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  • nickthegun 8 Mar 2018 15:59:20 74,968 posts
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    Speaking of which B the beginning on Netflix is alright. The guy who plays the chosen one is 9S from nier.

    It's a bit generic but it veers left into murder mystery rather than treading similar ground to ajin which it threatens to do.
  • Ror 8 Mar 2018 16:02:55 17,677 posts
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    I mean, not to say I haven't watched any dubs. The Ghibli ones are usually pretty decent, though that's generally because, as Roguey pointed towards, they use fairly big name actors a lot of the time. The only times I've watched dubbed bits of shows, they seemed pretty bad.

    Having said that, I know Ashly Burch voices Mayuri in the Steins;Gate dub, which has made me want to check that voice track out, and I do remember hearing decent things about the Kill La Kill dub. With how fast-moving that show can be though, it seems like it'd be a tricky one to dub.

    My comment was less one on quality and more of an anecdotal musing, I suppose. I just personally don't know anyone that would choose a dub over a sub.
  • nickthegun 8 Mar 2018 16:10:23 74,968 posts
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    You don't have to justify yourself, bro! I know dubs aren't the most popular, it's just that I think a lot of original language tracks are as generic as the English version, so you might as well listen to that.

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  • Ror 8 Mar 2018 16:16:35 17,677 posts
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    That's fair enough. And to be fair, a lot of the bits and pieces of dubs I've heard will have been 90s stuff (lookin' at you, Evangelion), so I'm horribly out of date there.

    I suppose it helps that, thanks to mainly using Crunchyroll now, I don't even have to make a choice :D
  • Deleted user 8 March 2018 18:02:20
    I'd have to agree that the quality of American dubbing just isn't quite there. I suppose the script and style of anime also just doesn't translate well into English unless the actors are very talented, of which there are very few in anime dubbing.
  • oldschoolsoviet 11 Mar 2018 17:55:47 6,533 posts
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    nickthegun wrote:
    Speaking of which B the beginning on Netflix is alright. The guy who plays the chosen one is 9S from nier.

    It's a bit generic but it veers left into murder mystery rather than treading similar ground to ajin which it threatens to do.
    Don't quite get the Ajin reference - lots of other anime tropes abound sure, but Ajin ? Least it had a clear structure, plot and good characters.

    Unlike the mess of B:The Beginning. Holy clusterfuck Batman. It's almost a definition of "too many cooks" with absolutely everything slammed in, whether it works or not. I still found it entertaining in a way, but I'm dreading starting A.I.C.O if this is what Netflix are sinking their money into......

    Ed: Fired through A.I.C.O today. Eeesshh. Suffers from the typical 'simple story wrapped up in confusion to make it appear more complicated' syndrome, and wasn't in anyway surprised by anything - heavy signposting and sticking to tropes ruined anything resembling a reveal. Looks pretty, and good work by Bones throughout, but again, it'd barely be worth a mention if it appeared as a normal weekly series.

    I suppose these (B & A.I.C.O) do work on some level as nice introductions on Netflix, and I'm not expecting the next anime classic to suddenly appear overnight, but they definitely need something else other than derivative tosh to pull in an audience, be it anime fans or otherwise.

    Something like the upcoming trilogy of Psycho Pass films could've been a better shout, with an actual fanbase and a western appeal, but all those voices proclaiming Netflix funding would be great are very quiet now.

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  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 19 Mar 2018 23:08:32 4,079 posts
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    Ok, so, I'm out of Yamato 2202 eps until fansubbers come up with the goods (how very 2007) and Marchen Madchen is taking a couple of weeks off because its production has turned into a shit-pit. So - god help me - I tried Death March Parallel World Some Bullshit Bullshit.

    Fucking hell...

    This was actually made as a commercial product? Which people expect to make money off? I'd heard it was bad, but... bloody hell. Beyond awful. Struggling to think of a series this bad since the run-up to the big industry crash of 06/07.

