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  • super_whiskey 29 Dec 2018 13:21:09 301 posts
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    Wandering around camp with a cow carcass on my shoulder, trying to drop it off for Pearson but it's not giving me the option. How di I donate it to the camp?
  • askew 29 Dec 2018 13:22:42 19,119 posts
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    You should be able to just drop it within the camp boundaries and it'll still show in the menu when you go to donate stuff to him.

    But perhaps he doesn't take stolen cow ;)
  • super_whiskey 29 Dec 2018 13:58:36 301 posts
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    It would appear not.

    Found it really fiddly to try and drop it off, gave up and then it started to rot so I dumped it.
  • richyroo 31 Dec 2018 11:41:22 365 posts
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    You dont need to carry the carcass to Pearson, just leave it stowed on your horse and choose "donate" at the provisions tent.
  • Daz190uk 1 Jan 2019 11:48:08 368 posts
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    Iíve just finished the main story.

    I felt it was a slow start during the first half of the game but then you realise why you need the character work. The second half of this game is sublime - up there with Mass Effect in terms of story telling.

    To anyone struggling - itís worth persevering to the end!
  • super_whiskey 1 Jan 2019 11:53:52 301 posts
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    I'm looking forward to getting enough money to open up fast travel.
  • deez 2 Jan 2019 09:50:16 274 posts
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    Ok finished the main story now, actually found ep 6 a lot more engrossing as there seemed to be more missions available than during the rest of the game, and so still pretty keen to polish the rest off.

    Story is pretty forgettable though in my opinion.
  • Mr_Sleep 2 Jan 2019 11:54:34 22,593 posts
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    Just watching the credits roll. There was a lovely period in the game, once I finally had the controls under control, where I was enjoying the missions and the exploration, the crafting and the legendary hunting. The game had me for a while there.

    I think it was somewhere between the swamp and Saint Denis where the game lost me. The missions started getting increasingly tedious and it became increasingly clear that all the things that appear to be RPG mechanics have no bearing on anything much so all the hunting and extraneous stuff got dropped.

    As stated by others, the combat is clunky at best, it also lacks fluidity or a sense of control.

    The development of characters over time was good, I grew to like Charles and Sadie Adler and I grew in antipathy towards the appropriate characters. The general tale they tell is a good one and Arthur's story develops well.

    I think the primary problem is that it is a 20 hour game put in a 200 hour world.
  • Mr_Sleep 2 Jan 2019 12:01:46 22,593 posts
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    Oh and Abigail is a truly terribly character.
  • SambaApe 2 Jan 2019 13:07:34 1,296 posts
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    I tried the online and hell truly is other people. Was griefed the entire time and when I went into a random Ďeventí solo, it was horrific.

    Would be up for possťing up if anyone is in a similar boat, but in no desire to go online again after that.
  • tassletine 3 Jan 2019 15:05:55 3 posts
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    I haven't posted here before but I've come here to vent at the Eurogamer review as it irked me, specifically at why it was marked down from Essential and the reasons given in the review -- Mainly average writing. This is more of an essay written for fun because I can't sleep, so apologies if it's overly long.

    First let me say that I may well have a very different view of this game from most people as I specifically focused on the storytelling during my playthrough. I came to the conclusion fairly quickly that the game wanted me to do this as it's frankly quite poor as a TPS. I'm not here to argue about the balance of merits of gameplay vs story et, but just the story and how it was criticised in the review as being a flaw.

    Just to clarify futher, story is different to plot, the plot in this game is fairly routine. More clafication here by Scorcese if anyone is interested:

    This is going to be full of SPOILERS so probably don't read if you haven't played the game through.

    Firstly, reading the review I came to the conclusion that the reviewer was deliberately looking for faults. In my opinion RD2 is one of the best written pieces of work that I've come across and that includes books, films and TV. The plot is minimal, but the character writing is incredible. The way the characters grow and interact, with multiple arcs converging and diverging is extremely hard to pull off, especially in a videogame.
    RD2 is a hymn to toil and sacrifice -- To shutting up and doing your job without praise or thanks. It's an antidote to these self obsessed, fickle times. It's satire at it's finest.

    So, my feeling is that, the push back from Eurogamer on this point, rather than gameplay, smacks of spite. That Eurogamer also talk of bugs (which are extremely rare) makes me think they were actively looking for flaws.

    "Morgan is less, fleshed out than the original"
    "The sequel lacks the grace of the original"

    I'm not sure about you but one thing that the sequel is not lacking in, is grace. The original however most definitely was. RD1 has a good start and an excellent third act, and has more potent emotional peaks (even if they are more tropey) but the middle is extremely clunky and has been criticised endlessly.

    As for Arthur not being as fleshed out, he's an interior character, so his voice is fleshed out in his journal and in his talks with the camp councellor, Mary Beth. These things can't be ignored, especially when they explain his regret at his killing and his obvious midlife crisis.

