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    It was a black day for the company (and a bitter 2 months repairing the mechs..), but we soldier on..
  • DasBooter 18 Aug 2019 09:00:58 455 posts
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    Just did 'Best Served Cold.'

    It was a total wipeout first time. I threw caution to the wind and went straight for the fuel depot, thinking I could just bug out afterwards. Wrong.

    Second time was a breeze and I stayed on the high ground and took out the reinforcements 1 mech at a time.

    Afterwards I got a second Dragon. I got cocky and then started taking my B Team Mechwarriors and unused mediums out on "easy" 2 skulls..

    One of these went badly, reinforcements arrived on turn 2 and I was sandwiched between 2 X light/medium lances and my new Dragon was reduced to slag, stomped to death by a Commando, for shame. I scrapped it.

    But now I've picked up a Thunderbolt so my main lance will be: Quickdraw, Dragon, Thunderbolt and a brawler Centurion.

    I hate the Dragon though, and the Quickdraw isn't much better. My centurions are tankier.
    I quite like the little Enforcer too, got my main sniper in that, taking large laser and ac5 shots from afar.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 18 Aug 2019 09:18:53 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter Solidly into the mid-game now. Of the mechs you've got, I rate the Thunderbolt the highest. It's a good, well-balanced all-rounder with a strong punch. The Dragon is basically there to absorb fire - it's under-armed for its size, but very heavily armoured. You may want to adjust its weapons for very close range combat, so it gets in enemy mechs' faces and keeps their attention. It can even be a good mech to add an arm-mod to if you want a melee-powerhouse.

    Quickdraws can hit hard, but tend to have heat management problems. The Centurion... yes, it's tanky, but it'll probably go obsolete before too long. You'll want to be targetting 3 and 3.5 skull missions now to start expanding your lineup of heavies. Mech rarity seems to have been tweaked by patches a lot recently, but you're still most likely to find an Orion as your first "big" heavy - that's another mid-range brawler. You're also likely to see Jagermechs (lots of them) - annoying as hell at long range, but fragile up close.
  • DasBooter 18 Aug 2019 11:05:34 455 posts
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    Cheers. I've refitted the remaining Dragon with extra armour (880 vs stock 800) and small lasers for melee.

    The AI has an annoying habit of focusing all fire on my Dragon unfortunately, so it has to retreat a fair bit.

    I have 2 Catapult bits so that looks likely as my next heavy. Not sure if it's the laser or lrm variant though.

    The next story mission looks like it'll be retrieving lostech so maybe I'll get access to mods after that.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 18 Aug 2019 12:06:58 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter There are three variants of Catapult. The C1 is the "default" missile option. The K2 is the "dual PPCs" option. The C4 is the "uber-missile-boat", which loses almost all other weapons for extra LRMs.

    The K2 is fancy and exotic, but isn't really much use. It runs too hot and is too fragile for what is basically a bargain-bucket-Awesome. The C1 is a decent support mech and, provided you are happy with it in a hyper-specialised role, the C4 is fucking awesome. The only better missile-boat in the game is the Stalker (with a few refits) and that's an assault mech.

    The Lostech retrieval mission (or missions-plural) will give you some LosTech. It's worth getting your mechs as high-end as possible before starting it, as if you can put up a fight rather than just running in the second half, you can nab an assault mech or two from salvage (I got a Battlemaster from that mission, which is a gun-heavy assault mech).
  • DasBooter 18 Aug 2019 14:29:15 455 posts
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    @Rogueywon Fingers crossed for the C4 then. The K2 must've been what Espinosa was piloting, yeah not that effective. Although ppc damage seems to swing between barely scratching your paintwork, or taking a limb off.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 18 Aug 2019 15:55:28 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter Yes, Espinosa had the K2. In my playthrough, she half-way killed herself with overheat damage.

    PPCs have moderate damage and a lot of heat buildup. Their "big thing" is that they're an energy weapon (so unlimited ammo) with a lot of stability damage. Lasers and other energy weapons do little to no stability damage.
  • DasBooter 7 Sep 2019 20:10:57 455 posts
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    Boom! Got my first headshot kill.

