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  • OnlyJoeKing 8 Oct 2020 13:17:46 1,150 posts
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    @Saul_Iscariot perfect for tight, responsive gameplay
  • JoelStinty 8 Oct 2020 19:19:01 9,025 posts
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    Devilligan wrote:
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Bought this on release, but got distracted by other games and dropped it after a few hours.

    Decided to have another crack at it in this great year of clearing my backlog and discovered it to be a huuuuuuuge and mostly satisfying JRPG. The only thing I didn't really like is some slightly dull design towards the end of the game, but it was all saved by one of the most epic endings I've seen in years.

    All in all, I loved it. Really surprised it's not talked about as more of a classic.

    I wasn't sure what I felt about XC2 when I finished it, I think I posted in here that it was flawed but satisfying to play, but it as been one of those that as stuck with me the more time passes since I completed it. Must have enjoyed it a lot more than I initially thought. Look forward to replaying it one day.
  • Rogueywon 10 Oct 2020 13:54:59 9,484 posts
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    Serious Sam 4 (PC) - 8/10

    As has been the case with many games this year, it's very much a mixed bag.

    First, the stuff it does wrong. Its levels are often far too open, with huge distances to traverse between flights. Out of its 15 missions, there are two just past the game's midpoint where this really does stand out. I suspect this is down to a misplaced desire to show off the game's tech - while it looks positively Xbox360 up-close, it can be a pretty game when doing big panoramic shots. Unfortunately, that doesn't make for good gameplay. Those two missions are properly Fuzzy-style "WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING", albeit without the racist rants about travellers.

    The new-to-franchise enemies are weak, mostly relying on teleportation or situational invulnerablility. That turns them into pace-blockers in a game that is absolutely 100% about combat pace and that's not a good thing.

    There's a general layer of AA (or less) technical shonkiness over the whole thing. I had to restart one mission twice because of a progresion-blocking bug. Game-engine cutscenes look terrible and also have weird pauses when switching camera perspective (running from an NVMe SSD on an i9 9900K/3090 setup), as well as odd graphical glitching.

    It does that utterly loathesome stunt of taking away all your weapons and items not once, but twice.

    But it does a lot right as well. Combat, when it actually lets you into a proper fight, can be a lot of fun. Some games, and you can factor in many Soulslikes here, make me angry because I can't kill an enemy. SS4, like Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, makes me cross because there are enemies I can kill but they are Not... Dead... YET! This can be properly cathartic murder-simulator stuff, really BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE battle-rage mayhem. And that's a good thing.

    The arsenal is great. There's a huge range of weapons and not a single one is a dud. Each of them has its niche, but at the same time, they are not crippled by depressing constraints from multiplayer balance. Some guns are outright better than others, but ammo constraints mean you can't just use them full time. This is proper, classic Doom-era fps stuff.

    And, weirdly, the writing is pretty good. It's dumb and it knows it's dumb. Characters compete to come up with the best one-liner. They are actively out to out-stupid each other, in a good way. But the cast do have a good cameraderie and the best one-liner absolutely ends up being "I lost my shoe".
  • Blackmarsh63 10 Oct 2020 17:24:17 3,724 posts
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  • Gunzberg 10 Oct 2020 19:54:15 2,812 posts
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    Wasteland 3 9/10

    Apart from some minor quibbles this is really good. And I say this as someone who dumped Wasteland 1 and 2 within the first hour.

    I completed everything in this. Apart from some random crashes and a fiddly inventory, it's utterly brilliant.

    The music is on another level.
  • docrob 11 Oct 2020 00:11:52 1,616 posts
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    A Short Hike 8/10

    I've just finished Divinity OS 2 after 200 hours of play. This game was a perfect next step. 'Finished' it in two sittings. I'm sure I didn't find everything, but it was still fun.
  • QBX 11 Oct 2020 00:12:19 192 posts
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    Meet the Robinsons (GwG)

    So I thought I would do this as part of the Hall of Fame contest on Xbox and being a kids game it would be easy achievements.

