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  • Mola_Ram 12 Apr 2019 07:23:32 19,927 posts
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    I agree!
  • monkman76 12 Apr 2019 09:04:58 14,665 posts
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    To be fair most revolutions are pretty dynamic.
  • Armoured_Bear 12 Apr 2019 11:23:16 26,499 posts
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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    I agree!
    You're a clever man, gentleman and scholar etc.
  • Mola_Ram 12 Apr 2019 14:22:09 19,927 posts
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    I wasn't specifically agreeing with you, but with a sneakily deleted spammer.

    But yes, XC2 is very good.
  • whatthefu 15 Apr 2019 15:06:38 1,204 posts
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    I completed Zelda Twilight Princess. It's a very good game with some proper tricky puzzles and made up for the lack of dungeons in Wind Waker.

    I didn't like it first time in 2007 but I decided to give it another chance. It is a large game and I got burned out first time round. There were 2 full dungeons I hadn't seen before as well as the 2 boss levels.

    I reached the final part of the final level and then I had to look at a guide. I didn't know you could grapple onto the torches.


    IIRC the gamecube preview from Nintendo at E3 ~2001 showed the dark Zelda game with a Ganon sword fight, which they included in Twilight Princess :)

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  • Kay 15 Apr 2019 15:31:22 19,999 posts
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    I've been replaying TP as well recently. Well, I actually started the playthrough a couple of summers ago and stopped playing about halfway through, but picked it up again a few weeks ago to finish it. I'm on the last proper dungeon in the game, which I'll tackle when I have a spare few hours free.

    Tbh it confirmed my original verdict of it being the worst 3D Zelda game, even though it has its fair share of highs. Doesn't help that it's far longer than it needs to be - I get that it helps the whole quest feel "epic" and meaningful, but a few of the annoying set-pieces could have been taken out.

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  • whatthefu 15 Apr 2019 15:48:07 1,204 posts
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    Haha that reminds me, the part at the start where you have to herd goats not once, but twice. omg.
    It took me not much longer to beat TP compared to WW, I intentionally did no side quests in TP.
  • PazJohnMitch 17 Apr 2019 11:07:09 14,417 posts
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    There was a fishing bit on TP that I really struggled with.
  • JoelStinty 17 Apr 2019 11:31:36 7,766 posts
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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    + Fun but complex and deep battle system
    + Amazing soundtrack
    + Beautiful world
    + Decent story with likeable characters
    + Fantastic localisation, very charming and funny
    + Blade/Driver system and discovery was awesome

    +/- Utterly huge, hundreds of hours of gameplay

    - Complexities very poorly explained
    - Technically poor with unstable framerate and dynamic resolution dropping extremely low
    - Some dull quests
    - Some bugs, I couldn't complete a quest because of one.

    Amazing, memorable game and a joy to play despite it's flaws. I can't wait for their next game.
    It is a really good game. With a lot of games i tend to rush towards the end or i'm eager to finish them, but with this i just wanted to carry on. Which confirmed to me its actually a much better game than i gave it credit for ( think i originally rated it a 7/10) but playing other games since it put into context that i must have enjoyed it more than i thought.

    Will pick up Torna DLC at some point.


    Mario Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC.

    More of the same from what was already a great game. Donkey Kong character offers something genuinely different to the other playable characters. Good humoured, bright and vibrant game that is extremely fun to play. Dlc took me approx 5 hours (think it maybe 6/7 but not sure though) to complete but i haven't 100%. Well worth the tenner it is priced at. 5/5

    Into the breach.

    Simple, yet complex. I'm not well versed into tactical and strategy games, but to me its really well designed. It understands that less is more, and it gives you more ways to play rather than having more to play.

  • SolidSCB 17 Apr 2019 13:37:28 10,998 posts
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    The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    It was nice to get closure, but I'm thoroughly sick of their "THIS CONVERSATION IS SIGNPOSTING A FUTURE HUGE MORAL DECISION YOU HAVE TO MAKE, IT WILL PISS ONE PERSON OFF AND MAKE 1 HAPPY" formula now. I've come to realise that the decisions I made in these games after season 1 weren't the choices I wanted to make, but the ones I felt were less likely to result in the game from pulling the rug from under me in their completely predictable 'shocking' manner. I also felt that the final season was the wrong time to introduce yet another group of survivors with all the same personality traits of the other 16 we've been introduced to.

    Still, they did enough right in that first season to make me want to reach a conclusion, and it was satisfying enough. I'm glad they managed to get it out the door, you can tell the latter parts were rushed through but at least we got it in some form.

    The 'gameplay' sections were diabolical and it shocks me that they wasted any of their time trying to implement these features.

    7/10 as part of the whole series
    5/10 in isolation

    10/10 for the Blade Runner Disco Broccoli easter egg.
  • Bichii 18 Apr 2019 07:35:49 1,666 posts
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    The division 2.

    Excellent, so much better than expected.

    It's just great fun to play and nice and challenging without being too hard.

    Decent flow of loot and varied end game. Lots to see and do..

    Shit story. Shit characters. And why the heck do I have to have a load screen when I die and respawn in the same battle/mission!?

