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    elstoof wrote:
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    rich2701 wrote:
    it winds me up when you buy a game for 45, complete it in a week (if it's story driven), then apparently it's only worth 30 if you try and trade-in or sell on eBay.
    Why would that wind you up? What do you want? Your money back?
    Because we all know that that's not how value works. The game doesn't lose a third of its value after a week
    That's exactly how value works. Your second hand copy of a game is worth as much as the next person is willing to pay for it, no more
    If there's only a tenner between a 2nd hand game and a new copy (for disc formats) then I'll just buy new. The reality is, however, that I rarely buy new on day one.

    If I'm not buying it new I'm usually waiting for the price to come down, so paying more than 2/3rds for a 2nd hand copy makes no sense at all.
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