    Unsurprisingly it's shit but even I didn't expect this level of shit. For 2007 standards it looks so low quality. The combat is bland and repetitive and made much worse by a lock-on that you have to fight to aim at what you actually want. There are a couple of Monkey Ball type sequences to move you from one area to another which are annoying and to break things up digging puzzles which are just infuriating.

    It's all so slow and turgid that I doubt any child would enjoy this let alone adults.

  • Armoured_Bear 11 Oct 2020 00:28:15 29,126 posts
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    Persona 5 Royal
    After 190 hours I've finished, it's quite the masterpiece, a very special game that's intelligent, funny and engrossing to play. It's also amazingly polished, every menu, animation, transaction, skit, whatever is immaculate.
    Probably only beaten by BOTW this gen for me.

    Only downside is the final boss in the extra part of the 'Royal' version, too difficult and obscenely long, became quite boring.

  • Malek86 11 Oct 2020 12:44:15 10,766 posts
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    Call of Cthulhu (Xbox One)

    Better than I expected, but still pretty janky. Ultimately, it doesn't really know what it wants to be, and is not especially good at anything it tries to do. Sometimes it has investigation, but it feels like your choices don't matter. Sometimes it's stealth, but it's either very frustrating or utterly trivial. Other times it has puzzles, and I guess this is where the game works best. Plus, the story is interesting, which is more than I thought I'd say about yet another Innsmouth adaptation.

    In the end, though, it's not enough to raise it from mediocrity. Technically it's pretty janky too, with buggy-looking graphics and super cheap cutscenes. Also had more than a few cases of diary entries unlocking before I witnessed the relative event.

    I don't think it even counts as an AA game. Maybe just one A.


    On the plus side: the game does seem to run with unlocked framerate, so it might perhaps be 60fps on the XS?

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  • TechnoHippy 11 Oct 2020 14:18:43 17,842 posts
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    A short adventure with a sister trying to save her brother while exploring a ruined city. The gameplay is simplistic - you're either exploring in a boat or climbing buildings. The story however is great and told in an effective and charming way by collecting pictograms that combine to reveal the history of the siblings and the city. It's only a couple of hours long, although IU didn't collect all the secrets.

  • spookyxelectric 11 Oct 2020 16:28:14 197 posts
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    Ghost of Tsushima.

    I've had it since launch day but just finished it last night. Kind of been uninstallling and reinstalling out of boredom TBH.
    Combat looks nice in motiom but is incredibly bland in hand. It's all switch to your enemy's stance and mash triangle until you break their stance, then mash square three times to kill. The camera during battle is probably the worst I've experienced since the PS1 days. No Z-lock on, which is standard by this point, all while the camera focuses closely on you as enemies attack from off stage.

    Open world is beautiful but large and kind of tiresome to explore. Visual design is gorgeous. From the outfits to the locations to the different colours on the trees, it's all stunning.

    Story was okay overall. All of it was very predictable from the start, and the execution wasn't always the best, but Act 2 was pretty strong, and it single handedly brought my overall score up a point.


    I don't see myself getting into the co-op missions in the next update, so I can finally delete the game for good.
  • Bichii 12 Oct 2020 16:01:21 3,596 posts
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    Gears 4.

    First time I've played a gears since judgement came out. Good stuff. Pretty excellent first three acts then two pretty bad ones. Terrible characters, some awful checkpoints.

  • Tomo 12 Oct 2020 18:09:18 18,261 posts
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    TechnoHippy wrote:

    A short adventure with a sister trying to save her brother while exploring a ruined city. The gameplay is simplistic - you're either exploring in a boat or climbing buildings. The story however is great and told in an effective and charming way by collecting pictograms that combine to reveal the history of the siblings and the city. It's only a couple of hours long, although IU didn't collect all the secrets.

    Ooo, good to know. I've been looking at this for ages - it's always dead cheap at a few quid.
  • spookyxelectric 13 Oct 2020 17:17:45 197 posts
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    Hitman 2.

    Strangely, I found the first stage, Miami, the toughest of the lot. Once I found the flamingo mission line, everything else came together easily. A highlight was the Mumbai stage, and having the rival assassin perform all the kills for you.

