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  • Tomo 4 Apr 2020 01:35:07 18,836 posts
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    richyroo wrote:
    Life is Strange 2

    I enjoyed the 1st life is strange but for me this was much better. I enjoyed the narrative more and the production values are much better than the 1st. This one also felt much more raw and real to me.

    I finished it on Monday and it left me in a bit of an emotional state for 3 days straight afterwards and couldnt stop thinking about it. I'm an 39 year old man for god sake.


    ps. The Telltale games just dont come anywhere close to this.

    I loved it too, but prefer the first. Will happily play a third.
  • Bichii 4 Apr 2020 07:44:12 4,220 posts
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    Vortex808 wrote:
    That is no question, bioshock everytime.

    Infinite was ok, bioshock was amazing. That first bit, the plane crash, lighthouse & bathysphere run alone...
    I agree 1 is the best but 2 is still excellent and infinite is almost as good as 1. I even bought atlas shrugged after playing bioshock 1.

    Looking forward to their next game after he decided to close the studio and then open a new one.
  • DUFFMAN5 4 Apr 2020 07:48:36 26,466 posts
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    Started 2 this morning, 3am no less...insomnia! Only an hour in but it is brilliant of course. I remember loving it as much as the original, oh and that lovely dlc 👍
  • Bichii 4 Apr 2020 08:10:32 4,220 posts
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    And the "good" ending made me all mushy inside. A well made ending in a industry that seems to really struggle with ending their games.
  • Fourwisemen 4 Apr 2020 08:33:58 1,037 posts
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    Finished Ori and the Will of the Wisps couple of days ago with 91% completion.

    Enjoyed it every bit as much as the first and probably more and the combat while still simple feels like thereís more going on and you can be a little tactical.

    I really enjoy, even though theyíre frustrating trial and error, the escape sequences. The bosses I enjoy less, especially the final boss.

    I might go and mop up the other 9% of whatever I didnít get but will probably move on.

    While furloughed, Iíve got a list of games to complete that I got most of the way through but never saw through...

    ...Iím ashamed to say Zelda and Metroid on SNES are two of them..

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  • ChiefGB 4 Apr 2020 08:53:59 13,210 posts
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    Crack on then
  • HarryPalmer 6 Apr 2020 13:20:42 6,284 posts
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    Doom (2016) - 9/10

    Almost the perfect game. I love how pure it is - no cutscenes, no bullshit, just relentless fun and runs like a dream. My only quibble is I wish it was more streamlined - get rid of the upgrade tree, but I realise there needs to be some incentive for exploration.

    I don't think I'll play Eternal, it sounds like they've borked everything I love about this.
  • JamboWayOh 6 Apr 2020 14:30:52 22,460 posts
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    HarryPalmer wrote:
    Doom (2016) - 9/10

    Almost the perfect game. I love how pure it is - no cutscenes, no bullshit, just relentless fun and runs like a dream. My only quibble is I wish it was more streamlined - get rid of the upgrade tree, but I realise there needs to be some incentive for exploration.

    I don't think I'll play Eternal, it sounds like they've borked everything I love about this.
    You really should, they both do things a bit differently to each other but I would personally say the combat in Eternal is incredible. I don't think I could go back to Doom 2016 movement after the freedom of Eternal.
  • Rum_Monkey 6 Apr 2020 16:31:30 1,961 posts
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    The story aspect of eternal is overplayed too, you hardly even notice it so not sure why it was really mentioned as a negative.
  • HarryPalmer 6 Apr 2020 18:52:51 6,284 posts
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    I'll no doubt play it at some point. The glowing Skill Up review put me off most, it just sounds a lot more faffy. Although he too says he couldn't go back to 2016 Doom after playing Eternal.
  • uiruki 6 Apr 2020 23:13:16 5,547 posts
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    Yeah, I'm finding Eternal a big faff to play which I wasn't expecting. Really struggling to stay motivated playing it, most of the time I'm switching over to play Nioh 2 on the PS4 which might be even better than the original. Fantastic soundtrack though.