    Gauss rifle shot by my Highlander against a full health Orion on a 3 skull convoy destruction mission. Very satisfying :-)

    I'm running a Highlander, Dragon, Grasshopper and an Orion (recently dropped a Thunderbolt).
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 7 Sep 2019 20:23:56 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter Decent lance, the Highlander especially. Given it's packing a Gauss, I'm guessing it's the Star League one you get from the story mission. Be careful not to lose any of its components - they're not easily replaceable. You probably want to lose the Dragon from that lance. Even modified, it'll be really lagging now.

    To maximise your headshot chances, you want to go deep into the bottom skill tree. At either 9 or 10 Tactics (I forget which), you unlock Called Shot Mastery. That gives a huge bonus to the accuracy of component targetting with called shots and makes going for called shots on heads into a viable tactic.
  • DasBooter 7 Sep 2019 21:29:57 455 posts
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    @Rogueywon Yeah it's the story one. Great mech, although I lost a triple heat sink off it. The gauss is great. If I lose that I'll go with an ac20. The pilot I put in it boosts initiative up to Heavy level.

    The dragon has 1200 armour and is geared towards melee/mg's.

    Can't wait to finish the campaign so I can do flashpoints and hopefully use some of my old favourite mediums and lights.
  • DasBooter 11 Sep 2019 23:18:24 455 posts
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    :-o it's beauuuutiful...

    I got it from an assasinate mission along with a Black Knight (meh). I've got +++ weapons in it and can't wait to rain death upon mine enemies!

    I'm comfortably doing 4 skull missions now and the campaign ones are still 3's so I need to catch up.

    Still rocking my little Dragon, it's great. Naff all weapons but it's good at running about and distracting enemies, then delivering finishing melee blows to wounded mechs.

    Lost my gauss rifle and a bunch of double heatsinks from the Highlander during a tough fight. Replaced with AC20. It's ok but heats up a bit faster now.

    Got a Banshee with 7 x ML and 2 x SL, accuracy mood, which I use as a tank/distractor & melee.

    The Grasshopper is brilliant, so evasive and a natural flanker.

    Got an Orion which isn't bad but doesn't quite make the first team line up.

    It's a Cyclops any good Roguey? I've got 2 parts.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 00:05:22 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter The Atlas is great and is an end-game mech. You... may even get a better one when you progress the story a bit further.

    Hard luck on losing the Gauss Rifle. There are ways to get it back in the end-game, but they're not easy and rely on RNG.

    The Black Knight is not a bad mech, but as you've identified, the Grasshopper does the same job better.

    The Orion is a basic, all-round heavy mech. It's a good first step into the 75T range, but no need to use it if you're pushing beyond that. There are better exotics at 65T and 70T and most assault mechs are way better.

    Winners don't use Banshees. They mostly suck. There's one variant - forget which - that's ok, but it's generally a terrible chassis.

    Of the Cyclops, there are two variants. The Q is a generalised all-rounder that generally underperforms for its tonnage. It's fine if you've nothing better (beats a Banshee), but I'd take an 80T Stalker over it any day. The Z variant is much more interesting. Weapons are configured for close-combat, but its command module accelerates every mech in your lance by +1 initiative. That's a huge boost. While it is not a fantastic 95T mech on pure specs, that buff is huge and makes it worth fielding one in an end-game lance.
  • DasBooter 12 Sep 2019 13:51:23 455 posts
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    That initiative boost sounds great. I only have 1 pilot who has that skill already and he usually ends up in the Highlander.

    I'll give the Atlas a spin tonight and laugh maniacally..

    Hope they're working on a sequel to this. Surely will, with the Clans. It would be good if you could send out your B team lighter mechs out on automated missions to gain scrap/xp while you do the main stuff. Have drop limits on certain missions to encourage away from the rush to assault mechs only.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 14:10:03 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter There's one more DLC due at the end of the year, called Heavy Metal, so guessing it will focus on bigger mechs (after Urban Warfare did the lighter end of the scale).

