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  • Bichii 10 Apr 2021 12:04:27 4,541 posts
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    Meh. I loved journey and I was looking forward to this. Has a few lovely moments and I enjoyed the score but overall it just felt like some kind of demo for a pitch for a game idea to a publisher.

  • Rogueywon 10 Apr 2021 21:00:37 11,648 posts
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    Atelier Ryza 2 (PC) - 9/10

    I'm not sure whether this is actually as good as the score above implies, or whether it was just the right game at the right time for me. A fun, low-stress JRPG about exploring colourful locations was a good fit for the grim darkness of third lockdown.

    As a game, it improves on its predecessor in pretty much every respect. Mechanics that didn't work get ditched or improved and the new additions are all good ones. It's a remarkably frictionless game, with a generous fast-travel system and lots of other little features that reduce dead-time. The combat system strikes a good balance between having a touch of depth but not making individual battles take too long (Octopath Traveller take note). The crafting system is very decent indeed.

    And in story terms, it's just... fun. Bright, breezy and thoroughly cheerful, with a strong returning cast and a couple of fun newcomers. I was genuinely a bit sad when I got to the end, though this does feel very much like the middle entry in a trilogy, so I suspect a third game is on the way.

    Niggles? Two rather severe difficulty spikes - one at a boss around half way through the game and the other early in the last dungeon. Crafting the top level gear requires a bit too much re-crafting lower level materials. But those are small gripes.

    Liked it.
  • MrFlay 10 Apr 2021 21:54:53 4,655 posts
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    Gato Robot - 8/10

    Highly entertaining 8-bit styled Metroidvania. It's basically a cat in a mech exploring a lab. It's quite short but the bosses are very difficult. I bounced off it first time due to getting stuck at a bullet hell style boss. I gave it another crack and I still think the bosses are just a little bit too unforgiving compared to the rest of the game. Special mention for the amazing chiptune sound effects. Adorable cat and (spoiler) dog sounds.
  • uiruki 10 Apr 2021 22:24:39 5,789 posts
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    21. Outsiders - Xbox Series X - 4/5

    Story's terrible, it doesn't explain how you're meant to play it and the first five hours or so are just terrible. But once you get through that it's a super satisfying third person Diablo-like. I guess this is what I wanted from Hellgate London all those years ago. Terrific shotgun too. Some technical dodginess going on but playing solo I didn't have too much bother, except one evening when the servers were down for maintenance.

    The key here is that I wanted to come back to this immediately after finishing the final boss - both to do the challenge missions and even to start again with a new class, maybe even to buy it on PC so I could use one of the precision weapons. Just good fun, and perfect Game Pass fodder.
  • RyanDS 10 Apr 2021 22:35:42 13,983 posts
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    Atelier Ryza

    Hmm... mixed feelings. I really liked it as I wanted something ďniceĒ and it fit the bill. A breezy story with fun characters and mostly good fun. But fuck me, why do Japanese games always make me feel dirty? The fucking bouncy tits animations are creepy as fuck, my flatmate took the piss out of me loads during the game.

    The bigger issue though was the final boss, not a difficulty curve so much as fucking walking into K2. I googled, realised I needed to do loads of mechanics and alchemy stuff I had ignored and just dropped it to easy and did it. My issue is that the mechanics were never needed, until the very last fight I never struggled once in the entire game, then suddenly I couldnít even get ten percent into a fight, terrible game design.

    That said, I did like it, and will probably pick up the sequel. It is great to have a breezy game to take 50 hours of time in lockdown when I want to relax.

  • RyanDS 10 Apr 2021 22:39:26 13,983 posts
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    Professor Layton something something on the switch,

    Fucking dire. Dull story, terrible puzzles. I finished it, but really just was skipping everything to try to just get to the next mediocre puzzle.

    Fuck, I finished it yesterday after playing for 3 weeks odd and honestly canít even remember the fucking name of the game. On the plus side it did look nice, and Katherina? was nicely animated, all looked dry Ghilbli.

    On the negative some of the puzzles I couldnít see why the answer was correct even after googling. I used to love these, but fuck me.

