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  • mrpon 10 May 2019 16:09:40 35,208 posts
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    @richarddavies :D
  • CalamityJames 10 May 2019 21:12:29 231 posts
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    The paste that was on there was, surprisingly, in really good condition and a pretty much ideal amount, so we left it alone. Guess I just got lucky in that regard.

    I got that PS4 Pro in February 2017, and it's been used pretty much every day. Quite often fall asleep watching Netflix on it (it's set to turn itself off eventually), so it's had a lot of time to suck up dust and dirt (Edit: I mean cat hair. Ahem).

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  • CalamityJames 10 May 2019 21:19:48 231 posts
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    It's out of warranty anyway, and I have no intention of trading it in (though I live in the Czech Republic, I could definitely find somewhere that'd take it regardless). I was gonna play it til it conked out, then buy a replacement.

    It was in pretty dire straits: it actually insta-shut-down due to overheating on the God of War title screen at the weekend. So, I was resigned to the fact that it was on its way out, this was just a "might as well try that before I spend money on a replacement" thing.
  • Robospud 10 May 2019 22:16:18 30 posts
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    Anyone else getting “cannot connect to server to verify the licence” and a message telling you to set it as your primary console?

    My younger brothers PS4 is set as my primary console so he can play the games I buy via his account in his console, while I can play them on my account on my console.

    I’ve had it set up this way for ages and never been a problem until tonight where I can’t run any games.
  • pacrifice 13 Jun 2019 13:52:21 4,757 posts
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    @Robospud account management, restore licences.
  • pacrifice 13 Jun 2019 13:54:20 4,757 posts
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    Bigger and better Parties

    You and your friends can be among the first in the world to try the new PS4™ Party update.

    We’re boosting the size of online Parties from eight to 16 – letting you chat, message and connect with more friends as you play – as part of the PlayStation® Preview Programme.

    Redeem the voucher code* at the bottom of this email to get started. It can be redeemed up to 20 times so invite online friends you know want to take part. While participating you can only share a Party with other friends in the Preview Programme.

    While using the updated features you won’t be able to connect to online friends using a different system software.

    Please let us know if you experience any issues here! You can also share your opinion and feedback on the PlayStation® Preview Program community here.

    You can roll back the update at any time – just go to Settings, then System Software Update and choose your previous version.
    The PlayStation® Preview Program software is published and operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited and your participation in the PlayStation® Preview Program is subject to the Confidential Pre-Release Testing Agreement that you agreed to previously. As a reminder of the terms, please see This means you’ll have to keep everything under wraps, which includes livestreaming and sharing content on social media.

    The voucher code is redeemable on the PlayStation™Store between 11/06/2019 and 11/07/2019. PlayStation® Preview Program software will be available from 11/06/2019 until 11/07/2019.

    Please note, the PlayStation® Preview Program software is not the finished product and may not work perfectly. The final version of the software may be different. In addition:

    • We may modify the software without notice and add, remove or affect data, content and functionality. We may also end the PlayStation Preview Program or stop you accessing it at any time.
    • We may ask you for feedback - only send us your own, original ideas. By sending us your ideas, you transfer ownership of them to us. We may or may not implement them. You won't get any payment, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to make the PlayStation® Preview Program software even better!

    Do not redeem the code unless you agree to the above.


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  • Nazo 19 Jun 2019 06:46:32 978 posts
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    Chug666 wrote:
    My ps4 somehow affects our HD recorder- if I'm gaming and my wife records something at the same time the recording often gets screwed up (bad news and rows if she sets the timer and I don't notice). If the ps4 is on standby/pause we lose a bunch of freeview channels too, which come back as soon as the ps4 is off. I'm not clever enough to work out why- any suggestions?
    Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I realized recently I have exactly the same problem: when I shut the PS4 off and switch to Freeview, channels come up as 'No signal' until the PS4 fully powers off. It's very weird.
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