    The two items on my wish-list for a sequel (and this has done well commercially, so a sequel sounds plausible) would be a) the Clans and b) the ability to field two lances on certain missions. Obviously they won't want battles to get too big, but I'd quite like being able to deploy a scout lance of lighter mechs to spot targets for my heavies/assaults.
  • Zyrr 12 Sep 2019 14:44:40 415 posts
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    Catalyst Games recently (and very successfully) Kickstarted a Clan Invasion expansion for the new edition of the tabletop game, which not only brings a fair number of Clan mechs back, but also many of the inner sphere mechs that were still missing.

    I think a second PC game is almost a certainty at this point as there seems to be quite the revival in interest for Battletech at the moment.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 15:01:22 7,724 posts
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    @Zyrr In some ways, the biggest surprise to me is that the 2018 game hasn't been ported to consoles. The XCom series did pretty well there and there's nothing in the UI that couldn't be mapped to a controller.
  • DasBooter 12 Sep 2019 16:14:07 455 posts
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    Yeah that sounds good

    I'm hoping for some form of online campaign co-op but I think it's unlikely.
  • DasBooter 12 Sep 2019 16:16:47 455 posts
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    Yeah I noticed that, my local tabletop games store will be getting Clan packs in.

    The PC game made me get the Game of Armoured Combat and Beginner box sets, plus some extra mechs from Mechworks Miniatures. I've painted up 10 so far, and am slowly starting to grasp the tabletop rules.
  • THFourteen 12 Sep 2019 18:40:08 53,174 posts
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    Rogueywon wrote:
    @Zyrr In some ways, the biggest surprise to me is that the 2018 game hasn't been ported to consoles. The XCom series did pretty well there and there's nothing in the UI that couldn't be mapped to a controller.
    I hold out hope because Empire of Sin published by Paradox is coming to switch...
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 20:08:06 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter Actually, now you're pushing into the end-game, a few tips on assault mechs. These often need a bit of customisation to really make them shine - more so than the smaller ones. I generally build my end-game lances out of five different mech types - Atlas, King Crab, Cyclops-Z, Highlander and Stalker. Obviously, you may need to work your way up through some of the other assault mechs, but those five have always worked best for me. On customisation:

    Atlas - Highly versatile, so you can generally configure it however you want within reasonable limits, either optimising for combat at a particular range, or keeping it as the generalist it is by default. It does run quite hot by default and I've sometimes dropped a laser for an extra heat sink. The LosTech version of this has all kinds of exotic weapons equipped, but even with its double heat sinks, it runs insanely hot, so be prepared to switch out pulse lasers for something more efficient.

    King Crab - The ultimate short-to-medium range killer, packing an A/C20 on each arm. It's slower than its 100-ton brother the Atlas, but has an insane punch Unfortunately, the stock config packs far too little ammo. Trade down the L Laser for a pair of M Lasers and use the tonnage freed up to add more A/C20 ammo.

    If you manage to find some more Gauss Rifles and ammo for them in the end-game (from certain Flashpoints and very rarely available in black markets if you can use those), then there's an exotic config of the King Crab where you replace both A/C20s with Gauss Rifles. This drastically reduces the mech's damage-throughput, but it makes it into a godly sniper. Give it a pilot who has Called Shot Mastery and you can go around headshot-killing enemies like crazy. Also, it never overheats in this configuration.

    Cyclops-Z - This is the variant that grants every mech you're fielding +1 initiative. There's no other reason to field it, as it's otherwise only a middling assault mech. The default configurtion has it as a close-brawler and in fairness it has the armour to go with that, but you may get mileage out of speccing it more for long range combat to keep it out of harm's way.