    On a more positive note, Beatless has decided to go the "interesting conceptual sci-fi" route rather than the "generic robot girlfriend wish-fulfillment" route. Its habit of taking a (scheduled) recap episode every 5 eps is infuriating, but it is playing around with some interesting ideas. Basically toying with subversions of Asimov's three laws of robotics.
  • The-Bodybuilder 19 Mar 2018 23:39:33 17,271 posts
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    Interesting on the feedback on B and AICO. Started on the former. Seemed ok but formulaic and slept off. Latter is on my to watch list.

    Would rather Netflix use their money to finally get S2 of AoT, even though I've watched it already.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 25 Mar 2018 18:27:22 4,079 posts
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    Fucking HELL... Marchen Madchen took two weeks off from its airing schedule to recover from production problems. Episode 9 is out now and I can honestly say it has some of the worst art and animation I've seen in broadcast anime since the 90s. I can see this show being a career-ender for quite a few of the people involved. Pity, as it has had some entertaining moments along the way.

    Watched episode 1 of AICO. Seems good.
  • Ror 25 Mar 2018 19:07:44 17,677 posts
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    I'm still watching SAO and all the people are fairies now.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 25 Mar 2018 19:17:28 4,079 posts
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    @Ror Ah, so you've got to The Bit That Sucks. Then you get the bit where they're all in an fps, clearly designed by somebody who's never played an fps (though I guess some elements of it weirdly sort-of predict PUBG and Fortnite).

    When SAO is good, it's good. But there is some real crap stuff in there too.
  • Ror 25 Mar 2018 19:28:48 17,677 posts
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    @Rogueywon Honestly, the whole time they were in Aincrad, I was wondering about what was going on outside. Were people really dying? How had the world reacted to this event? Were the police looking for Kayaba?

    Having said that, the SAO portion of it came to an incredibly swift conclusion. There were a load of threads left hanging; what happened with that guy who tried to take over the Army guild? How come Silica and Lisbeth were intro'd and never seen again? What about that ganking guild? All sidequests for sure, if you'll excuse the use of the term here :D But I feel like Aincrad should have taken up the whole first season and had more time to breathe.

    I am still enjoying it, but I'm only two or three episodes past the end of Aincrad.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 25 Mar 2018 19:34:02 4,079 posts
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    @Ror If the Aincrad section feels rushed, it's because it was. It's based on a single light novel - the author's first - which he rushed through to make the deadline for a competition. He's since admitted that he regrets having rushed through the arc so quickly and also that the writing in some of the other early light novels (including the one whose adaptation you're up to now) was fairly juvenile.

    He's actually now in the process of writing SAO: Progressive, which is a much slower-paced version of the Aincrad story, filling in a lot of the blanks from the original.

    Some of the hanging threads you've referred to do come up later in the anime, though.
  • Ror 25 Mar 2018 19:45:44 17,677 posts
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    @Rogueywon Good to know, thanks. Hopefully the rewrite will get its own adaptation somewhere down the line, as I'd love a more fleshed out retelling of that arc.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 25 Mar 2018 21:55:39 4,079 posts
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    My word... I just saw episode 12 of A Place Further Than The Universe. There is considerable doubt as to whether or not there is an episode 13. If that's the ending, then that is one HELL of a mic drop note to end on.

    Superb show, from start to (possible) finish.
  • oldschoolsoviet 27 Mar 2018 18:27:12 6,533 posts
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    No, Ep13 out today, needs to have an uplifting ending ffs. And considerable doubt is easily rectified with a quick search......

    As for Marchen Madchen, seems they've just binned any attempt at finishing Ep11 AND 12, with a half-hearted "perhaps for the Blu-ray". Seems like an utter nightmare judging from some anonymous inside reports being touted about, and I'm kinda curious to watch a few just to see how bad it is.

    What'll be interesting is that Hood have another show (3D Konojo) in the Spring line-up, so watch this space.

    As for Spring, I took my usual cursory glance and thought ehh, looks crap. Then I realised just how many shows look somewhat promising, PLUS the leftovers like Franxx etc, and I'm going to need a lot of free time. That or dropping a lot of shows.

    LoGH remake, Golden Kamuy, Gurazeni, Hinamitsuri, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, FLCL 2 & 3, Lupin III, Persona 5 (despite it probably sticking to the same template as 4)......phew. Devil's Line, Megalo Box and Juushinki Pandora fill out the maybe section, but I couldn't give a rat's ass about Shokugeki/MHA etc.

