that point had been incredible - the atmosphere is built up really well, the puzzles are cool. Mostly Sennua as a character, and her story as told here, is one that will stay with me in a way that video game characters and narratives very rarely do.

    They've done something outstanding with mental health and loss here, the ending is perfectly judged. Can't heap enough praise on it really, just be nice to have an actual easy mode. My wife enjoys walking sims, works in mental health, and loves anything dark, she would adore the shit out of this if she could play it.
  • Mola_Ram 14 Aug 2017 08:02:45 18,113 posts
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    If it hadn't been for the technical issues and the always-online rubbish, I think I would have liked JC3 more.
  • PazJohnMitch 14 Aug 2017 10:52:45 13,621 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    I quite like JC3.

    Never played the others and I enjoy going for 5 cogs on each of the arcade challenges.

    Sure it is not a top tier game but it has been a long time since I played a pure arcade title that was not trying to be something else.
  • Humperfunk 14 Aug 2017 11:19:15 7,651 posts
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    @uiruki I always think when I see your posts when you count the games, you really should post in the 52 games in 52 weeks thread! :)
  • Deleted user 14 August 2017 11:22:18
    @ModoX Abandoned games thread is over there.

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  • ModoX 14 Aug 2017 12:18:24 3,306 posts
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    @Graxlar_v2 No one asked you!
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