    8. Atelier Ayesha - Switch - 4/5

    Great atmosphere, good cast, amazing soundtrack. Still miss the little musical interludes with the vocal tracks, the one at the end was really good. I liked the way they did the crafting and the idea of the largely unstructured scenario is a good one. The old Atelier standard of becoming outrageously powerful at the end is still present, and still great.

    ..but there remain a few too many rough edges. Yes, I am bitter that I missed one ending because I killed an enemy too early, and missed the true ending because I didn't have a certain character in my party. More generally, the Switch version runs pretty badly; this is because it's the last of the Atelier games on PhyreEngine, with the sequel moving to KTGL which has settled nicely on the Switch (indeed, I played an hour of E&L and it runs great).
  • Rum_Monkey 7 Apr 2020 17:54:33 1,961 posts
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    Doom Eternal 8/10

    Takes a while to get going, but once it does its pure carnage. It's like an FPS rock ballet once everything clicks. I didn't mind the platforming, found it a welcome respite. Don't get the complaints about the goo or swimming as they're so quick and the story elements aren't around long enough to detract from the game.

    Loses a couple of points for pretty weak bosses and a really shite new enemy.
  • Ror 7 Apr 2020 18:02:01 20,322 posts
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    Resident Evil 2

    I decided to wait on Resi 3, and then remembered I had only done a Leon A run on the previous game. Being an idiot, I started a new game as Claire, rather than picking the second run option, so I'll have to do another run at some point for the true ending.

    Still every bit as good as it was the last time. Took me just shy of eight hours, as I like to scour every inch for things I will then never use.

  • JoelStinty 7 Apr 2020 18:50:48 9,199 posts
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    Vader Immortal 2 (Quest)

    I think the first is a better representation of VR than the second, but I kind of enjoyed the second more. Was nice going through ruins and clambering over them. It fleshes out the story quite well


    Vader Immortal 3.

    Bit of a let down really, it feels a bit hastily put together and is over pretty sharpish, even compared to the previous two. It reverts to some really basic game design and encounters that just naff really


    Ok. Being honest. I'm on the last bit where you have to meet Dylan (post first credit scene) and I can't be arsed with it anymore. I might give it another crack and just get it over and done with. Or I just could watch the last bit on youtube.

    There is a lot to like about the game, but it has a lot of things that don't really work for me. Combat is mostly fun, and I like the initial story of the game and its setting, but it outstays its welcome a little bit.

    I know they are making a commentary on beaurracy but man its really weighs the game down. I think half the running time is faffing around in the menus to change mods, weapons and reading what feels like 10'000 pages of lore. Its story doesn't really go anywhere or worse I lost enthuasim for it. I wanted something more gentle to guide me along the way, but the further you get in, the more fragmented it becomes and I kind of get the impression that the developers tried to condense it down from becoming to sprawling or they didn't have enough time to implement everything, but even now the game feels over bloated. Theres one moment where you trek to one side of the map to be there for literally a second before it sends you all the way back to the other side to get something for you to process. I think that is probably the moment where the game lost me (even if it the set piece that it allows for is the one moment the game breaks free and adds some colour and has fun).

    The game isn't as bad as what it reads above, it really engaged me at times. I had a lot of fun initially exploring the game , it makes a strong start and it stands out with strong visual design and atmosphere and some people will really dig its Hideo Kojima approach to video games. The game reminded me a lot of Metal gear and resi 2 in places whilst being strong enough to have its own identity. Combat is generally fun, and I really loved the Levitating ability that really adds some oomph to the game.

    But it will also lose a lot of people. I don't think Jesse is the most charismatic of characters, again the game squanders any potential she had. Starts of strong, but her story is over ridden with inner dialogue and odd script writing that take you of the experience. Which is typical of the whole game. For every intriguing character (Darling) there one that you wonder what the point is.