  • Darth_Flibble 11 Apr 2021 11:42:34 5,217 posts
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    Hypnospace outlaw

    weird game, its a 90's internet browser with crappy 90's animated gifs and you play a moderator that has to ban copyright infringements or bullying etc. There is a story but its more of a novelty game and closing classes get really obtuse and the steam guides are not great

    Its on gamepass, glad I didn't pay for it. Not sure its good, its not terrible
  • Mola_Ram 11 Apr 2021 13:24:23 25,729 posts
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    I looooved hypnospace outlaw. I don't know if it will have much staying power, as it's very specifically about the early internet and might not have as much appeal if you don't get the references.

    But for me it was great, such a unique and fun concept.
  • Tomo 11 Apr 2021 14:50:09 19,319 posts
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    Pathologic 2 - 8/10 (I guess...)

    Such a strange and often maddening 'game'. Feels like the pinnacle of games as art, for good and bad. It's how I imagine Tarkovsky would make a video game.

    It took me a good while to get into this, but I became pretty obsessed with it in the end. I was very close to giving up. On the recommended difficulty, it's absolutely punishing, which is the point really. I don't mind a hard game, as long as I'm sufficiently taught what's going on. A good 8-10 hours into the game and I was still paying the price for my early mistakes. I lowered the difficulty and suddenly it actually became a fun challenge to play rather than a masochistic one. I think I could've just about scraped through on the intended difficulty, but I just CBA.

    As a game, it's absolute dogshit. You wander back and forth across an intentionally and incredibly bland town, which is scattered with pockets of wonder. The movement is slow and the map is very flat, so there's very little stimulation as you go from place to place. You spend half of your time looking at the map making sure you take the correct turn lest you die of starvation on the way. The gameplay couldn't be simpler and aside from one godawful stealth section later on in the game, there is nothing to mix up the endless walking.

    Yet I was totally transfixed once I got a handle on just about surviving. The story is unlike anything else I've played and I really wanted to help out the town. There are some really interesting ideas in here. The in-game clock moves forward regardless of what you do. So, you just have to try and do as many quests as you can. It's a really refreshing approach Ė you never have a nagging pressure to complete every little quest like in so many games. The pressure comes from yourself, to prioritise which quests and people you want to help. This feeds into another great mechanic whereby /anyone/ can die. And completely without ceremony. They are just labelled with a big red X and that's it. I spent most of the game just about keeping one kid alive only for him to kark it with infection two days before the end of the game. Absolutely brutal.

    I'm glad I endured it. A unique game, but hard to recommend unless you're into narrative-heavy games and can tolerate a lot of jank.
  • Malek86 11 Apr 2021 16:33:31 12,002 posts
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    @Tomo if you thought Pathologic 2 was maddening, you should see the first one.

    The basic plot is similar, but the presentation is wholly different. It acts more like a narrative-based first person board game: each of the three playable characters (the Haruspex, the Bachelor and the Changeling, who I think was simply called Clara in the sequel) begin the game with a list of adherents, major NPCs affiliated to his/her ideology. Whenever you can't complete the main daily quest, one of the adherents will get the plague in your stead (though they will never die, since they need to be always available as quest givers: they will be quarantined for the rest of the game, and you'll have to give them antibiotics whenever you want to talk to them). And finishing the game with one of the good endings requires a fully healthy list of adherents.

    The premise is such that, while you are working to save your adherents, the other two characters are working to save theirs, and actively try to sabotage your progress if they have the chance.

    The game is also harder. A lot harder. Getting the plague is a much more common occurrence, to the point that it feels like they want you to live with it, rather than reloading your last save. At least they let you save anywhere and there is no penalty for dying. Save spam and knowing how to cheese enemies is usually required during the entire run.

    The good news is that you don't really need to play it, not even to understand the full story. Though the sequel only lets you play as the Haruspex, the story is actually a mixture of the most important bits of the Bachelor and Haruspex routes from the original game, so you get more or less the full picture. Well, you are missing the Changeling's perspective, but her route was half-baked and boring anyway.

