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  • Graxlar_v3 6 Sep 2018 15:55:42 5,929 posts
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    i spent all my legendary shards updating a nameless midnight upto +9 so, i guess i will infuse it when i get a good enough light level
  • TitanWarlord93 6 Sep 2018 16:16:56 351 posts
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    @THFourteen I currently have it but then it crashed with the message login failed please try different connection. Can't access to clan info or my inventory.

    Other than that the app is really useful.
  • Deleted user 6 September 2018 16:48:07
    In about 20 gunsmith packages, I got 2 of the same rocket launcher, hand cannon and fusion rifle, and 3 Nameless Midnights. It's Dupe City over here. :confused:
  • Malek86 6 Sep 2018 20:38:38 8,300 posts
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    Gunsmith packages are especially worthless because you can't even get mods.

    Weekly and daily challenges are the way to go. Everything else is capped at 500, at least from what I've seen.

    Also, legendary engrams apparently don't exist anymore - all items are immediately decrypted, even powerful gear you get as reward. Only Eververse engrams (for Tess) and Prime engrams (for Cryptarch) still need to be decripted. And maybe exotics, but I'm not sure - I have yet to see a single exotic drop.

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  • Malek86 6 Sep 2018 23:45:07 8,300 posts
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    The Dreaming City is definitely endgame stuff. Even at 505, I'm somewhat underpowered (judging from public events, the recommended power should be 520).

    And there's two lost sectors, one at 540 and one at 560. I managed to scrap through the first one (and still only got items at 500, so what's even the point?), but it's gonna be a long time before I can even try the last one.
  • Sharz 7 Sep 2018 08:29:32 1,885 posts
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    Had loads of fun last night with my two friends. Thank you for letting them join the clan, as it really made sense that all three of us were contributing to the clan.

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  • THFourteen 7 Sep 2018 08:36:05 51,339 posts
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    Played 30mins on the train to work this morning using my Win2 and train wifi. It cut out at clapham junction but other than that it was perfectly servicable 20-30fps or so.

    This is the future!

    Stupid question - am i mean to explore areas myself, or wait for quests to take me there? Like i've finished the couple of quests and adventures in the EDZ(?) and it says i'm about 85% complete on activities in the area for the powerful gear reward.

    I've been to the outskirts and back again, should i venture further out there on my own?

    My next campaign mission is on Titan apparently, should i just go there?

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  • Sharz 7 Sep 2018 08:54:54 1,885 posts
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    Look on the map for lost sectors (little rainbows) and region chests (little crosses). If you go hunting for them you will explore and complete activities.

    Once collected the little icon will go faint but will still be on the map.

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  • Deleted user 7 September 2018 09:46:26
    Loving the Dreaming City. It's pretty big, but it's absolutely stuffed with things to do, think I'll just be exploring it all weekend. Already found one bastard hard challenge room, some little secrets that reward Awoken themed loot, and completed the Blind Well event a couple times and got my second subclass. A clanmate got theirs on first completion of tier 2, and I got mine on the second, so it's well worth trying.
  • Malek86 7 Sep 2018 09:58:25 8,300 posts
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    The Dreaming City definitely needs a transmat point closer to Petra...
  • Deleted user 7 September 2018 10:28:19
    Apparently Petra will be changing location every week, and the place itself will evolve over time. But yeah, one spawn point on this big a map is a bit of a pain...

    Can't decide which subclass to go with. Shield Titan chaining explosions, or Thor. The fact they both look so fun that the choice is difficult makes me happy.
  • Malek86 7 Sep 2018 10:33:36 8,300 posts
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    Code of the Commander is my new jam. If enemies stick together, they are screwed. I've brought high-value targets to their knees with a single grenade. And the more explosions, the faster your grenade will recharge. For smaller enemies banding together, the melee attack will waste them all at once (which also helps recover your grenade). And you also regain health with each void explosion.

    Essentially, it's all about crowd control. Not so useful against bigger bosses, but since those tend to surround themselves with mobs, it usually works out all the same. If you can take advantage of that, a well-placed grenade can deal more damage than a couple rockets.

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  • Deleted user 7 September 2018 13:40:43
    Damn, so tempting! Which exotic armour do you think synergises well with it? Doomfang, or Mask of the Quiet One maybe? Need to take infusion costs into consideration too now. :(

    If I went with Hammerbro, Dunemarchers sound like a good time. Build up a charge then hurl your hammer and chain lightning to mobs nearby. Pick up hammer, repeat with a damage buff. Be Thor!
  • ChiefGB 7 Sep 2018 23:51:02 10,287 posts
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    This dreaming city is some environment eh. What great art design. Wandered round a bit, did the lost sector in the fog. Fought around that totem against a big taken val thingy which crushed me. Did two completions of lvl 1 well, didn't get further to the other side of the map. I'm assuming after a while a strike there will unlock as there seems to be one unaccounted for.
  • Khanivor 8 Sep 2018 06:18:42 43,967 posts
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    If you’re coming back and are on Xbox there’s a very instructed clan, Town Called Malice, for all you casuals.

