Do you tidy up your PS4 xmb with the folder options?

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  • Timmy 24 Dec 2017 03:20:12 9,220 posts
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    Nobody I know with a PS4 even knew (or cared) that you could do this, but I appreciate that you can tailor it to your tastes and make everything look a little less messy.

    I have folders for PSN games, disc games, free to play PSN games, PS Plus games and unplayed games.
    I started with just the latter as like many people nowadays, your unplayed list get out of hand if you let it

    How about you? Do you use the folder options? If so, what do you use them for? I'd be interested to know if anyone has any suggestions.
  • CellarDoor81 24 Dec 2017 03:52:02 32 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    I use folders too! I have one for Exclusives, Horror, Open worlds, VR and misc. games.
    Folders were always my most requested feature for PS4.
  • MadCaddy13 24 Dec 2017 06:58:23 3,109 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    I use folders:

    Old games to replay
    Abandoned Games
    New games I need to play
  • Nitrous 24 Dec 2017 08:04:43 1,984 posts
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    I only use three folders with any completed games moved in the folder to the right.

    PS+ Games
  • Syrette 24 Dec 2017 08:15:44 50,544 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
  • richardiox 24 Dec 2017 08:18:53 8,337 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Three folders...

    VR Games
  • Zomoniac 24 Dec 2017 08:30:18 10,161 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Five folders: Playing, To Play, Multiplayer, Apps, The Rest
  • Kill_Crazy 24 Dec 2017 08:40:04 2,552 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    One folder - VR

    Everything else is just there.
  • voden 24 Dec 2017 08:50:58 781 posts
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    I don't use folders. I don't see the the reason to as they go off the screen anyway. The most played stay at the front, It sorts it's self out.
  • DakeyrasUK 24 Dec 2017 08:51:03 4,067 posts
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    I leave my currently playing full fat games out of folders, then I have folders for installed games, couch multiplayer, ps plus and games to play (i never go in thenlast two folders...)
  • Humperfunk 24 Dec 2017 10:48:08 8,112 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    I have:

    Currently playing
    Next - Disc
    Next - Digital

    Separated disc and digital mostly because otherwise there would be approx 100 in one folder, but also influences what to play next if I either want to clear space on the console (digital) or physically clear space by playing and selling the disc.
  • Syrette 24 Dec 2017 11:06:57 50,544 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
    Ongoing games are loose, completed games are in an 'old games' folder, miscellaneous apps are in a 'misc' folder.

    Exciting stuff.

    Edited by Syrette at 11:07:24 24-12-2017
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 24 Dec 2017 11:18:23 3,881 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    PS Plus, PSPlus 2017 (old folder was becoming unwieldy), PSN Games (paid for stuff basically), Free to Play, Demos, Apps. Disc games I just insert to play....
  • pacrifice 24 Dec 2017 14:01:03 5,240 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    No.... Because, I like to see and scroll through all the games I have 🙂
  • RawShark 11 Jan 2018 16:43:41 1,175 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Haven't heard it called the XMB for a while, but on the PS4 I only have the one folder set up for VR games.

    Having said that, on my Vita I've got the games seperated by genre due to the volume of games on the 64GB card it really is the only way to do it.

    Folders include, but not limited to, Useless Guff (because I can't delete Near for some reason) Action, Stealth, RPG, Puzzle, Platformer, Roguelike, Shooter, Adventure, Sport, Indie and so on and so forth.

    I mean I could set these up on the PS4... but I'm not sure it wouldn't make it look a bit scrappy compared to a line of clean game slates.

    Edited by RawShark at 16:44:54 11-01-2018
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 11 Jan 2018 19:14:28 3,881 posts
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    @RawShark the Vita also has (or had anyway) a maximum number of bubbles on a page so if I had to do it to see new stuff at all...
  • Dougs 11 Jan 2018 19:18:17 93,514 posts
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    I think EG has sunk to a new low.
  • gooner77 12 Jan 2018 08:14:21 1,472 posts
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    I have folders for my Lego games as I have 13 of the. Also for the Resident evil (5 games) Wolfenstein (3) and Assassins Creed (4)
  • kosigan 12 Jan 2018 09:25:17 703 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    I use folders: one for Apps (Playroom, Internet browser, media player etc.) and several for games, split by genre.
  • UncleLou Moderator 12 Jan 2018 09:31:37 40,158 posts
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    Registered 18 years ago
    Yes, I do (VR digital downloads, VR demos, other digital downloads)

    And I have Steam categories.

    And I want folders on the Switch, ffs.

    Edited by UncleLou at 09:32:29 12-01-2018
  • minky-kong 12 Jan 2018 09:58:26 14,556 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    I have 11 folders in all which include Everyday use, Fancy, Guest, Fancy guest, etc.
  • Switch024 12 Jan 2018 10:15:39 3,610 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I have 3 folders.

    Disc Games, Digital Games & Indie Games

    Exciting stuff.
  • LFace 12 Jan 2018 11:14:54 103 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
    When folders were added I found it a Godsend. I currently use a mixture of Genre and type of game.

    Arcade (for your Resogun style quick play games)
    Action (Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2+3, Nioh ..)
    Open World RPG (Skyrim, HZD, GTA5 ..)
    Shooter (Battlefield, Doom, Borderlands ..)
    Sports (WWE -dont judge me, Fifa, some golf game ..)
    Indie (Minecraft, Terraria, Binding of Isaac ..)
    VR (Super..........Hot, Rush of Blood, Ultrawings ..)

    I have a few more but you get the gist. I do the account sharing trick with a friend and we both only buy digital and take it in turns so the library is pretty large especially with the plus titles, so anything not immediately gash gets installed on the 2Tb external drive and put into the relevant folder.
  • Deleted user 12 January 2018 15:55:06
    I've got four:

    * "Downloadables" (games that I have to download from the PSN store so those are the last ones I delete when I need space)*
    * "Back burner" (for games that I've got quite far in but couldn't quite bring myself to keep playing)
    * "Multiplayer" (stuff like Monopoly that I really only play with the wife)
    * "Useless shit" (stuff like The Playroom that I'll never use but can't delete)
  • pacrifice 12 Jan 2018 16:22:13 5,240 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago

    I like to scroll through all my games.. ALL MIIIIINE
  • effinjamie 13 Jan 2018 00:40:00 994 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
  • ChocNut 13 Jan 2018 12:35:55 2,471 posts
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    Registered 17 years ago
    Folders on ps4 are shite. Can’t use it for digital games unless they’re installed.

    Waste of fucking time.
  • Deleted user 13 January 2018 12:39:47
    Yes, I use folders. Digital, Disc and APPS
  • Derblington 13 Jan 2018 12:49:15 32,879 posts
    Seen 6 minutes ago
    Registered 16 years ago
    Apps, VR, and Indie (with about 30 titles in it). Leaves the big games to just float along the bar.
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