    "It's hard to get a grasp on what exactly Red Dead Redemption 2 is about"

    Er ... Maybe Redemption, perhaps?

    That almost every character you meet wants to redeem themselves in some way should make this fairly obvious, even if you didn't notice the title of the game you are playing, or the previous game, so to push back against this either seems intentional or willfully ignorant.
    But possibly it's just because the writing is superb, and like superb film work, the story is being told more through character / action / art direction?

    Anyway. The most potent moment in the story came at the end of the game, much like the final revenge mission in RD1 -- Meeting Tilly (as John) in San Denis.

    In Red Dead 1, once you hunt down your father's killer, you know Jack is doomed to the same life as his father. In the sequel you meet Tilly, in a chance encounter. She is pregnant and has finally escaped the life she was living. She remembers Arthur and tells John he was a good man and she will remember what he did for her.

    At this point, if you've played the first game, you know that John is doomed and almost everyone dies. Everything that the gang did, all that work, was for a moment like this. Giving someone a better future -- And given that the game actively deals with race and feminism, this (partial) ending is extremely important as Tilly has been redeemed.

    The scene actually brought a tear to my eye (which was very unexpected) but it's the understatedness of this encounter that makes this so great. A tiny moment with a huge impact. It was nothing more than a chance encounter to Tilly, but as Arthur's ghost watching over the scene, this means everything.

    There are three other characters who survive as well. Mary Beth, Swanson and Pearson. Swanson is more of a joke (as he moved to New York) but the other two characters are the least disagreeble and most nurturing in the camp -- which is why they leave when Dutch goes off the rails. They also get redeemed, but not to such a great degree as Tilly who was the only one who may have gone down the path of revenge. She had many reasons to do so, but unlike Sadie Adler, she resisted.

    As for Arthur. He's an interior character, he's defensive and unlikeable but he will sacrifice all he can for his friends. Even finding a wife and having children are off limits to him because he knows that the chances of getting through this are nil. He wants better for his surrogate family and is prepared to lay down his life for them. This is the redemption he craves. He's a killer, he knows he's a killer, but if something good can come out of that, then he is prepared to do what's necessary. This is juxtaposed against Dutch who talks endlessly but ultimately only serves himself.

    These are complex human characters, far more than the usual video game. That they managed to weave this level of storytelling in and out of history and wrap it round the gameplay, is frankly remarkable.

    So, what about Eurogamer's reaction to the writing?

    Personally, I think they skipped any plot analysis as it offended their mentality. Eurogamer are pretty left wing and I think this game either confused them, or triggered them, or both.
    I mean, the story does feature a half black/half cherokee character who happens to be the most racist person in the game! -- and the game points the finger at hypocrytical PC culture on a number of occasions.
    These sorts of topics are difficult to write about, especially if you are left wing and I strongly feel like the focus on rubbishing the story is a reaction to their politics.

    It annoys me greatly that the writing wasn't only not recognised by Eurogamer, but actually pointed out as the game's weak point -- Even if it meant them doing mental backflips to get that point across. Eurogamer are trying to stick the boot in where it hurts Rockstar the most, the place where they spent the most time. If they'd criticised the actual gameplay I'd understand, but what they say is incorrect, both artistically and factually. It's pretty bad journalism, even if the piece is well written in it's self.
  • deez 3 Jan 2019 19:52:06 274 posts
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    @tassletine don't rule out that the gameplay issues mean people are unconsciously a bit less receptive to the story. You're obviously very engaged on the story arc. Personally I wasnt that fussed about the story, but think that's down to a lack of interest in some of the routine missions - no real struggle or need to focus when ploughing through the game rendered the character struggles less impactful.
  • Baihu1983 3 Jan 2019 21:36:29 11,353 posts
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    Why do R* and EG have beef?
  • Toaster05 3 Jan 2019 23:49:12 2,149 posts
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    Well having signed up for the 5 game challenge and red dead being one of my games I can tell this is going to be a slog.

    Perhaps it's just me but the spectacle of the game isn't blowing me away (perhaps spoilt coming off GoW and Spiderman) but the pedestrian pace that it's displaying isn't helping.

    No doubt it'll get better but for now Red Dead 2 is leaving me a bit cold some 3h's in.
  • Big-Swiss 4 Jan 2019 13:53:43 9,362 posts
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    I even had to stop and Play other stuff after reaching middle of chapter 4. I had more fun playing hitman and ass creed odysee than I had playing RDR2. There are things I enjoy about RDR2 and there are things it does best, and better than the rest, but the gameplay is not one of them. I will Play GOW4 and other stuff, and then in spring, when all that is dine, I'll go back to RDR2. I waited years for this to arrive and I haven't felt so hyped for a release in years, and then it doesen't make me as happy as I thought I would, that Shocks me the most.

    but this game gave me the most guilty Feeling ever, when I wounded a deer, and had to kill it while making this horrible Sound. never felt so bad while playing a Video game. and later I had to think of Razz...
  • robthehermit 4 Jan 2019 14:22:46 7,319 posts
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    I'm enjoying this quite a lot. I'm not that far in (midway through chapter 2), but as @Big-Swiss says, I also had a lot more fun with AC Odyssey than I'm currently getting out of RDR2. It seems that RDR2 isn't the best "game" but so far it is the best experience.