    Highlander - By default, both the normal and LosTech variants of the Highlander are highly mobile snipers. You can play them that way if you want. An alternative, however, is to give them even more jump-jets and trade down to shorter-ranged weapons. That way, you can use it to vault over enemy mechs and hit them in the weak rear armour with their biggest guns.

    Or you could go even further. Lose more of the weapons, increase the armour a bit and give it the leg mod that enhances Death From Above damage. A DfA attack from a modded Highlander is just about the most powerful single hit you can land.

    Stalker - While a relative lightweight at 85T, this can still be a top-class assault mech. By default, it comes with a mix of LRMs and energy weapons. It run way too hot to be really practical. So, strip off most of those energy weapons. Leave an M Laser or two if you want. You might be able to lose a heatsink or two as well. Now, load her to the brim with LRM launchers and as much ammo as you can fit. Even consider trading down armour for more ammo (if this mech is in direct combat, it's doing something wrong). This thing has a shitload of missile hardpoints, so you can turn it into an insane missile boat. Give it a pilot with good indirect fire skill and have it hang around behind your lines. Its raw damage won't be great (LRMs aren't great damage-per-ton), but you will absolutely shred enemy mech's stability.
  • DasBooter 12 Sep 2019 20:14:49 455 posts
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm playing right now, just doing the mission where you rescue Alexander. Got confused over vehicles and blew his one up straight off... :-D

    Yeah I wasn't amazed by the stock Atlas D, I've dropped lrm 20s to 15s and put some heat sinks and an accuracy mod in.

    I've stuck 4 x large lasers on the Black Knight and will try it as a sniper but I'm doubtful it'll have enough firepower..

    The stock Highlander ain't bad just now.

    King Crab sounds great.


    Just lost one of my best pilots and the new Atlas got utterly slagged. There's not much you can do when the AI is utterly determined to focus fire just one of your mechs with LRMs from beyond visual range.

    EDIT 2

    Christ on a fucking bike, what is going on tonight? Just lost another top pilot in another mission where yet again one of my mechs got FF'd to fuck by at least 6 enemies, half of whom I couldn't see.

    Nothing I could do while they did called shot after called shot on my prone Grasshopper.

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  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 22:47:15 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter Don't be afraid to RUN THE FUCK AWAY with a mech that the AI wants to zerg. You can keep its evasion stacks up and get the AI to waste turns on it. Plus if it's been pounded hard, its rear armour may be its strongest.

    If you have the Urban Warfare expansion, the Raven is an insane counter to LRMs. You have to fill one of your slots with a light mech - the Raven is an under-gunned 35T - but you are basically immune to long-range fire.
  • DasBooter 12 Sep 2019 23:01:41 455 posts
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    Will grab it when it's next on sale.

    Yeah I did think of that but just left it too late and got knocked down too. Also tried charging them with my other mechs to try and pull aggro but it never worked.

    Hmm.. just a bad night.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 3 Nov 2019 18:06:39 7,724 posts
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    So the third expansion, Heavy Metal, is out later this month and it looks like an absolute whopper. Urban Warfare was good, but it felt like a smaller add-on than Flashpoint. Heavy Metal looks huge. The basics:

    - Eight new mechs (compared to 3 in Flashpoint and 2 in Urban Warfare). One of them, the Bull Shark, is a completely new mech for the franchise and packs a new AoE weapon. The other 7 are existing mechs from the franchise, but new to this game (they've not named them yet).

    - Eight new weapons, including the mortar, which is the only AoE weapon in the game, a coil gun that charges through movement (so the further you move in a turn the harder it hits, keeping lighter mechs viable) and an incendiary missile weapon.

    - A new flashpoint billed as a "mini-campaign", so presumably longer than existing flashpoints, with high-profile characters from the franchise and what sounds a lot like a hint of contact with the Clans.
  • DasBooter 3 Nov 2019 18:17:45 455 posts
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    Sounds interesting. Hope the new weapons/mechanics on the new mechs aren't too confusing.