    Strangely though, I liked the game. Don't ask. It's hard to explain really.

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  • Tomo 11 Apr 2021 19:57:33 19,319 posts
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    Yeah I've been watching some videos of the P1 HD Remaster and it doesn't look fun. Bit too severe for me..

    They've said they are working on the Bachelor storyline for P2 and I think some news is due this year.

    It's was also interesting to read that the final P2 we got had various funding issues and tough development. Sounds like they really didn't finish it to the standard they intended. Which makes sense. There are various bits that seemed unfinished to me, but given the level of jank anyway, it wasn't a huge problem.
  • Malek86 11 Apr 2021 20:27:18 12,002 posts
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    Right now IPL is working on another game, which should be released sometime soon. No idea what the Bachelor's route will be about, though they have hinted that it might not even be a survival simulator, since many people complained about the difficulty.

    But I wonder what it could add to the game. Like I said, the current Haruspex route is already showing almost all of the important bits from the two routes of the original game.

    Meanwhile, you could try Marble Nest, the original tech test for Pathologic 2. It's a different breed of game, closer to a walking simulator and with almost none of the survival elements of the main game. It can be finished in a couple hours too.
  • Hicksy 11 Apr 2021 20:37:41 2,677 posts
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    Astroís Playroom

    What a wonderful little game! Obviously made with such love and care to utilise the wonderful new controller at the same time as celebrating the history of PlayStation. Almost every mini-world is full of joy and only a couple of the control methods were less that fantastic.

  • Samildanach 12 Apr 2021 10:10:44 599 posts
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    Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
    I really enjoyed my time with this, probably the most fun I had had with a FF release since FFXII on the PS2. Sure, it is far from a perfect game and the battle system was technically the least interesting aspect of it, but it was one of those games where the whole was a lot greater than the sum of its parts.
    Much criticism has been said about the story and I went in making sure I played/watched/read every piece of related media at the appropriate time in the story.
    The Kingsglaive movie was a bit of a slog, and would have been far better as a much shortened intro to the game, similar to FFXII's epic beginning.
    Parting Ways Prologue was a brief read and, while not a lot happened, it nicely introduced the main cast, something which the game and movie failed to do.
    Brotherhood Anime further fleshed out the main cast and was well worth watching for their backstory.
    First half of the game (ending at Altissa) was eye opening in its openess, realism and size for me. To be fair, I haven't played that many open world games other than Assassin's Creed, so I would likely be scoffed at by people who were more experienced with the genre. The plot took a bit of a while to get going but it didn't matter, I just loved the laid back road-trip feel. I was careful not to get bogged down in all the sidequests at this point, as I didn't want to enter the 2nd half over-leveled and just wipe out the story bosses.
    Part 2 was much more focused, story based and linear. It was clear that they could have done with more time to flesh out a couple of stops along the train ride, but the important beats of the story were all there. And the FEEL of it was awesome:the breaking down of the relationship between the lads, the growing darkness and despair. FF stories often go off the rails at the end, especially FFXIII and (imo) FFIX, but this had such a strong and well acted finale that I would put it up with some of the best. I would have liked the final boss to have a tough third phase, in a daemon/darkness oozing form (perhaps instead of the Kings of Yore bosses) but I know that would have been a bit cliche for many. I just love an epic final boss. What we got was more nuanced though.
    The DLCs, played at appropriate moments were all fun and added valuable pieces of the story.
    Finally, I went back to complete almost ALL the sidequests, dungeons, Hunts, fishing etc. The main dungeons were great, though I will have nightmares of Pitioss for years to come (perhaps the most devilishly inventive and cruely designed dungeon I have EVER experienced). The battle system started to show its severe limitations once you get to end game stuff and I didn't bother with half of the tedious Menace dungeons which were clearly just low-budget padding.
    Once the toughest bosses were down, I thought to call it a day and finally move on (just the book to read now). All in all, a flawed gem (crystal?).

    Oh, and the first time the Regalia flew was a gaming moment to behold. I crashed trying to land of course!

