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  • Deleted user 15 September 2012 18:40:47
    They did, it was awesome! Not the games fault you don't know how to use a proper controller!
  • Armoured_Bear 15 Sep 2012 19:01:00 21,666 posts
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    mowgli wrote:
    They did, it was awesome! Not the games fault you don't know how to use a proper controller!
    I'm more than adept at old fashioned controllers, since before you were born etc. etc.

    I completed the game btw...
  • Vortex808 15 Sep 2012 19:09:13 12,124 posts
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    RDR controls were pretty poor IMO. As sadly ruins every rockstar game for me.

  • Gunzberg 15 Sep 2012 20:20:51 2,315 posts
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    Sniper Elite V2 (german Version)

    In this version the X-Ray Kill Cam is disabled and there is no Hitler level. Of course Steam did not tell me this when I bought it (I live in Germany).

    Without those features the game was ok but not what I enjoyed from the demo.

    +Great level art
    +Great music
    +Great sniping

    -Some crappy collecting to get achievements
    -Removal of core features in German version
    -Multiplayer is quite dull. Imagine everyone camps for the entire match and nothing happens. Ever.

  • SFD 15 Sep 2012 20:47:36 566 posts
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    Borderlands (solo)

    Awesome game

  • PrivateFloyd 16 Sep 2012 13:33:43 5,072 posts
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    Mikey Shorts (iOS)

    Super little game for iPhone/iPad. Guide a little customisable pixel-art chappy through speed run levels earning stars for better times.

    Once you have completed the "story" mode there are 48 challenge levels that up the ante a little but shouldn't give accomplished gamers much trouble.

    Once all thats done there is a pair of Golden Shorts hidden in each story level that actually are very well hidden (I didnt come across one pair whilst completing the speed runs normally!)

    Racked up 3.5 hours of game time from a purchase of 69p!

    Felt it deserved its place in this thread as its the first game I have properly completed since Max was born!!

    Highly recommended if you are yet to dip your toes. Its 69p!!!

  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 16 Sep 2012 18:40:49 31,824 posts
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    New Super Mario Bros 2

    A big surprise to me, this one. After reading so much how it's just going through the motions, I really enjoyed this a lot. It felt a whole lot fresher than I thought it would (might be worth mentioning I've not played NSMBWii) - there are quite a lot of new ideas integrated into the levels, as well as using the old powers in new ways.

    I played it right after the first one and the level design is a clear step up. I came in expecting a glorified mission pack and ended up playing something that really does feel like a sequel. Sure, I'll grant you it's definitely not a Mario World to Yoshi's Island jump, but more like Sonic 1 to Sonic 2 - clear improvements in the right direction.

    I especially love the Gold Flower more than I thought I would, when you use it you feel like a tank! Fireballs blast out from where they hit causing death and destruction all around. New paths become available, the more annoying enemies become trivial. I do love being Midas Mario :)

    Then there's Coin Rush, which is more addictive than I thought it'd be. I'll probably keep coming back to it, especially when the DLC comes out (if prices reasonably). That's all I've got to do now - it's taken me 14 hours to hit 4 star completion, with only the big 1 million to go.

    Loved it all. Certainly not as original as Super Mario 3D Land which I'd definitely recommend ahead of this, but this is still a solid, enjoyable game well worth getting.

    9/10, were I into randomly associating numerical values with text.
  • Deleted user 16 September 2012 21:06:14
    SFD wrote:
    Borderlands (solo)

    Awesome game

    What is this like as a solo game - always sort of backed out of buying it because it seemed more geared to co-op play? have i just misjudged this?
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 16 Sep 2012 21:08:41 31,824 posts
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    I played it almost entirely solo and also really enjoyed it. At the sort of prices you can get it for now, I'd definitely say it's worth a look.
  • PrivateFloyd 16 Sep 2012 21:11:08 5,072 posts
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    I played the entirety of Borderlands once co-op and once solo. They both offer different but awesome experiences.

    I found the solo run i took alot more in and was able to experience alot more. BUT the co-op run was a riot and brings with it the stories that make the game imo.

    I'm after a co-op buddy for Borderlands 2 if your on the fence?!
  • Vortex808 16 Sep 2012 21:14:16 12,124 posts
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    joelstinton wrote:
    SFD wrote:
    Borderlands (solo)

    Awesome game

    What is this like as a solo game - always sort of backed out of buying it because it seemed more geared to co-op play? have i just misjudged this?
    I solo-ed it all and have played co-op too.

    It's still great on single-player and as floyd says you can take more in. Co-op is just a lot of laughs and shooting lots of baddies in the face.

    Which is no bad thing at all!
  • Deleted user 16 September 2012 21:18:33
    Thanks for the quick replies. *adds to wishlist. A bit short on cash at the moment for a full retail release. will think bout picking up the first one in a few weeks then. Thanks for the offer of co-op play though!
  • richardiox 16 Sep 2012 21:39:17 6,969 posts
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    doctor_fraud wrote:
    Rockstar's games control just fine.

    Sure the characters from RDR and LA Noire were abit clunky
    Red Dead, GTA4 and LA Noire all had not great character control. Max Payne could be a bit clunky too.

    You could argue that they're "fine" and yes they do the job but as you said yourself, they're clunky which for a huge dev with huge budgets is, like Vortex says, pretty poor.