    My main concern is that my faithful horse Dave will up and die on me as I've got quite attached to him.
  • askew 4 Jan 2019 14:33:42 19,119 posts
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    You look after Dave and Dave will look after you. Get a burner horse if you want to do any wacky shit.
  • tassletine 5 Jan 2019 11:14:58 3 posts
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    @deez That's good point, but for me the lack of gameplay pushed me towards the story. The game is very much trying to replicate the feel of a Western, which are character/atmosphere driven with tiny moments of violence.
    Since you're doing basically the same thing over and over again (meeting people and shootinig them) the context becomes the most important thing.
  • MadCaddy13 5 Jan 2019 20:13:41 3,029 posts
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    Another one to clock it here, finished this morning.
    Iím really not sure why they included the old map in this - no missions are there and thereís not much to do
    Loved it all the same though
  • robthehermit 5 Jan 2019 22:18:26 7,319 posts
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    Got a new horse that I'm working on in case Dave dies. Only problem is is that Neighomi is even better than Dave. Definitely going to have to find a cheap nag to ride around on.

    (Dave is the special ed thoroughbred, Neighomi is the white one you grab up near the lake)
  • Zomoniac 5 Jan 2019 22:48:19 10,019 posts
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    Saw the credits roll this afternoon. What a stunning game. Couldnít disagree more with the comment above that says itís a 20 hour game that takes 200 hours, for me it was in a tiny minority of open world games that comes close to justify its running length.

    In the last five years Iíve played far too many open world games, most of which were way too long, and the two I played last year, AC Origins and Horizon Zero Dawn, felt like 15 hour games stretched out to over 40. I thought maybe I was heavily fatigued by open worlds, but it turned out I just needed a good one. Took me 55 hours to get to the end of the epilogue, and I think at most 20% of that couldíve been cut, which as a ratio of killer:filler for an open world game is almost unheard of.

    tl;dr, 10/10, itís amazing.
  • hedben2013 6 Jan 2019 09:21:20 1,087 posts
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    I accidentally heard spoilers for the ending on the Giant Bomb GOTY discussions, but it actually made me want to get back into this and finish the story. I'm in the middle of chapter 3 so I'll at least see the end of that, sounds like that's also a big pivotal point in the plot.
  • super_whiskey 6 Jan 2019 10:57:41 301 posts
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    I'm enjoying it and I could look past the slightly clunky shooting mechanics if there was a fast travel option that allows you to travel from anywhere to a specific town. The cinematic view option is great but it feels a bit self-indulgent from Rockstar as if they're saying 'Look at this beautiful world we've created. LOOK AT IT!'.

    It does however mean you get to do some of the Strangers moment which you may have missed out on. Had one yesterday where two guys were trying to open a stolen safe so I shot them and tried shooting the safe to see if that worked. Then used the classic movie method and lo and behold $40 was all mine.
  • DakeyrasUK 6 Jan 2019 11:54:33 2,785 posts
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    I got the credits to roll Friday night after a long 5hr session to get it done.

    Chapter 6 and epilogue is great story telling and I can now see the need for the whole story being told the way it is.

    That doesn't excuse the game for being quite dull gameplay wise. It could have done with more variation like the drinking with penny quest. Probably the most fun I had in the game and it was done in the first few hours...

    Chapters 3/4 were where the game nearly lost me for missions being a chore/too repetitve/lacking fun.

    Overall I was left wanting the game to offer me to continue into rdr as I can't remember all the main story points, but really liked the way they handled the linking of the two stories.

    Not sure I'll turn it back on to increase beyong the 84ish percent complete. Just realised I have some next to no challenges... Oh well I should get back to nier automata or ffxii or perhaps start divinity original sin or yakuza zero or one of many other backloggedd games! :)
  • deez 6 Jan 2019 23:26:13 274 posts
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    The final final mission music is just great.
  • erasr 6 Jan 2019 23:48:00 312 posts
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    @tassletine Personally, I donít play video games for the writing. Thatís just a bonus. Itís like saying you buy a PS4 to watch Netflix. You buy a PS4 to play games with itís unique controller.

    The game was average imo. Iím having more fun with AS Odyssey.

    Gameplay was very poor. Missions were boring most of the time and whilst the writing was good, that didnít save how dull the game was.
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