    Fumikiri Jikan looks like it'll fill the token 'short' I'll follow, but I'm hoping Hisone to Maso-tan will live up to my hopes - Bones plus comedy antics tending to a JSDF dragon looks right up my alley.

    Only thing to do this week is enjoy the triple-header finale for 3gatsu (thank you Olympics) and try a second attempt at Steins:Gate (to perhaps set up for the Zero off-shoot). Might be hailed as a great, but I just didn't get on with it the first time around....Robotics:Notes was the only ":" series I was at least lukewarm to.....
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 27 Mar 2018 21:05:50 4,079 posts
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    Good explanation of what went wrong with Marchen Madchen (albeit based on a limited range of sources) here. Very rare to see such a frank post-mortem out of the anime industry, which tends to be quite opaque to external scrutiny (because people are afraid for their jobs/careers).
  • evild_edd 5 Apr 2018 11:39:05 3,990 posts
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    Hello all.

    My 4-year-old son is just getting interested in longer films. I dusted off my old anime DVDs to find an alternative to Disney / Pixar, and because he's been enjoying Ronja (series on Prime).

    So, yeah, 95% of my anime he'll have to wait another decade to see...

    He loves Princess Mononoke and enjoyed Spirited Away, so Ghibli seems a safe bet, but he also loves anything where characters have swords.

    Looking for some recommendations (films or series) on anything that might fit the bill and be age appropriate... (I'd actually forgotten how bloody PM was until I watched it with him but he seemed okay so guess that's a suitable bench mark)
  • KRadiation 5 Apr 2018 12:08:46 1,356 posts
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    My 4yr old loves The Cat Returns and you can go wrong with Totoro and possibly Ponyo. Though my lot get bored after the part where Ponyo is still little and gets squeezed. "Rewind it!!"
  • ilmaestro 5 Apr 2018 13:37:37 32,924 posts
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    evild_edd wrote:
    he's been enjoying Ronja
    Kemono no Souja Erin has some very similar aesthetics if you can find it.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 8 Apr 2018 22:56:54 4,079 posts
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    So I've spent this afternoon/evening trying the new Spring shows. Thoughts on the ones I've watched:

    Mahou Shoujo Site: Fucking hell that was dark. Billed as a magical girl show, but mostly an exercise in really quite sadistic cruelly towards its main character. That said, it's well executed and I'm not averse to having one or two very dark shows per season. I'd seen comparisons to Magical Girl Raising Project, but even that manages to pretend to be a happy, fluffy show for a single episode.

    Persona 5: The Animation: It looks like a very faithful adaptation of the game. Of course, it loses masses in the translation and, despite some stylish and spirited visuals, the emotional core of the game seems to be missing. But will give it a chance.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A reboot of a 1980s OVA series. Insanely pretty, with near Hollywood-level visuals. An odd choice for an episode 1. Lots of ultra-large-scale space-combat tactics, without much context or character building. Feels like the first chapter of Heir to the Empire spread out across 22 minutes. But worth watching just for the visuals.

    SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online: Like watching other people play PUBG for 22 minutes. Yes, I know a lot of people do that on youtube. Those people are fuckheads. This was really boring and a very odd way to start a new show.

    Mahou Shoujo Ore: The other show this season with "Mahou Shoujo" in the title. Absolutely not grimdark. Really quite funny, to be honest. Reminds me a lot of the old Excel Saga spinoff, Puni Puni Poemi. Not sure it can sustain that over a full season, but we'll see.

    My Hero Academia S3: So it basically opens with a recap ep. Still the same old show.

    Caligula: That was weird (and quite badly animated). Interesting concept, not sure about the execution. Can sort-of tell its an adaptation of a low-budget Vita game.

    Cutie Honey Universe: Reboot of the 1970s magical girl show, though definitely not for kids. Fun, but lacks the sheer outrageous energy of some of the other entries in this franchise. Also, they should never have ditched the original OP.