    Seeing how Hitman 3 is coming soon, I uninstalled it to make room for more backlogged games, and I'll explore the further assassination opportunities on there.

  • Bichii 13 Oct 2020 18:49:22 3,596 posts
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    I think Mumbai was also my favourite in the end but there wasn't a bad level. I'll get back to it one day maybe. I've beaten every map 3-5 times now but there are too many other games.
  • uiruki 13 Oct 2020 23:20:13 5,414 posts
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    40. Shin Megami Tensei - PS1 - 4/5

    Holds up surprisingly well. The grid based dungeon system is what benefits most from the PS1's power, with everything coming together nice and solid. One thing I appreciated was how balanced it was for most of it; it would tend to make you do something for a while and then provide you with tools to bypass it or just not do it again. It has spinners but only in one area, they provide you with a teleport spell after a particularly long session of going through one area and then having to walk back out, that sort of thing. Atmosphere is really well done, with the story starting out in normal everyday Tokyo (though with more combat knife shops I think) and then going through two cataclysms.

    There were just a few things that stuck out as a bit undercooked. First was the interface, which was very 1990s. It also takes a moment to come up on PS1, which is slightly irritating. The whole thing is maybe a beat or two slow on everything; I used an emulator to fast forward through battles and what I found was that a battle on auto in fast forward took about as long to conclude as one just running in auto on SMT4! The final dungeon was a bit of a slog as well going through the neutral route where you basically have to double up on everything and that brings me to the other problem - the challenge kind of vanishes once you hit a certain point as you get too powerful and the game can't surprise you with instant kills or anything. All it can really do at the end is throw enemies which reflect normal attacks so you have to stop the auto and put in moves manually like a schmuck. Overall, though, a solid gridder with a streak of classic visual and world design running through it.

    Oh yeah, I know SNES games have limited cartridge space but could they have put a bit more music in there? There's about 10 tracks tops, all of which have about 15-30 seconds of melody before looping. Infuriating. This isn't Hydlide, by 1992 we'd mastered longer music tracks in games.
  • MrWonderstuff 15 Oct 2020 09:47:33 3,369 posts
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    Eurojank RPG by Piranah Bytes set in a dystopian future...blah blah. Seamless open-world with different factions to join. Exploration is the name of the game with a great little jetpack to get you around. Difficulty is nuts at first but gets better as you progress. Voice acting isn't bad and graphics are great. Story is a mixed bag but the different factions motivations and relationships are interesting. Bought in sale and thoroughly enjoyed myself.


    Semi-open world Eurojank by Spiders. Probably their best yet with a good cast of characters and an interesting story (Think mass effect with less budget and polish). I love a good open world and this was a case of discrete areas to explore as opposed to Elex. If only they connected these areas seamlessly it would have a felt a little bit more cohesive. All said the setting - sort of colonial 17th century style - was intriguing and the cast of characters were ok to travel with. Voice acting was really good however and the environments were richly detailed. Combat was an interesting mix of magic/melee/firearms which you could tune to your own preference. Went on a bit too long but overall was an engaging experience. Oh and the cities were very much cut and paste with some woeful examples of some people just standing stock still looking into nothing.


    Both the above I would like to see a sequel (which for Elex I think there will be).
  • Gunzberg 15 Oct 2020 14:17:26 2,812 posts
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    Mutant Year Zero 9/10

    Abandoned the demo when it first came out.

    Then retried it on GamePass, tried to understand what they were going for (Stealth all the time) and really enjoyed it.

    And I HATE Stealth games. I mean I really HATE them. So kudos for this being great
  • Bichii 15 Oct 2020 14:38:40 3,596 posts
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    Metro exodus the two colonel's dlc

    Not a huge amount of gameplay but I really enjoyed it for the atmosphere and the story that was linked beautifully to the main campaign. Onto the next dlc.