    I do applaud it for trying to be different, it aims really highs , and it has its highs, but it has a few lows. Its maybe why I am probably a bit frustrated with it. It comes close to being a really good video game, but it is probably a bit too ambitious and runs out of gas.

  • Pierre2k 7 Apr 2020 18:58:29 1,325 posts
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    I really need to get myself a copy of the RE2 remake. Question, should I get the base game or go for one of the "deluxe/DLC included" versions? Are the extras worth it?

    Reason I didn't get the game earlier, was that I don't want a time-sink experience (doesn't sound as long as I thought based on the above review) and I'm a bit put off by the whole Mr. X stalking you mechanic. Don't really like randomised encounters with over powered super-characters, especially in a survival horror where it can wipe out your ammo. Does he stalk you throughout the whole game?

    Funnily enough, where so many reviews have criticised the RE3 remake for being too linear, Nemesis not stalking you throughout, and the game being shorter, I see all of these as positives in my limited gaming time situation.

    I've also only ever completed 2 Resi games, despite owning just about all of them (RE2 and Code Veronica, both on Dreamcast). Feels almost a waste to play through a story I know, when there are so many other games in the series I've not finished.
  • Ror 7 Apr 2020 19:44:56 20,322 posts
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    @Pierre2k Resi 2 can be as long or short as you want. If you want to, you can just blast through one playthrough in about 6 hours. Then if you want more, you can play the other character's route. Then there's the Hunk and Tofu stuff if you still want more (I assume these are still in there?).

    Mr X stalks you for maybe about half the game, and he's slow so you can easily just run away. He's honestly not much of a bother at all. Generally, all he really amounts to is slowing you down here and there when you're trying to get something done.

    I had no idea there was any dlc for this, so I can't really comment on that, but if the base game is much cheaper I'd say just grab that. It's more than good enough on its own.
  • QBX 7 Apr 2020 21:41:53 206 posts
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    Doom 2016 (Game Pass)

    I abandoned this a few months ago because it didn't feel like a Doom game but with the hype around Eternal I thought I would give it another go. Having now completed it my opinion really hasn't changed.

    Not a bad game by any means (see above comments) but I prefer my Doom in the 90s.

  • Darth_Flibble 8 Apr 2020 13:21:36 4,818 posts
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    Marvel vs capcom Infinite (Game Pass)

    They really messed this one up, (it could be it was made very quickly) but the character models still look mostly terrible (capt america looks like he has taken all the steroids) I think they tried to fix some of the faces but they still look terrible at times. The stages look good but no interaction

    The main story is really bad (even for a fighting game), it looks it was written by a kid on reddit. Actually injustice 2 proved fighting game stories don't have to be this shit (also no arcade endings)

    The last main boss is a piece of shit in story and arcade, lazy, cheap game design mainly in arcade mode. While capcom fighters had lazy and cheap end bosses, its time for devs to get better edit: played it on normal as very easy and easy are too easy

    Also the AI can block your infinte meter moves to easily even if you catch them off guard. Also no good character selection music like from 2


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  • HarryPalmer 8 Apr 2020 15:35:20 6,284 posts
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    Detention - 9/10

    A remarkable game. To describe it as a horror/point and click would be a disservice, but that's essentially how it plays out. The story carries real emotional weight and I doubt I'll forget it in a hurry. As with all point n clicks, some of the puzzles are somewhat obscure.
  • Gunzberg 9 Apr 2020 01:38:05 2,850 posts
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    Hob 9/10 (Free from Epic Store)

    I loved Torchlight 1 and 2, this is from the same developer.

