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  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 18:06:56 20,336 posts
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    It's official

    Am I the only one that thinks 'Destiny 2' sounds silly?


    Looking for a clan? We've got a few for you to look at. It's worth joining one, as it'll not only make it easier to team up for content like Nightfalls and Raids, but clans also offer rewards to all members once certain conditions have been met; contribute to the clan, and everyone gets some loot!

    Clans are listed below by platform. Check the clan profiles out, and see which one works for you!

    Town Called Malice
    -Find us on the100, where we chat and plan games.
    [TCM consumes all]

    Destiny in the Pub
    UK Nightfall Raiders
    Golden Age Academy

    -Our PC Guardians tend to hang out more on the EG Discord. You can join them here.

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  • Matt36 27 Mar 2017 18:08:48 2,252 posts
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    Just seen that on the book of faces! It would have to be something special to make me play as much as I did the 1st.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 18:14:20
    :( thought there was new information

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  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 18:14:50 20,336 posts
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    I think I put about a hundred hours into the first game - not much compared to those that really got into it, but it did do some things I liked. TTK was an improvement, for sure. I do hope this one's better.

    And that it's not really called Destiny 2.

    EDIT Sorry for disappointing you, Grax.

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  • Phattso 27 Mar 2017 18:16:47 27,237 posts
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    I'd imagine this'll be more like the game they intended to make, before they realised their engine wasn't finished, their content wasn't finished, and their publisher ran out of patience.

    It's still easily my most played PS4 game, despite its issues. Sublime gunplay. Really moreish gameplay. I'm excited to see what they've done, although I think for my own sanity I might steer clear. :)
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 18:17:50
    No worries, I have spent more time with destiny 1 than with any other game so although I was burnt out from 1 I am really looking forward to 2.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 18:46:47
    600 hours in Destiny

    I fear Destiny 2
  • Derblington 27 Mar 2017 19:02:19 35,020 posts
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    I'd still like to get the Platinum in Destiny but I need to do the raid with no-one dying. I dropped before everyone really got to mastering it. I have the TTK collection, I think, but I've never played anything past the base game.

    Maybe I'll do that this summer.

    I'm not particularly interested in 2 unless they really build a properly diverse social experience. As good as the first was, I guess felt the cracks and repetitiveness quicker than others.
  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 19:05:43 20,336 posts
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    Mfolf wrote:
    Great news. This has that superb halo feel which halo lost years ago. So hopefully that continues.
    I'm guessing you mean the atmosphere/sense of mystery, rather than gameplay feel?

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  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 19:09:46
    JiveHound wrote:
    600 hours in Destiny

    I fear Destiny 2
    Roughly the same amount for me. I recently had PlayStation tell me what my stats have been since I joined it in 2008 and the game I played most on the PS4 is witcher 3 at 103 hours. So I have played destiny 6x as much as the second closest game
  • ChiefGB 27 Mar 2017 19:14:25 13,741 posts
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    Trailer would be nice, or do we have to pay for that??
  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 19:19:52 20,336 posts
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    Mfolf wrote:
    Ror wrote:
    Mfolf wrote:
    Great news. This has that superb halo feel which halo lost years ago. So hopefully that continues.
    I'm guessing you mean the atmosphere/sense of mystery, rather than gameplay feel?
    Nah gameplay. Think it was Halo 4 where it just felt off. Having grown up on nothing but halo and absolutely adored the feel of it I was gutted when H4 came out. Short time with 5 made it clear that this wasn't a blip either. But Destiny nailed it.
    In what sense? Genuine question, by the way, not after an argument. In terms of gunplay, Halo is still the only game that feels like Halo. In that sense, Destiny is closer to something like Call of Duty, with ADS and the movement/aiming penalties that come with it.

    For my preferences (consistent aiming at all times), Destiny doesn't come close to Halo 5.

    Again, not looking to start an argument or impose my opinion on anyone else (and I know from experience elsewhere that conversations around this topic can quickly turn into a complete shitfest) - just curious.

    EDIT Actually, sod it, ignore this. This is the Destiny 2 thread, not the 'which style of aiming do you prefer' thread :)

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  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 19:21:07
    @Ror I think it is more the holy trinity and 30 second gameplay loop that bungie are so good at.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 19:23:09
    I for one look forward to seeing loads of people that don't like the game, won't buy the game and never to have played the game waffle on about how bad it is and how Activision are destroying the world...

