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  • MarkGrigsby 20 Nov 2002 14:18:37 1 posts
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    Does anybody know if the PAL version of Starfox definitely has a 60Hz mode? I'm hoping so, after the great Mario Sunshine conversion...

  • Pirotic Moderator 20 Nov 2002 14:20:20 20,642 posts
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    Im guessing it will, as Rare have always done there best for the PAL market, infact there is an old rumour that it was Rare who had to show Nintendo how to optimize the PAL N64 games (starting with Lylat-Wars)

    But then again, they did rush starfox so they could finish there deal with nintendo and begin on the xbox projects, and as conversions are done after a game is complete they could of gone and rushed it leaving it slightly bordered 50hz ala Luigi's Mansion.
  • Tiitiz 20 Nov 2002 14:39:50 1,128 posts
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    A work mate of mine has it already and is 95% sure it does have a 60Hz option.
  • otto Moderator 28 May 2007 11:16:19 49,322 posts
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    Like someone else pointed out last time this question was asked, 60hz is totally irrelevant for a game that was developed in Europe for the 50hz market. The reason people moan about 60hz versions of games is because they want to play the game as the designer intended it, and usually the designer is Japanese or American and designed the game to run on a 60hz telly. When the game is designed in Europe, the 50hz version is the genuine article. In terms of the visuals, I defy anyone to spot a difference in terms of quality between a game designed to run at 50hz, running at 50hz, and a game designed to run at 60, running at 60. Starfox Adventures was developed by Rare here in Europe, so I should think the 50hz version will be the one for the purist.
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