  • Malek86 15 Oct 2020 15:13:25 10,766 posts
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    A bunch of stuff I played for the Game Pass quests, all on Xbox One:

    Wandersong - 7/10

    A feel-good rhythm adventure, perhaps a little too long for its own good. It does tend to drag on toward the end. And I guess the ending boils down to a standard Persona 4 style "everyone comes together and helps the hero save the day". But well, I was expecting it by that point. Still a good game overall.

    What Remains of Edith Finch - 8/10

    I was expecting a standard *le game artistique* walking simulator. How wrong I was. I mean, it's more or less a walking simulator, but it does some things that really blow your mind at points. Certainly in the upper echelon of the genre.

    Fractured Minds - 3/10

    Er... nevermind. It's about as simplistic as they come, and not in a good way. Can't even invert view.

    Minit - 7/10

    A fun diversion that doesn't last too long, and it's a novel idea for sure.

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  • Doomspoon 17 Oct 2020 11:27:51 3,036 posts
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    Octopath Traveller - Switch

    I think I'd put in around 150 hours by the end of it, I'd done some of the side dungeons and bosses and got some of my characters some really good gear but by the end it was starting to outstay its welcome, especially H'aanit's final chapter which was the last I finished, her speech both in audio and written form really, really grated. I could have just held B and skipped it but I'd got this far with all the other stories, I didn't want to miss anything.

    I'd started with Olberic as my main character and for the most part my party consisted of Olberic, Alfyn and Therion with either Primrose, H'aanit or Tressa being rotated. I would have liked to have used Cyrus more but it never really happened.

    I'd had Therion's secondary job as scholar, Alfyn's as warrior, Olberic as cleric, H'aanit as thief, Primrose as hunter and Tressa as apothecary. This seemed to generally make for a well balanced party.

    For the most part I really enjoyed this, it made me think of the DS version of Final Fantasy 3 and the DS Dragon Quest games. Some of the dialogue grated as mentioned earlier and it went on at times but I really enjoyed the gameplay.

    I'd definitely play a sequel.
  • Rogueywon 17 Oct 2020 19:56:28 9,484 posts
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    Halo Wars 2 (PC - Gamepass) - 6/10

    God alone knows what possessed me to play this big pile of mediocrity, other than the fact that it was sat there on Gamepass. At any rate, it's an incredibly basic RTS, just like the original. I get that I was playing it on mouse and keyboard when it was actually designed around a controller, but still... incredibly easy, incredibly shallow. The recent C&C remaster actually plays better.

    Not actually bad, mind you, just... meh.
  • Red_Bool 18 Oct 2020 17:36:43 2,067 posts
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Switch) - 8/10

    Classic mode, 175 hours. It would have gotten a 9/10 if it weren't for the often seemingly unfair fights (ambushes, surprise fights where positioning is key, felt cheap). The rest of the game more than makes up for that though.
    At the start I really doubted if I made the right purchase, but after reading up on hints and tips on how to play this it finally clicked (and how!).

    So, yeah. First time playing this kind of ("Western") strategy RPG and I really, really enjoyed it.
  • dominalien 18 Oct 2020 18:45:10 9,936 posts
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    Half-Life: Alyx on Valve Index

    Hmm, perhaps not the best game I've played ever, but certainly the most intense experience I've had in at least the last 10 years. An absolute must play, though it's a bit of a shame that to fully appreciate it you need to have played all the HL2 episodes (and remember them). Also, I'm not sure I appreciate the retcon of Eli's death, I'm somewhat tired of everyone coming back to life in popular culture.

  • DrStrangelove 18 Oct 2020 20:32:40 15,266 posts
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    Jurassic Park (SNES) - 8/10

    Fond memories of this one. Notably, I think it was one of my first FPS experiences, and certainly the only FPS experience on the SNES back in the days for me.

    Half of it is top-down on a large map, half is navigating in first person through its various buildings. The top-down stuff is fine but nothing to write home about. The FPS stuff was something else for a console player back in the day.

    The atmosphere of the FPS sections works well even today, but the problem is that enemies are really stupid. They're just standing there waiting to be shot. Or in some cases, walking left and right waiting to be shot. Unless you're less than 5 metres away from them, they're just easy prey waiting to be shot.

