Driving from southern Spain to the UK, on your own... Anyone done it? Page 2

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  • Salaman 26 Aug 2016 09:27:46 23,759 posts
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    Sad news about your mother in law. Good thing she got back in time to see her I guess.

    eleven63 wrote:
    @Dirtbox lol! Anyways the trick is to ALWAYS avoid the clusterfuck that is driving through Paris, driving through Madrid is a breeze compared to the Parisian mess presented to a driver.
    A friend of mine drove his family from Belgium to the South of France for their 2 weeks of sunshine and swimming pools. He's notoriously bad at pathfinding. He somehow managed to get himself into the centre of Paris around mid afternoon, rather than driving around it as intended.

    This on a hot summer's day with a 2 and a 5 year old in the car. His wife was less than impressed.
    They arrived around 1am instead of 9 or 10pm. Always a great start to a vacation! :-)
  • eleven63 26 Aug 2016 13:31:58 2,589 posts
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    mal wrote:
    News tonight is to avoid going through Cal after midnight apparently, FWIW.

    All good, was booked on the 4pm crossing, I'm now on the 2.20pm :) usual boarder crossing issues, like only having 2 French boarder control booths open on a Friday afternoon!
  • eleven63 26 Aug 2016 20:50:05 2,589 posts
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    Back home, appreciate the comments as always, thank you guys.

    As for the tool booths, piece of piss, couple of " I'm sorry, what can I do? " type nods to whoever is behind seems to work, even got a few 'thumbs up, no problem' responses.

    Oh, and as a white man, on his own, driving an Insignia? - any man in uniform just waves you through whatever check/control point you come across....

    Back home to a way better half who needs serious consoling :(
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