    4 stars out of 5

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  • burning_ranger98 13 Apr 2021 06:22:32 6 posts
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    Half-Life 3, my uncle works at Valve
  • dominalien 13 Apr 2021 09:38:59 10,476 posts
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    Dreamfall Chapters on Linux PC

    I'm really glad it got made and I'm really glad I played it. That said, it's a horrible slog. Steam says I had it running for 51 hours. I haven't probably been playing for all this time, but you get the idea.

    There is a lot of dialogue, and I mean a lot. Some of it is good, most really poor. Conversations and item descriptions just go on and on and many of them are irrelevant and some completely incomprehensible (especially the Mole and later on Abnaxus). A lot of exposition is very heavy handed. Some voices are great (the two leads), some poor, most lines are delivered well, some poorly, as if they didn't have time or didn't bother to do retakes. A very disjointed and mixed bag in other words.

    Add to that some technical problems with voices (often someone on screen will start talking as the main character is describing something and you can't understand anything) and it all becomes a serious mess of a narrative game.

    And objects should really have a marker when you've exhausted all dialogue options, some have one, some more, most multiple sentences long, and it's just a chore trying to get them all (not that there's any interesting info to be learned, but I kept hoping).

    It can look stunning, with some beautiful models (Zoe). On the other hand, animations are often poor or missing altogether.

    There's also a worrying lack of gameplay. It's just run around and click things, with some inventory management thrown in. Puzzles are rather easy; if you're stuck it's because the cursor didn't land on an object as you were looking around and you have to look around some more until it does. At times, you do an action and the game just keeps on going doing all the work for you, sometimes for minutes and then the scene ends and you're onto something new.

    As for the narrative... it starts off well and ends very well (seriously, chapter 5 really gets going), but the middle part is meaningless filler that has no bearing on anything and doesn't go anywhere. I suppose they were trying to get people to spend time with the characters and care about them. They needn't have bothered. There's also way too much closure. Especially with the old Saga.

    It's firmly one for the fans and ones that have played both previous games very recently and remember them well. Theoretically you needn't have played them, as especially the first one's narrative is well over and done with, but I have no idea why you would if you hadn't. I have and I didn't remember at least half of the things the game was obviously referencing. A shame, really, as you can tell a lot of attention was given to all the details.

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 17 Apr 2021 00:39:14 17,587 posts
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    Marvel Spider-Man

    Bloody brilliant, great cast of villains used just sparingly enough to make them feel special, Manhattan looks incredible, the webswinging is pretty much perfect, the story is epic and cinematic, voice acting as good as it gets, and it even makes open world icon spam fun to clear up.

    Finished the main game this evening so into the DLC tomorrow. Then to wait for Miles Morales to become affordable.

    I think its almost definitely overtaking the X-Men Legends games and PS1 Spider-Man as my favourite superhero game.

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 17 Apr 2021 08:28:56 17,587 posts
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    One minor negative is that the default white spider suit is too busy, ugly and distractingly designed. Luckily the classic suit is available from the start and there are only maybe two cut scenes where it switches out so the immersion is intact for 99 % of the game
  • Singularity 17 Apr 2021 10:09:09 3,263 posts
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    Assassinís Creed Odyssey. Main game and all the DLC. 90 hours or so.

    I really, really enjoyed it. I think a lot of it was the setting, dicking around on Greek islands was really what I needed with lockdown.

    Itís the first in the series Iíve really played since number 2, and the modern day story stuff is still as pointless and stupid as ever. Luckily those bits were always really short. The controversial bit in the second episode of the DLC was pretty horrendous as I had, mostly by chance rather than design, ended up playing Kassandra as a lesbian, so being forced the other way felt incredibly egregious. I guess they felt they needed it for the story, but it was a huge misstep.

