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  • imamazed 14 Mar 2013 13:42:03 6,322 posts
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    Re Malick:

    [SPOILER]Got no problem with it being hard, but I genuinely thought you couldn't save her. The game hadn't really given you failure/success "choices" like that before and so when she died (very quickly I may add; I probably was using the wrong tactic but it seemed impossible from where I was sitting) I just assumed that was the course the game was meant to take. It was only when I discussed it with a friend later that I realised you could save her. Bit annoying knowing that after![/SPOILER]
  • Triggerhappytel 15 Mar 2013 01:10:37 2,694 posts
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    Prototype 2

    I started out feeling very disinterested in this, but it got better as it went on. Annoyingly, they withhold the ability to hijack tanks and helicopters from you until about half way through the game, which is pretty stupid as they handle really well and that's some of the best fun to be had. The main character is a complete dick, the storytelling fucking awful and he makes so many illogical decisions (specifically in letting other untrustworthy characters live who - surprise! - double cross him). The excessive gore and bad language feels very juvenile, and it lacks the polish of a typical major production.

    But, it's kinda fun. Running around with uber superpowers is pretty cool, and there's a good sense of progression as you end up a lot more powerful than when you begin. The third island is a lot more enjoyable than the other two, as there's a lot of conflict between NPCs and it's full of skyscrapers. It also gives the graphics more if a chance to shine, and while they aren't as impressive as some open world games, there are some really nice effects and it can render large crowds of characters at once.

    Although I haven't played the first game, and I understand the two are very similar. There are some good ideas there, and it feels like in the hands of or collaborating with a more capable studio would have resulted in a much better game overall. It feels like they tried to create something cross between Wolverine and Hulk - and got that bit right, for the most part - but couldn't create a particularly interesting or compelling game around that.


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  • FatsoJetson 15 Mar 2013 23:32:54 353 posts
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    Tomb Raider - 10/10

    Just my kind of game really. Loved every minute of it.
  • hypoBla5t 16 Mar 2013 15:23:29 2,252 posts
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    Kirby's Epic Yarn.

    I have, like many, become a bit disillusioned with Nintendo over the last few years. This feels like a bit of a last hurrah for my Wii and really does take me back to my childhood when Nintendo and SEGA were the undisputed bosses.

    The graphical style of everything being knitted or sewn is superb and not just a gimmick: it looks amazing but the levels are full of zips, buttons, everything you could think of any more.

    It's intelligent, sickeningly sweet but also very witty, it's exactly what I hoped it'd be really.

    Holding its price pretty well still at 20 ish but totally worth it.


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  • khaz 16 Mar 2013 16:21:33 2,836 posts
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    L_Franko wrote:
    Max Payne 3

    Brilliant, loved it from start to finish. I didn't come across a single section that I wouldn't mind having to play through again. I might have liked some of the areas to have been a little bigger in one or two spots (I mean more room to move around in) and sometimes controlling Max was a bit fiddly but other than that it was spot on.

    I shall be playing it through again on a harder setting very shortly.
    You now have the option to skip cutscenes.

    You can enjoy it even more now. :)
  • RyanDS 16 Mar 2013 17:23:01 11,782 posts
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    Tomb Raider

    For the first half I was on the 9/10 border. I was having fun, despite it being an Uncharted clone without anything to do with Tomb Raider.

    However towards the end they gave up on even the pretence of puzzles and tombs, and it just became one long grind of boring enemies with gameplay that might as well be gears of war.

    So 7/10

    Looks nice, plays nice, but as soon as I finished I loaded up Tomb Raider Anniversary and had great fun doing some actual puzzles.
  • minky-kong 16 Mar 2013 18:08:08 13,502 posts
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    Spec Ops: The Line

    Great story, boring gameplay, frustratingly shit Gears Of War sticky cover system.