    Casual can mean up to six hours a day but no one takes it seriously. Happy to accept FNGs.
  • TitanWarlord93 8 Sep 2018 09:50:53 351 posts
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    Oh FFS. I was fighting Chrimea, The Voice Of Riven and I was so close to finishing like the last little bit of health left and then got booted out due to no internet connection whereas I am still connected to PSN. What the fuck!! I gave up after that
  • StixxUK 8 Sep 2018 16:19:26 8,116 posts
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    So does any of the new stuff improve the base game of destiny 2 or is it still a bit dull?

    With all this talk about how good forsaken is I'm wondering if it's worth playing standard D2 which just hit PSN
  • Graxlar_v3 8 Sep 2018 16:24:06 5,929 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    @StixxUK vanilla destiny 2 was always good fun to play. They just messed up with the grind which made it a chore instead of something fun to do.

    They then did the destiny thing of releasing 2 sub par expansions to make matters worse.

    Then lastly Bungo did a Bungo over and over again vyvtrying to push people to the paid micro transactions constantly and getting caught out by a diligent player base (who btw just like to complain about destiny).
  • StixxUK 8 Sep 2018 17:03:01 8,116 posts
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    So... What you're saying in is that base D2 it was only the endgame that needed fixing, and that's what they've done?
  • Graxlar_v3 8 Sep 2018 17:08:18 5,929 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    @StixxUK oh yeah lol.

    There pretty much exactly what I am saying :)
  • StixxUK 8 Sep 2018 17:46:32 8,116 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
    @Graxlar_v3 lol, that's helpful - thanks. In which case I think I'll play a bit of the base, and if I get to the grind and feel the need for more I'll buy the Forsaken/Legendary pack.

    Annoyingly looks like I have to buy both expansion packs for £15 as well before It'll let me buy Forsaken for £34.99, all the bundles are not allowed because I've got D2 on PS Plus.

    That's pretty annoying, because if I ever cancel my PS+ sub

    And just seen I can get the full Legendary collection on PC for £33.99 from CDkeys, so I'll probably do that!

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  • Sharz 8 Sep 2018 18:44:39 1,885 posts
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    Yeah giving it away on PSN was certainly not for geneosity, a very clear business move.

    Luckily it runs amazingly well on PC and is fairly decent to. So bit of a win for £35. oh and yay another newbie on PC, thought i would be on my own but so many people joining now thanks to cdkeys.
  • b-rk 8 Sep 2018 19:02:17 907 posts
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    Registered 10 months ago
    I messed up and bought the expansions just before Forsaken dropped because I thought it would be, at most, 20 quid. I was wrong. THIRTY FIVE QUID! No way am I paying £16 for the previous 2 and another 35 quid for this latest thing.
  • Malek86 8 Sep 2018 21:42:39 8,300 posts
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    @GarlVinland just got some ACD/0 gauntlets, and they seem to work fairly well with Code of the Commander, because your melee explosion kills will count as melee kills so you build up energy faster. Well, since the energy discharge doesn't really do a lot of damage, it's not that useful anyway, I guess...

    That said, I'm not sure if the energy discharge counts as melee damage. If it did, maybe I could couple it up with Impact Induction to charge up my grenade faster.

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  • Deleted user 10 September 2018 10:06:04
    @Malek86 cheers for the tips, I unlocked Code of the Commander and played just enough to unlock all subclass nodes. I'm not sure I quite get the intrinsic loop though. It kind of seems like your grenade and melee should combine to act like a mini Graviton/Orpheus combo, where every explosion you trigger regenerates your abilities so you can do it again and again.

    Problem was, I could only occasionally get the melee to trigger an explosion. Most of the time, punching a red bar killed them, but they just dissolve instead of exploding. And then sometimes they do. The grenade seems self explanatory and is indeed amazing to throw into a crowd of thrall and watch the fireworks. But I couldn't really see how the melee fits in. I'm sure I'm missing something there.

    Got my Ace of Spades after grinding Gambit, which I'm addicted to. It's really a wonderful mish-mash of ideas from other games, but feels really unique to play. It's also just the right level of challenge too, so every match feels tense. Just another addition to this DLC that I'm more and more impressed by. Right now I'm having the most fun I've ever had in Destiny.
  • Malek86 10 Sep 2018 11:42:46 8,300 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Obviously your melee ability must be charged to trigger the explosion. Otherwise, that's also self-explanatory. If the void explosion hits a weak enemy, they die and you get energy. If they don't die immediately, they still get a void detonator from the ability, and you will get the energy after shooting them for a bit.

    After trying a bit though, it seems the energy discharge doesn't count as melee damage so Impact Induction isn't affected. Shame.

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  • Deleted user 10 September 2018 11:49:40
    @Malek86 yeah, it was charged, not sure why the explosion wasn't triggering. I'll be giving it a try again anyway, after spending the week just crashing around like a missile, I could do with some variation.
  • sherpa1984 10 Sep 2018 13:33:22 783 posts
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    Does Forsaken come with a new character token? I want to switch from Titan to Warlock but cba starting from scratch.
  • Switch024 10 Sep 2018 13:39:53 3,364 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    Yeah you get a boost so you can start Forsaken straight away.
  • Deleted user 10 September 2018 14:50:10
    The legendary loot pool seems to consist only of Go Figures, Edge Transit and Vestian Dynasties. Aren't the loot tables supposed to expand with an expansion rather than shrink?

    At least after playing for an entire weekend, I got a Duke 44 hand cannon that rolled with Rampage and Outlaw and makes the Midnight Coup look like a peashooter.
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