    That aside, by the end I was an assassinating death machine, which was great fun. Next up, Persona 5 Strikers.
  • dfunked09 17 Apr 2021 10:18:09 2,001 posts
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    Registered 1 year ago
    Yeah, I absolutely hated that forced story point in the DLC... Just such a horribly jarring moment that I can't believe actually got greenlit. I can only imagine how much it must've pissed off people who were playing to match their actual sexuality, not just some bloke like me role playing as a badass lesbian mysthios

    Still a great game though.
  • Mola_Ram 17 Apr 2021 10:28:30 25,729 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    I can see how that would have bothered some, but my Kassandra banged at every opportunity.
  • PazJohnMitch 17 Apr 2021 14:24:50 16,927 posts
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    Bye bi Kassandra
  • Darth_Flibble 17 Apr 2021 14:36:21 5,217 posts
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    Knights and Bikes

    glad it was gamepass title as I don't think it was amazing as some make out but its not terrible. I like the graphics apart from the character designs, they are hideous. Also the game is bit too long, this small indie game could of been a bit shorter but its co-op fun a lot of the time

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 17 Apr 2021 17:26:21 17,587 posts
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    @Darth_Flibble Iíve never heard of that before but on 8 or 16 bit it sounds 100% like a buy for the rad box title
  • Malek86 20 Apr 2021 13:01:29 12,002 posts
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    Flashback (Switch)

    The DNA of Prince of Persia is evident, but you can also see where Oddworld took its cues. It's basically the missing link between the two series.

    And surprisingly, it aged quite well. The controls take some getting used to, but feel quite tight afterward, and the game somehow manages to stay fair almost the whole way throughout. Unfortunately the last couple levels were a bit too frustrating, with few save points and lots of annoying enemies. Also, I almost got screwed over after saving the game in a very difficult spot.

    Still good fun while it lasts.

  • Nanocrystal 21 Apr 2021 03:36:33 2,412 posts
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    FFVII Remake

    I freaking loved this. Amazing. Was really worried the combat would be awful after playing the demo, but the more the game goes on the more it develops into a pretty great system, and the various materia combos and weapon builds add depth and strategy. The characters are fleshed out so wonderfully, Midgar looks amazing (a few low-res sky boxes aside), and all the memorable moments and set-pieces are present and correct, often expanded and improved upon. Now onto hard mode and the platinum trophy. I'm playing the free PS Plus version on PS5 but will definitely buy Intergrade at some point, if only for photo mode.

    This game are sick/10
  • Bichii 21 Apr 2021 07:18:10 4,541 posts
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    Borderlands 3

    Meh. Not sure what to give it. The gunplay is good and when it really kicks off it can be a lot of chaotic fun. However I really didn't care for any of it like I did in number 2 and it dragged. I liked the varied locations though and Vaughan made me immature laugh quite a lot, shame he wasn't it much.

    6 or a 7/10 probably a 6.
  • simpleexplodingmaybe 21 Apr 2021 07:31:33 17,587 posts
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    Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps

    This feels like what I want DLC to be. Three chapters of substantive story-driven content with more extras like new suits, side-quests and challenge missions. Probably 10-12 hours by the time you 100% them.

    The first chapter is probably the best as its got intrigue and more varied mission types but all three could have been inserted into the main game without looking very out of place.

    Only downsides are I noticed a couple of bugs which the main game didnít have. My mini-map would disappear after some of the random encounters in Chapter 2. And it leans a bit too heavily on waves of goons in place of more structured missions, increasingly so as you progress through the story.

    That said most other games would charge you as much for the new outfits as this does does for hours of fully scripted content so its hard to complain too much. It serves as a nice coda to the original too setting up possible routes for sequels too.

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 21 Apr 2021 07:33:17 17,587 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    Iíd score it higher but there are some real cheap bullet sponges among the goon waves that make some missions a bit of a chore when youíve got six waves in each location
  • Fonzie 21 Apr 2021 08:14:33 3,460 posts
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    Bichii wrote:
    Borderlands 3

    Meh. Not sure what to give it. The gunplay is good and when it really kicks off it can be a lot of chaotic fun. However I really didn't care for any of it like I did in number 2 and it dragged. I liked the varied locations though and Vaughan made me immature laugh quite a lot, shame he wasn't it much.

    6 or a 7/10 probably a 6.
    Same for me with this. Couldn't wait for it to finish by the end. And why did they have to include some awful platform sections if you wanted to 100% objectives?
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