  • Gunzberg 16 Mar 2013 18:26:17 2,315 posts
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    Starcraft 2: HotS campaign


    decent enough, good mission variety, nice pace.
  • andytheadequate 16 Mar 2013 18:59:05 8,980 posts
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    I finally finished my Empire Total War play through last night. 200 years, 401 turns, nearly 60 hours played and all regions conquered. Utterly brilliant game, even if it occasionally went to a crawl when too many armies were near each other.
  • Max_Powers 16 Mar 2013 20:28:55 1,230 posts
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    Far Cry 3

    Loved liberating camps and roaming the islands. Story started out ok but quickly got really, really bad.
  • drhcnip 17 Mar 2013 14:03:44 5,926 posts
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    had put off playing this for ages, which is odd as i loved the first one

    i think it was the comments abut the length that put me is short but i enjoyed it while it lasted

    its a long time ago, but i think i preferred the the graphic novelly graphics, though


    now for some fun with lara......
  • dominalien 17 Mar 2013 22:16:42 8,501 posts
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    Half-Life (Linux)

    It appeared as Linux-compatible some time ago on my Steam list, so I downloaded it and started playing, sort of to take a look at how it's aged. It was in beta at first, with some often hilarious bugs, like no looking up/down with the mouse on the first day or fans not rotating (but still deadly) for the first couple of weeks. Somehow, it drew me in and I've just completed it.

    Steam tells me I'd been playing for 17 hours, so that makes it a pretty lengthy adventure. It's very simple graphically, but that just means it's running at a very solid 60 fps and my MBP's fans hardly spin up. It doesn't happen very often that a game runs so well for me. :-)

    It really is splendid. It lulled me into a false rhythm at the beginning (short corridor - area with a puzzle - short corridor - area with a puzzle), up to a point that I left it alone for a couple of weeks, but then I got back into it and it develops splendidly, especially after (I'll spoiler it just in case) the troops arrive. The end section was not very enjoyable, but it's mercifully not very long. The final choice is meaningless, but still fun. The final fight before that is very straightforward but still moderately challenging, making for a nice change of pace from what games usually do these days.

    Looking at my notes, I previously completed it in 1999 and gave it 82%. The score still stands.

  • Rens11 17 Mar 2013 22:33:20 1,787 posts
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    Completed half life 2 recently and been meaning to play Half life myself. Does the pc version have controller support? Is the ps2 version any good?
  • Mr_Sleep 18 Mar 2013 11:26:55 21,645 posts
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    King_Edward wrote:
    I love the Malick bit. I like that it's difficult to save her. If it were easy to save her it'd just a choice between saving her, and being a dick. This way there's actually an incentive to do the shitty thing.
    I do agree with your general point but I didn't like the way they did it, there was just something about it that felt a bit weak.
  • beastmaster 18 Mar 2013 20:59:57 18,099 posts
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    Halo 4 - 8/10

    Big, bold, bombastic and beautiful.

    Looking forward to the next one with Cortana Mk II?

    I've only just got around to playing this about a week ago. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Unsure if I'll do the MP as my backlog is massive.
  • bladdard 18 Mar 2013 21:05:26 1,278 posts
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    God of war ghost of Sparta (PSP via my lovely Vita)

    + good visuals
    + great combat
    + good pacing
    + fun arcade game
    + proper god of war game

    - not very epic
    - repetitive
    - screen tear

    Lovely game, good fun, good length. Perfect for handheld gaming. 7/10
  • unicorn69 18 Mar 2013 21:09:31 85 posts
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    Sleeping Dogs

    Great game. Solid story but feels really short.
  • King_Edward 18 Mar 2013 21:34:41 11,470 posts
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    Dead Space

    I think I was a bit harsh on this on release. The game keeps up the tense atmosphere from start to finish. Isaac feels good and weighty, and it's surprisingly varied. It's let down by the repeated monster closets.

  • figaro7 18 Mar 2013 21:34:50 1,426 posts
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    There's no doubt ZombiU looks average, poor at times, but to dismiss it purely based on this would do the game a disservice. ZombiU does so many things right in the horror genre and its the little things that stick out after the game is said and done that make it for what it is.

    The sound, is brilliant, having prepper basically tell you the story and objectives through your gamepad is a nifty idea, giving you insights into locations as you walk on by. Then the zombies, the eerie atmosphere and the music all gell so well.