    Uma Musume: Pretty Derby: Kinda cute, but also pretty creepy the moment you stop to think about the concept or world-building for even a millisecond.

    Comic Girls: A pleasant surprise. Yes, it's a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show, but it's well written and actually funny in places. Good sense of comic timing.

    Amanchu S2: More of the first season. Still pretty good. Still not going to set the world on fire.
  • FrostPan 10 Apr 2018 22:43:23 1,510 posts
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    Caught up with Darling in the Franx after leaving it for a month, and wow the latest episode (13) broke me. Really good episode, hope they deliver after leaving that dirty cliffhanger (but very well done) this Saturday.

    Seen the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul: re.
    The original series was above average quality, but this is showing promise.

    And I saw bits of the Persona 5: The Animation. Yeah, I'll pass. Planning to eventually get back to the game and do New Game+ anyway.
  • Ror 10 Apr 2018 23:08:47 17,677 posts
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    I'm a few episodes into SAO II and now Kirito has my hair for some reason.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 10 Apr 2018 23:26:43 4,079 posts
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    I've also now tried "3D Kanojo Real Girl", whose title makes it sound like the worst piece of otaku wish-fulfillment ever. Except it isn't - it's actually, based on the first episode, a more thoughtful show about two prickly, defensive and lonely people opening up to each other.

    A quick google search shows that it's based on a josei manga (aimed at older-teenaged and adult females) rather than the shonen/seinen fare that shows like this are usually adapted from. That probably explains the very different tone.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 10 Apr 2018 23:30:38 4,079 posts
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    @FrostPan Yeah, DitF ep 13 doesn't pull its punches. I like this show. It's had a lot of criticism in some quarters for having a slower pace and, in particular, not having a battle scene every episode. Personally, I count that as a positive.

    The old "every episode of a mecha show must have a battle" trope is a nasty one dating back to the Super Robot shows of the 1970s and continuing through most of the Gundam shows and other major mecha franchises (until Cross Ange and Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans broke the model within the last couple of years). It results in a lot of wheel-spinning and endless, repetitive battle scenes with little plot or character development. It's about time the industry ditched it.
  • Graxlar_v3 11 Apr 2018 08:43:33 4,039 posts
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    @Ror season 2 is the gun gale one isn't it?

    He has your hair because he is a female character.
  • Ror 11 Apr 2018 13:27:37 17,677 posts
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    @Graxlar_v3 Oh, ok.

    Yes, it's the GGO one
  • oldschoolsoviet 11 Apr 2018 23:06:09 6,533 posts
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    3D Kanojo Real Girl is really messy though, both in it's weird direction/jump pacing, and the awful, awful animation - or should that be a lack of. As for not being pandering, well, you could've fooled me. Yes, it's throwing in the humour and sweetness, but by god, the skips over anything resembling tone or characterisation or taking the time to establish anything......

    Whoosh, next scene. Next. And onwards ! Hood really are struggling.

    Still waiting for a few opening episodes amongst the rest of the season, but Netflix are proving to be an annoyance, holding back series until the end of the year to suit their business model. Piano no Mori has thankfully stirred up some fansubs (even though it's a remake of sorts, but interesting), Juushinki Pandora had it's first episode subbed (and supposedly no more, not a surprise given how awful and bland it was) but most worrying of all was Hisone no Maso-tan.

    Thank goodness for blessed Asenshi, stepping in to save the day. Praise be ! I remember when everyone was excited by the Netflix money, saving anime etc. How times change......
  • FrostPan 22 Apr 2018 20:37:54 1,510 posts
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    Latest episode of Franxx was really good. Really glad the love triangle nonsense is over.

    Last episode fecked me off, like it did for most people. But they did a good job following it up nicely with this episode. Now for the main action plot...
  • Ror 22 Apr 2018 21:16:27 17,677 posts
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    Boo, catch-up episode right in the middle of SAO season 2. What a waste of time :(

    Has anyone watched the Danganronpa anime? I will probably start the second game soon, but could do with a recap as it's been a while (and I don't really want to play the first game again, as much as I loved it), so I'm wondering if the anime will work as a reasonable catch-up. I've heard some mixed things about it, but never really read into it.
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