    Euphoria looks great but trying to get one of those characters through a fucking door...nightmare

    Edited by richardiox at 21:39:54 16-09-2012
  • King_Edward 16 Sep 2012 21:42:14 11,470 posts
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    Yeah. Downloaded RDR: Undead Nightmare not long ago, but I just can't play it. Horrible, sluggish movement.
  • oceanmotion 16 Sep 2012 22:01:11 17,312 posts
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    Well, Mass Effect falls into that RPG, must be shit category of controls and funnily enough as it became less so, the controls were a lot better. Nowadays it just bad game development to not get controls right. Not some new frontier.

    Rockstar make open world action games and have been doing so for a long time. Games have come and gone and shown 3rd person control shouldn't be clunky or awkward in any way whatsoever but with every Rockstar game, they still fall short. It's just bloody disappointing when it is painfully obvious why control and movement is poor. Not getting the basics right is unforgivable.

    Edited by oceanmotion at 22:03:23 16-09-2012
  • Deleted user 16 September 2012 22:22:16
    Yeah, RDR controlled like a dog. Had for the most part that Rockstar patented treacle-like movement, then it gives a shooting system with zero satisfaction (even with the assist turned off it was stupidly easy to hit your target).
  • Deleted user 16 September 2012 22:51:55
    I can't say I was ever bored playing Mass Effect (the first one). RDR is a grind, sure it looks amazing, and has unmatched production and polish but past that it's a mediocre third person shooter with a dull predictable story. It has all the traits of an RPG without the good bits, like a branching story, decent loot, levelling up and a good combat system, it's like they were too scared to go the distance and just make an RPG for fear of offending their fans.

    Anyway just finished Walking Dead episode 3, I suspect Eurogamer are just waiting till episode 5 is released and reviewing the whole package, and if the last 2 episodes maintain the quality it will go down as one of the best modern point and click adventure games/interactive thingys around, if you want a great story, characters and TOUGH choices go download it.
  • MrWonderstuff 16 Sep 2012 23:28:51 2,674 posts
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    Sleeping Dogs - 8/10 - good solid open world fun
    Legend of Grimrock - 8/10 - great to be back with something I grew up with - fiendish puzzles and some great old school mechanics.
    Driver San Francisco - 7/10 - For a driving game it wasn't bad - the story was cool especially how they worked in the switching mechanic and based most of the story around that. Some nice acting too.
  • andytheadequate 17 Sep 2012 01:04:42 8,980 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    After nearly 18 months, I have finally completed chrono trigger. Only the second JRPG I've ever finished and I loved it.

    I started it last year but never got into it, but started playing again and was utterly addicted to it. I nearly gave up when I got trounced by the last boss, but did the side quests and ended up enjoying the game even more, and made the last boss very easy.

    Can't recommend it enough.

  • Rens11 17 Sep 2012 01:17:43 1,787 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago

    I played solo and found it a chore to play. Attack gang hideout across boring environment go back to hub then do the same again anything above your level takes a million bullets to kill. Still yet to try the game in co op though
  • Deleted user 17 September 2012 01:41:42

    That's pretty much my exact experience with Borderlands too.
  • DiamondIce 17 Sep 2012 09:51:58 1,185 posts
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    Sleeping Dogs (PC)

    It made a nice change to play an open world game in another country instead of the usual New York-style American city.

    The city was one of the best realised in a game for a long while and the graphics were amazing especially with the high-res pack. The night time scenes and rain looked almost real. I spent a lot of time just driving around looking at the scenery.

    Story-wise the game felt solid throughout and the last few missions were pretty epic.

    Most of the side missions were okay too which gave the game some extra longevity. It would have been nice to have more missions like those at the end because a percentage of the game was taken up by missions that didn't involve a lot (albeit used to advance the story).

    There wasn't really that much gun play in the game as most of it took place with hand-to-hand combat. It took some getting used to at the start because I had come straight from Batman AC but once leveled up the combat felt solid. The environmental moves such as throwing somebody into a furnace or under a hoisted up car engine (pleasant) was a nice additional touch to the combat.

    I did find that once I mastered the fighting the game seemed easy especially with all the health upgrades.

    If you like open world games then this is a game not to miss. I wasn't expecting too much from it but it was brilliant from start to finish. I was quite disappointed when it ended which is quite rare for me these days.

  • LockeTribal 17 Sep 2012 10:55:42 4,675 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Infamous - Finally finished this on Friday. Really enjoyed it. The story was fairly crap but otherwise it's a really solid game. Can't see myself going back through it on an evil run, but I may go back from time to time to see if I can finish off collecting all those blast shards (currently at 289/350). Also slightly tempted to download Infamous 2 now that I've joined PS+.

  • TOOTR 17 Sep 2012 17:58:03 10,417 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Dark Souls

    The BEST game I have played this generation. Easily.

    Which, by default, makes this one of the best games I have ever played.

    1000/1000GP on it too.

    It utterly consumed me and I am feeling withdrawal effects leaving it now.

    Absolutely EPIC.

  • mikeck 18 Sep 2012 11:19:06 1,936 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    @LockeTribal Do it. Infamous 2 is a good improvement on the first, and really enjoyable for the most part.

    (Still have to play the vampire DLC for it though).
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