    And it shows, I'm not going to spoil anything but this took me by surprise and blew me away. Fabulous. It plays like Zelda but is not Zelda.
  • Dgzter 9 Apr 2020 08:38:25 3,516 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago

    Thanks for that; just added it to my Steam wish list. Looks really interesting.
  • mrpon 9 Apr 2020 09:13:10 36,744 posts
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    Gunzberg wrote:
    Hob 9/10 (Free from Epic Store)
  • Deleted user 9 April 2020 22:40:48
    Detroit: Become Human - 9/10

    Such a great story based experience with smatterings of QTE and decisions that really make you ponder. Really enjoyed all 3 story arcs and whilst I got a depressingly sour ending, I'm definitely going to return to replay some chapters to see what the other outcomes are.

    I assume most PS4 owners will have played it or grabbed it on plus, but if not, well grab it in the current sale for under £9.
  • Stuz359 10 Apr 2020 01:12:03 364 posts
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    Doing well in lockdown.

    Outer Worlds :

    Bethesda Lite I would describe it as, but not a bad thing. The writing in general is superior to bethesda games as are the characters. The true strength of the game is it's brevity. Fallout and Elder Scrolls games are so massive that the central story get's lost. It does not in this game. There are issues, regarding graphics quality but this is a a game made on a budget. It shows but definitely worth keeping with. 8.5/10

    Hob :

    Brilliant game, recently free on epic games store, did not give it a second thought until it was mentioned on here. It has it's issues, the camera is awful in some circumstances, but I applaud it's ambition. It was made with a very small team but managed to create a very decent experience that could be played through in a (lockdown) day.

    Witcher 3 (again):

    This is a weird one. I have completed it fully on PS4, but recently had the chance to replay it on a reasonably powerful pc with an SSD. I loved it at first but this transformed the game. Loading times cut to a fraction, fast trevelling was transformed, as was death. I swear, loading times on PS4 were about two minutes, making dying or fast travelling really daunting. Having it at 60 fps helped as well. Still my favourite game of all time. Just edged Ocarina.
  • Tomo 10 Apr 2020 01:17:31 18,836 posts
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    Doom Eternal - 7.5/10

    I need to let it settle a bit, but my main reaction is one of disappointment. I enjoyed it a bunch, but it's just got too many poor additions compared to the 2016 game. For every great new feature (airdash, meathook, climbing) there are two bad choices (purple goop, Marauder, excessive cut scenes, armour management, endless XP mechanics, constant map checking).

    Tempted to fire up D16 and see how it fares now. It just had such wonderful flow, from start to finish. This is a bit of a cluttered mess.
  • DUFFMAN5 10 Apr 2020 06:31:18 26,466 posts
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    Bioshock 2
    Played as soon as I completed the first game. Once again it has been wonderful to revisit Rapture after several years.

    Playing directly after 1 you get to see the improvements and tweaks more, not that it needed many, but they work. It is very much Bioshock 1.5 but no complaints there.
    Found the story to resonate with me. Daddy's and their daughters always gets me!
    I also forgot a large chunk.

    Just started dlc, I will play something else before Infinite though... probably :)
  • Bichii 10 Apr 2020 07:16:20 4,220 posts
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    I hope you were a good role model for your daughter and taught her love and forgiveness? :)

    I'm not used to seeing you play other games, don't you miss gears?
  • DUFFMAN5 10 Apr 2020 07:25:30 26,466 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    I was mate...and I am 😉

    As for Gears...
    I played Gears3,4 and 5 lastnight, don't worry mate, I still play Gears daily and that will never change.
    I do usually run a "story" game alongside it as well. Managing more time due to be furloughed though. Also not being allowed out helps!
  • Bichii 10 Apr 2020 07:29:36 4,220 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    Do you have gears bobble heads, posters, hats, comics and boxer shorts? :). I don't know how you can keep playing a game for so many years :)
  • DUFFMAN5 10 Apr 2020 07:34:04 26,466 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    revan, you know it mate ;)
    Yes I do have a large Gears collection. I also have an even bigger Simpsons collection, with other 200 (not dolls ;) ) action the loft obviously.

    At least the Gears collection is in my "games room" along with my guitars.
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