    I've completed the campaign (final missions were easy) and just pottering about. Did the first flashpoint where you get the Raven however I was so underwhelmed by it (in the mission you first use it it seemed to be utterly ineffective and just got zerged) that I didn't keep it.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 3 Nov 2019 18:29:04 7,724 posts
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    @DasBooter The Raven's awesome!

    The trick is - don't use its weapons. The ECM field it projects can keep your units stealthed until they get in close and dramatically decreases the accuracy of enemies firing into it from outside. I've used a lance of three heavy/assault mechs and a Raven to stand my ground against some insane odds.
  • DasBooter 3 Nov 2019 18:39:21 455 posts
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    Hmm it just didn't seem to help when I had 3-4 enemy mechs running down its throat and multiple base turrets pouring missile fire from range.
    Not a great debut of its abilities.

    It was a smouldering wreck by the end of the mission (and I lost a good pilot) so I felt a certain justice handing over the scraps to the mission giver.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 3 Nov 2019 19:33:37 7,724 posts
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    I'm wondering now what those 7 "returning" mechs are. Wonder if they've brought back more of the "lost" mechs? Would be lovely to get the Marauder back, even if only so that when the sequel arrives, targetting computers can get properly confused over whether that mech is a MArauDer or a CATapult. But they'd need to make sure it really doesn't look like a Zentradi battle-pod any more.

    Beyond that... maybe the Rifleman? That's a classic old design, albeit made somewhat obsolete by the Jagermech. And the Warhammer would be the other really iconic pre-3050 Inner Sphere design that's still not in the game.

    Just googled and there seems to be some moderately well-sourced info suggesting the Marauder and Warhammer are both in there.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 10 Nov 2019 12:10:44 7,724 posts
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    Data-miners think they've found the identities of all of the mechs coming in Heavy Metal. Interestingly, two of them are free for all owners of the base game - the other eight come with the expansion.

    Flea - 20 tons, so the lightest mech in the game. Very fast and has a moderate punch, but dies to a light breeze.

    Assassin - 40 tons, which puts it in the medium range, but best thought of as an overweight scout mech. Fast and a good light-mech killer.

    Vulcan - 40 tons, so another light-end-of-medium mech. Default loadouts are heavy on flamers and machineguns, giving it a good close-in punch but leaving it a bit underpowered in stand-up mech fights.

    Phoenix Hawk - 45 tons and a general medium all-rounder. Absent from Battletech/Mechwarrior games for many years as one of the "lost" mechs (its design was ripped off from Macross/Robotech's VF1 Valkyrie).

    Rifleman - 60 tons, originally pitched as an anti-aircraft mech, but more generally a long-range autocannon support mech. Basically an older and slightly smaller version of the Jagermech.

    Archer - 70 tons and a total missile boat. Similar to the Catapult in many ways, but basically trades off increased firepower for poor heat management.

    Warhammer (doesn't require DLC purchase) - 70 tons and configured as a PPC attack-boat by default. Very heavy on the energy weapons, but generally good heat management.

    Marauder (doesn't require DLC purchase) - 75 tons, putting it at the upper end of the heavy range. Specialised for long-range combat by default, mixing PPCs and A/C5s. Another of the "lost" mechs (the original design was stolen from Macross/Robotech's Zentradi officer battlepod), but seems to have been redesigned with a broader-shouldered chassis.

    Annihilator - 100 tons, so up there with the Atlas and King Crab. Incredibly slow (slower even than the King Crab) but packs an insane punch. A lot of variants of this pack Pulse Lasers - dunno if that'll be true in this game, as those are considered rare LosTech.

    Bull Shark - Weight unknown, but available art and a weapons lineup that includes a bunch of ER Lasers implies it's probably in the assault range (80-100 tons). Will apparently field the new mortar weapon, so probably long-range specialised.
  • DasBooter 10 Nov 2019 15:15:15 455 posts
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    Interesting. Hopefully the Annihilator will be faster than the Stalker, which I find cripplingly slow (so I will turn it into a missile boat as you suggested).

    The medium mechs will give some nice options for the 200 ton limited missions.
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