    I've missed that for the past few months.
  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 19:25:20 20,336 posts
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    @Graxlar_v2 See, I don't agree with that either! :D From my experience, you've got mainly fodder enemies with a bit of back-and-forth, hide-and-seek AI, or bullet sponges. Bear in mind I haven't played since TTK though, so I may well be hideously out of date, but I've never seen anything out of the AI like you'd get out of, say, the Halo Reach Elites. Those fuckers were scary!

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the way Destiny plays - I think it handles really well. I just prefer the consistent aiming in Halo.

    Anyway, as above, I don't want to derail!
  • LittleSparra 27 Mar 2017 19:30:28 7,926 posts
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    Destiny gutted the 'trinity' with recharging grenades, melee being far less effective (because health bars), and ADS slowing everything down versus hip-fire. Not to mention the vehicles were boring and poorly integrated, other than the Sparrow, which was purely for transport. That's not to say it was bad or unsatisfying, not at all, but they are self-evidently extremely different combat systems. Destiny added in the 'special melee' (e.g. Hunter knife throw), that was cool, and of course the Supers added something.

    If Destiny 2 is better at providing more varied content more swiftly, and they loop progress/rewards/incremental challenge etc better, definitely be interested. They'll have to totally rethink 'PvP' to make me bother with that side though, but I'm in a minority that likes H5 Arena more than Battlefield et al.

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  • Malek86 27 Mar 2017 19:31:29 12,097 posts
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    Destiny doesn't feel much like Halo tbf. But what it does, it does really well. The content was the problem. Still, if the new beta is good, I might pick it up regardless. Depends on when it's coming out.

    I decided to cancel my PS+ subscription, but since there's no character transfer, I'd just pick it up for X1 this time. Unless... I wonder if a PC version is on the cards too.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 19:37:02
    @Ror oh, the AI is nothing compared to halo no. I didn't want to say that. What I meant was at its basis its gameplay loop is similar to bungies work on halo and where halo 4 fell a little was it extended the loop to larger battles.

    I much prefer halos combat but destiny has better social integration which brought me back for more. Also for me halo 5 has the tightest gunplay
  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 20:18:13 20,336 posts
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    I did mean to touch on nades and vehicles as well, but got a bit bogged down with aiming and AI, then started thinking, "actually, stop derailing you spanner!" Sparrows had basically said everything I wanted to say though, so I'll just point at his post and say, "Yeah, that."

    @Mfolf All good. I know some people get a bit passionate about this stuff, and while I recognise I have fairly strong opinions myself, I know they're just that: my own opinions/preferences.

    I can see where you guys are coming from wrt to the flow of gameplay. I guess for me that's just so tied up in the base mechanics that those are the parts that have the biggest impact on my gameplay experience.

    For Destiny 2, I'm basically in the same place as Sparrows. There's no chance of me being hyped up for this like I was the first one, but I'm certainly interested to see what they have to show.
  • cov 27 Mar 2017 20:41:35 2,520 posts
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    sod the naysayers and halo can eat my shorts :)

    no way am I admitting hours on destiny erp

  • Switch-v85 27 Mar 2017 21:22:19 4,289 posts
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    I agree with you here Mfolf, it's the Bungie secret sauce, it just feels great to play.

    Halo 4 and 5 are good but it's not got that feel that the Bungie games have.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2017 21:26:07
    Last City is on fire mother fuckers.
  • Ultrasoundwave 27 Mar 2017 21:38:08 6,397 posts
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    I've been on and off with Destiny since launch. Played it (almost exclusively) for the first 6 months then drifted away, only coming back when the expansions were released.

    Its a good, solid game that was a few steps short of greatness.....I absolutely think the capability is there for a truly great Destiny game though.

    Let's hope 2 is it!

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  • LittleSparra 27 Mar 2017 22:06:44 7,926 posts
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    telboy007 wrote:
    Last City is on fire mother fuckers.
    Yeah i saw that. Maybe the Traveler splooged everywhere?
  • Ror 27 Mar 2017 22:13:18 20,336 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    I remember when they first gave details about the Last City and I thought, "wouldn't it be awesome if one of the missions is an alien incursion into the city, with you fighting street by street to push them back, saving pockets of civilians as you go, flinging space magic all over the shop!"

    It would have been good to at least explore it, and see what you're fighting for. Maybe in 2.
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