    But like i said its the little things, using the gamepad for inventory, forcing you to look away from the screen, checking your map for the flashes of red dots and the beep that goes with it, then the scanning, Metroid would do well to copy this mechanic. Unlocking security code doors using the scanner is excellent, even if it's just to find some ammo. Other things like finding shortcuts or looking for that next safe house or save point all add to the tension and enjoyment.

    The gameplay is clunky, but deliberatly so, the cricket bat is a satisfying weapon and the fact that you need to hold one button to aim and the other to hit or shoot feels very resident evil like, but suits the game well. Its interesting because the flashlight needs to be on constantly so you can see as the game is dark, another deliberate feature increase the tension. The light flickers when the battery is low and when it goes off, its scary, even waiting the few seconds for the battery to recharge.

    As for the zombies, the stars of the show, they do the job nicely, having just enough variety in them to create a panic when a crowd builds, forcing you to think on your feet.

    Even the death system is well implemented, die and you start from scratch, but find your old self and your rewarded, dont die and you'll be rewarded with level upgrades, making you stronger and feeling more confident in your battle to survive.

    In the end, Zombiu may not be a killer app for the wii u, but it is the perfect showcase of what the system is capable of.

  • Luke_Martin_VA 18 Mar 2013 21:40:38 170 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Tomb Raider

    Grew on me massively after an underwhelming start then tapered off to being pretty darned good. A much-needed reboot and largely a success.

    Oddly for TR: combat > platforming.

    In fact, probably the best adaptive cover-based mechanics I've ever seen. Kudos for that.
  • Matt36 20 Mar 2013 00:16:18 2,147 posts
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    WWE 13

    Passing on the Multiplayer and done everything else in the game. 885/1000Gs. All unlockables. Attitude Era done and enjoyed it, even if its limited and short.
  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 00:22:35
    Max Payne 3 (360)

    +Some of the best gunplay ever. Bullet time will never get boring
    +The setting was good and well presented. Very high production values
    +Nice and lengthy campaign
    +The story wasn't bad and it was good to be back with Max

    -The amount of cutscenes is a bit ott(I am a fan of cutscenes too!)
    -Waves of enemies towards the end, and the ending itself was a bit silly
    -Controls are a bit off(typical Rockstar) and Max takes ages to get up

  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 00:25:32
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Bloody hell there was a lot in this game. Some of it didn't work too well... I didn't like Leonardo's machines and the Truth puzzles started to grate. Other wee niggles here and there too.

    Offset by the fact there's just so much that was right and just bloody amazing means even the stuff I wasn't keen on just didn't matter.

    Just so damn good. It's obvious this is the pinnacle AC game. Time for a rest for a good long while before I start revelations.

  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 00:44:49
    BillCityfingers wrote:
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Just so damn good. It's obvious this is the pinnacle AC game. Time for a rest for a good long while before I start revelations.
    Make that a very long while! I played AC:B a bit too soon (a year) after AC2 and as a result AC:B didn't feel as fresh, even though there's more to it, more polish and it's just as immersive.

    AC:R is even more technically accomplished, but it lacks the immersion and just feels like a tired game made without any passion or joy. It's hard to believe how banal Ezio is, having played such a spirited character in the previous games.
  • Phattso 20 Mar 2013 05:43:13 22,916 posts
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    I just finished ACII myself recently, having had it on the "pile" for a few years. I really enjoyed it, but I couldn't stomach the thought of another two whole games in that setting so I just youtubed the story bits and ploughed straight on into ACIII. :)

    ACII, though: 8/10. Really great game, even now.
  • khaz 20 Mar 2013 05:51:32 2,836 posts
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    AC2 still has the best tombs. The one in the cathedral in Venice was outstanding.
  • DUFFMAN5 20 Mar 2013 06:38:12 22,717 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Re AC games. If you only play 1 game it needs to be AC:B, if ACII was a 10 then it is a perfect 10.

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  • azurelas_2 20 Mar 2013 06:41:12 1,774 posts
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    Dark Souls (3rd playthrough)

    Unforgiving, relentless, brutal and sadistic.
    The best game ever made.
  • Humperfunk 20 Mar 2013 09:34:52 7,480 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    Out of all the Ass Creed games, only ACII is the one that tempts me with another playthrough. I consider that to be one of the best games this generation, oustanding stuff.
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