Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PS4/Vita)

  • ghostgate2001 25 Nov 2016 23:13:57 666 posts
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    Announced last week, apparently, but I only just stumbled across it on another site. It's a digital-only release in the EU, for PS4 and Vita, on 1st February 2017.

    Looks like it's the return of the "Dynasty Tactics" games under another name - the turn-based tactics DW spin-off series that hasn't seen a new instalment since "Dynasty Tactics 2" (2003) on the PS2.

    Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

    Dynasty Tactics 2

    Yep, I reckon those games might be related. Close cousins, at the very least.

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  • pogomeister 25 Nov 2016 23:18:49 1,704 posts
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    looks quite interesting! will keep an eye on this for sure!
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 26 Nov 2016 00:00:07 32,242 posts
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    My goodness. I did like Dynasty Tactics so I'll keep a close eye on this one. When you chained up moves just right and obliterated an enemy unit in one big combo, it felt really special.
  • brigadier 26 Nov 2016 00:53:49 1,036 posts
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    Dynasty Tactics 1 and 2 were awesome games. I preferred 1 because it was so fun and easy to completely break the game by stealing every officer via combos so rival kingdoms barely had any people to fight with in the end. Well, it was fun as a kid.
  • ghostgate2001 1 Feb 2017 02:06:23 666 posts
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    Blimey. The game's out and actually seems to be reviewing rather well. I expected reviewers would either completely ignore it or hate it, but no.

    10 reviews logged on Metacritic so far, 5 green and 5 yellow, and a 72 average. Several extremely complimentary reviews, including a full-on 10/10, and even the sourest review posted so far (5/10) says it's worth a look.

    Strike a light... I didn't see that coming! :)
  • brigadier 1 Feb 2017 03:38:33 1,036 posts
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    When does the store update? I just excitedly checked my Vita but it's not there yet.
  • Mola_Ram 1 Feb 2017 03:55:31 21,706 posts
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    Not sure about this one, really. The reviews I've read said that the tactics portion of the game is a bit shallow and unchallenging. Which might still be ok, except that I already have an unplayed Xcom sitting on my Vita, waiting for me.

    Might wait to see some impressions on here first. :)
  • ghostgate2001 1 Feb 2017 05:48:35 666 posts
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    @brigadier It's already up on the PS4 store (UK). Would've thought the Vita store would update at the same time.

    For some reason I didn't think it was going to be a full-price release, so it's a bit gutting to see that 49.99 price-tag on it. No idea where I got the idea it would be mid-price release. Oh well. Much as I'd like to support it, it's too pricey for my impoverished wallet at the moment :(

    Be nice to see some opinions of the gameplay on here, though. The new screen-shots (on the store) look more interesting than the ones I'd seen before. Based on previous screen-shots I thought the maps looked a bit empty and lacking scenery-features that might offer some decent strategy, but the new screens show some elevation to the maps (stairs, etc), a map with fire everywhere (memories of Magic Fire in Chaos), etc, so things look more interesting. To me, anyway :)
  • brigadier 1 Feb 2017 10:26:57 1,036 posts
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    Turns out I had to search for it, it wasn't on the main bit, strangely.

    35 is a bit more than than I was hoping for. Might have to wait for a sale sadly. I have a Switch to pay for!
  • ghostgate2001 1 Feb 2017 10:37:16 666 posts
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    Yep, it's knocked me out of contention with that price too, sadly.

    And because it's "digital only" it's not as if you can shop around various retailers for the best deal, either. It's 49.99 or f**k off, pov. Goshdarned walled-garden digital storefronts with their pricing monopolies, I don't know... (grumble, grouse, mutter, whinge, moan, etc.)

    Oh well. Waiting for a sale is just the way it has to be, then...
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 5 Jul 2017 15:33:38 32,242 posts
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    SALE! I was going to make the word sale there a link to the AWOLNATION song Sail, but I won't.

    This is on sale on PSN just now:

    19.99 on PS4 with Playstation Plus, 24.99 without

    14.99 on Vita

    I went for PS4 as the reviews I've read for the Vita one said it wasn't a very good port, and if I really want to play it on a portable I can always use remote play. Not played it yet, but for those that were waiting for a sale like ghostgate in the post above, it's on :)
  • Rivuzu 5 Jul 2017 15:34:48 18,222 posts
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    Oooh. Tempting. Not played a smashy warriors game in a while.

    Fawkes, get on it quick and let us know iz it gud.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 5 Jul 2017 15:36:13 32,242 posts
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    I will :) Once I've finished playing Godzilla and cramming pennies into my penis, obviously.
  • uiruki 5 Jul 2017 15:40:26 4,962 posts
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    Did they release the demo for it in English? I played it when the Japanese one rolled around and hated it. Just slow and stodgy.
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