  • Bambot 18 Apr 2019 08:20:45 1,350 posts
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    Spider-Man - finished the main story and really enjoyed it. Although when a Mary Jane bit loaded it always made me groan. Except the one where she calls in Spidey to help :)

    I was planning to see about rinsing it for my first EVER Platinum, but I appear to have fucked myself by spending challenge points as I got them on gadgets upgrades I didn't need, and now to get all the suits I think I'm going to have to get the top level on most of the challenges, and I hate the challenges. So I reckon I'm done with it, sadly.
  • Singularity 18 Apr 2019 10:41:07 3,119 posts
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    @Bambot I did exactly the same on the challenge points. Was seriously disappointed with that.
  • PazJohnMitch 18 Apr 2019 10:54:51 14,417 posts
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    I did get the top level on all of the challenges. Some of the drone ones were evil.
  • Vortex808 18 Apr 2019 14:02:59 13,134 posts
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    SolidSCB wrote:

    10/10 for the Blade Runner Disco Broccoli easter egg.

    Say what now? More detail required here!
  • SolidSCB 18 Apr 2019 14:09:10 10,998 posts
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    Vortex808 wrote:
    SolidSCB wrote:

    10/10 for the Blade Runner Disco Broccoli easter egg.

    Say what now? More detail required here!
    Get ready for the moment of the series

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  • lordofdeadside 19 Apr 2019 19:20:46 1,352 posts
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    Ghost Giant - PsVR

    A nice little VR world that feels like a combination of Tearaway, Moss and Animal Crossing. Fun to play for the most part, loads of great detail in the world with the stage like sets mechanically moving around to tell the story. The fixed perspective works well too, moving your head down to look into the houses was a delight. I'd love an Animal Crossing VR game like this.

    Unfortunately it's let down by frustrating VR controls in some scenes, a pretty cheesy script and some poor voice acting. It's also got this odd French setting, where all the characters sound like bad American impressions of French people. The end scene kinda spoils the whole thing too.

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 19 Apr 2019 20:42:15 10,050 posts
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    God it's good.

    No idea how many playthroughs I've had but it never fails to completely absorb me.

  • monsieur-Cosmo 20 Apr 2019 11:07:35 471 posts
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    Borderlands GOTY Enhamced Edition /PC/ - 10/10 completed the main story. As good as ever - those enhancements do make a difference - but I'm not sure I will bother with all those DLCs. I've started the General Knoxx thing but feeling kinda burnt out on the whole formula. At least the main story was very easy as I imported my lvl45 Lilith from the original game.
  • Darth_Flibble 20 Apr 2019 18:09:13 3,398 posts
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    The Walking Dead: new frontier
    Glad I waited till it was on gamepass (also learned my lesson with TT games) Its the same standard formulaic games they have pumped out since the 1st season. Javier is good character but his brother is too much of dick to care about. The games does make it look like your choices actually matter in this one but its all bullshit. The game is ok if you have GP

    I watched a good video on YT about the death of telltale and how they had arsehole toxic CEO which fucked up the company and doubled down on the formulaic games and just pump them out on mass at the expense of the employers and the company's rep.

  • monsieur-Cosmo 20 Apr 2019 18:33:38 471 posts
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    Yeah, I'd also like to watch that and I loved the first two seasons of TWD.

    Also "The game is ok if you have GP" - eh, general practitioner?
  • simpleexplodingmaybe 20 Apr 2019 18:55:22 10,050 posts
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    I really liked the Telltale style but they definitely ran it into the ground like few others could manage. How do you oversaturate a market of one?
  • Darth_Flibble 20 Apr 2019 19:55:44 3,398 posts
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    here is the video

  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 21 Apr 2019 14:01:14 5,708 posts
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    Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure - 1/10

    Ok, so, it's Easter Sunday and it's fucking boring. So I pick something random from my Steam list and come up with this pile of shite.

    It's supposed to be an educational game for kids, but this really is some vile filth. The premise is that Teddy Floppy Ear - a smug, posh cunt who is basically the bastard lovechild of Stephen Fry and Owen Jones, wanders around some mountain town and the surrounding countryside patronising the fuck out of the inhabitants and solving a bunch of problems that he has caused himself.

    Now, in among all the tedious fetch-quest nonsense, there is an overarching plot about Fuckwit McSpankypants taking photographs so he can paint a picture (yes, I know, high-stakes stuff). Complete all this bollocks and Teddy Floppy Ear gets to... well... paint a picture. Except, when I allowed Teddy Floppy Ear's spirit to guide my hand, he only went and drew a cock. He then walks around town showing absolutely everybody the picture of a cock he just drew. The dramatic culimation of the quest comes when he hands over the picture of a cock to a "lonely" shepherd, who proclaims it "wonderful" and then invites Teddy Floppy Ear to play a game where he spanks sheep to them to make bleats in different tones.


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  • Malek86 21 Apr 2019 18:25:19 8,381 posts
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    Fool! Your feeble brain can't understand the greatness of Ted Floppy Ear. Now apologise to our fluffy overlord, before he unleashes upon you his wrath.

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