    All the "difficulty" really comes from enemies being close to a door you open, and your horrible controls (no strafe).

    It has kind of a Metroidvania vibe in the sense that you have to find ID cards and unlock security clearance through computer terminals to access previously unaccessable areas. That would be really great if it wasn't so arbitrary. For example, you find one ID card which provides you access to an area in a certain building. But that area contains nothing but another ID card to unlock an area in a different building. I'm sorry but that's pretty disingenuous.

    What's worse is security clearances and communication access you get from certain computer terminals spread over the island. These are vital for progress, but what exact terminal grants you that is completely arbitrary. Like, there's only one terminal that gives you ship communications, but it's hidden somewhere in some building that has no relation whatsoever to ships or anything. It's just one of many terminals that happens to give you access to that without any obvious reason. You just have to check every terminal you find hoping it'll give you something, there's not even a hint where to look at or why the heck it is in that particular building.

    Could have been a 9/10 game with more engaging FPS fights or computer terminals not being stupidly arbitrary.

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  • jonathanlealand 18 Oct 2020 22:17:02 95 posts
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    Mario Galaxy (3D All-Stars version).

    Almost as sublime as I remember from back in the day. Some clunkiness is made up for by incredible imagination and attention to detail. Countless moments that just make you grin like an idiot. Finished it with all 120 stars. What a joy

    Parts of it have definitely aged though. Mario is a lot less athletic feeling than previous incarnations. In 64 and Sunshine he runs and bounds around. In Galaxy he feels sluggish, slow to move and takes an age to recover from being knocked down. Much of the time this is disguised by the bite size planetoids you are on and the way the game hurts you through launchers so frequently.

    Other annoyances are the weird lives convention, which doesnít seem to serve any real purpose (Nintendo clearly had learned this lesson by the time Oddysey came out) and itís compounded by the fact that for some bizarro reason the game does not save your life count in between play throughs. Finally there are some QOL elements that could really do with being added. The unskippable dialogue moves at a crawl and you are equally unable to skip cutscenes.

    So yeah, loved *almost* every minute of it.
  • heavy_salad 19 Oct 2020 11:11:09 1,199 posts
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    Wasteland 3

    Really enjoyed it on the whole. Thought there were some decent quests, characters and the voice acting was top notch. However, there's a certain amount of jank. Couple of quests glitched out on me so I couldn't complete them. I had a couple of strange bugs/glitches that required reloads to fix (eg I had a weird one where one of my companion's animations were broken so they'd just glide across the map. Not an issue in itself except it broke them during combat so they couldn't attack). I also had a few things that didn't trigger at all it seems (after checking a couple of items after I'd finished the game to see exactly what the point was meant to be).

    It was maybe also a tad too long for me. I burnt out on it a little bit quite close to the end by smashing through the first 35 hours very quickly. Took a break for a week or two before finishing it off in just under 40 hours. I'm sure I missed a few quests, but felt like I got most stuff done.

    Combat was fine, although I actually felt like the game was maybe a little bit too easy. It felt like there was no real compromise needed on stats - there was enough attributes and companions to cover everything. I didn't mind this, as I hate having locked doors I can't open, etc but it did negate the challenge a bit. I was never scrimping for cash or ammo. Again I didn't mind this too much as I hate juggling stuff around in RPGs, but again it negated some challenge.


    Would have been a 9 if it wasn't for the glitches/bugs.
  • jonathanlealand 19 Oct 2020 12:11:34 95 posts
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    Resident Evil 7 (PSVR)

    What a return to form, and in more ways than one as to me this feels like a spiritual successor to the original games in terms of pace, setting and that creeping dread. It was a tad too easy on my first run but now that Iíve unlocked the higher difficulty setting I imagine that should solve the issue.

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  • the-m-show12020 19 Oct 2020 13:26:55 2 posts
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    @Red_Bool regarding Divinity Original Sin on Switch, did you play it in portable mode at all?
    I have a Switch Lite and wondered how this would fare on the small screen.
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