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  • chopsen 29 Aug 2017 22:27:05 20,498 posts
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    If you ever feel your faith in humanity returning, you can banish this needlessly optimistic assessment of humanity by visiting

    The comments section on any article demonstrates why nobody is turning tory any more and they're a dying breed.

    It's kind of interesting anthropologically. It's like visiting a strange tribe who've had limited contact with outside society for years. Because that is exactly what most of them are.

    A lot of them *have* worked hard in their lives. And they have done well. However, for many these two aren't related. They were lucky to be born in to relative wealth, had a good education and went to a good school. They bough houses when they were affordable on average wages and saw their value shoot up. They had final salary pensions that mean they have nothing else to do with their time now than resent that other people aren't more like them. They've had various benefits that have multiply compounded to give them a massive advantage in life over the majority, but they don't see that. They view it as they just worked at it and earned it, because they took all those benefits for granted.

    They've never had a knock-back where they needed to rely on a safety net. In reality they were lucky. But they believe that this is because they just made an effort. So people on benefits need to be given negative incentives to get off them. If the disadvantaged only realised all they need to do is work hard, like they did, then they'd be fine.

    The sight of these cretins trying to woo over younger people is pathetic, because they have no common frame of reference. Their entire belief system is predicated on the assumption that the anxieties of the young don't actually exist. If they would only just listen.

    (for the purposes of all this, "young" is "less than 50")
  • EvieG2017 15 Nov 2017 21:56:37 2 posts
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    I can verify that what Technoishmatt has stated regarding current minimum wage and tax rates is correct... I used a similar income after tax calculator: and it showed the exact same figures.

    In retrospect, if labour had won the general election we would certainly be benefitting from potentially lower tax rates, but hey ho that's not the case as the tories continue to impose the ridiculous 20% tax rule on us all.

    I just feel like too many ignorant individuals are allowed to vote, I'm all for democracy but we had an opportunity to truly lessen the divide between the rich and the poor with Corbyn and the labour party and it's now down the drain.

    Let's see what Theresa May and Brexit has in store for us.

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  • Syrette 16 Nov 2017 22:37:51 50,223 posts
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    Is there anything that calculator can't do?!
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