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  • ModoX 31 May 2018 09:20:35 3,441 posts
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    ...I have a slightly broken baseball bat? :)

    Maybe I should do other stuff for a bit first and build up to it.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 31 May 2018 09:21:55 32,049 posts
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    Select the explosives with the d-pad, aim with your weapon and press the throw button (can't remember which it is).
  • StarchildHypocrethes 31 May 2018 09:22:08 32,049 posts
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    What he said.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 31 May 2018 09:22:48 32,049 posts
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    If you build a workshop you can make petrol bombs.
  • ModoX 31 May 2018 09:26:11 3,441 posts
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    Ah, all good advice, cheers.
  • Frogofdoom 31 May 2018 09:31:16 11,677 posts
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    Yeah I was a bit underwhelmed with the damage from them on a plague heart, petrol bombs seemed better to me. That's a non scientific oh fuck there are loads of zombies trying to kill me and I need to kill this heart kind of way.
  • ZuluHero 31 May 2018 10:22:31 7,088 posts
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    I'm actually contemplating moving my colony to a police station I found - it has loads more space to have more of the essentials, like a much needed workbench. Home-base is currently just equipped with a generator, infirmary and outside beds. (on top of internal beds, kitchen and command centre - but people keep harping on about a garden and inside beds, I guess I should look into that for a morale boost to the recent deaths.
  • robthehermit 31 May 2018 10:27:23 7,135 posts
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    I've managed to get hold of a thermite grenade that I'm looking forward to chucking at a plague heart.
  • Frogofdoom 31 May 2018 10:39:32 11,677 posts
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    Is there a downside to moving to a large base?
  • ZuluHero 31 May 2018 10:45:44 7,088 posts
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    I think it makes more noise and can attract more zombies, also certain locations can affect some morale on certain characters. But I think the increased space outweighs the cons. I hope. :)
  • robthehermit 31 May 2018 11:20:19 7,135 posts
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    It does make more noise mostly by virtue of the larger amount of people needed to populate it. You'll also need to have saved up a large amount of rep to purchase the base (around 1500). The large outdoor slots are handy though, if you've got someone with agriculture, a farm can produce 8 food a day if you've got seeds on hand. Expect a lot of sieges in the early days though as you rebuild the facilities.

    I'm currently running (off the top of my head):

    Upgraded Farm (8 food per day with seeds)
    Generator (base wide power costs one fuel per use) - Built in
    Command Centre with Mod - 6 outposts
    Staging Area (saving me 6 materials per day running costs)
    Workshop (+1 Materials per day)
    Watchtower (-1 ammo per day - negated by hero bonus)
    Upgraded Medical bay (-2 Meds per day)
    Storage area
    Fuel Tank - Not needed but built in
    Upgraded Kitchen (produces seeds from mulched food)
    2x 3 bed areas


    Water plant (cost one fuel per day - provides base wide water)
    Fuel depot (produces 1 fuel per day - offsets water plant)
    2x Med centre (offsets upgraded med bay)
    1x Food (will probably shut it down in favour of another fuel depot)
    1x 2 bed house (needed as not enough beds onsite)

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  • Frogofdoom 31 May 2018 11:22:28 11,677 posts
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    Thanks guys, I reckon it's time for me to move on to new accomodation then.
  • ZuluHero 1 Jun 2018 00:50:46 7,088 posts
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    OK pulled back my colony from the brink, managed to get it back to cheerful, with a full rota of survivors. 8 days lasted so far, though it feels like a lot longer.

    Unfortunately the last survivor I took in is a stoner, which is hitting morale and productivity, so I may have to have her take a long walk outside with very little supplies. I may be 'some' time... :)

    I also have a bit of a problem between the doctor I acquired from the tutorial, and another recent addition, he keeps picking on her, which is also hitting morale hard. I have no idea how to solve their conflict...

    Anyway, feeling a bit like things are on the up again, will have to try for another plague heart soon.
  • hedben2013 1 Jun 2018 06:47:03 931 posts
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    I lost my first community member to a juggernaut last night. Gross. Didn't seem to hit morale too badly, but I've got a counsellor in my group so maybe that helped.

    All the things around my starting base have been picked completely clean so I'll also need to move on to a bigger base soon. I had an objective pop up for it before the "incident" with the juggernaut, not sure if I now need to recruit another member again before I can move?
  • Darth_Flibble 2 Jun 2018 11:38:36 3,292 posts
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    Massive patch for the game (just under 20 gig)
  • Frogofdoom 2 Jun 2018 12:01:59 11,677 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    20 gig patch... surely that's just the whole game downloading again?
  • ZuluHero 2 Jun 2018 19:41:28 7,088 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    It's crazy, I wonder what they've changed. I actually couldn't play last night because of that. All downloaded now though, ready to go out scavaging once again tonight...

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  • Frogofdoom 2 Jun 2018 19:48:20 11,677 posts
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    My co-op session was perfect earlier, only about 90 mins but no issues at all. It's annoying how much better this runs on my pc than the one X, the Xbox is similarly specced to my pc but the ability to play it at 1080p really boosts the frame rate.
  • ZuluHero 3 Jun 2018 01:31:42 7,088 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    OK moved my home base to the police station I scouted, but even though I have loads more space I feel like I am under constant siege. There seems to be a lot of big spawns, juggernauts, screamers and even a fair few ferals.

    Also lost one of my favourite characters. There was a plague hear near the police station, so thought I'd clear it out before moving in. Unfortunately it seemed much harder than the others I've seen before, I got overwhelmed and killed. Managed to go back with another character to finish the job.

    Also killed off the non-contributting stoner girl. After the initial morale hit, people are much happier now she's gone. I still have a problem with my doctor attacking other colony members due to his low morale, but I don't know how to make him happier. If he wasn't a doctor, he'd be going the same way. At the very least I would exile him.

    Do you still take a morale hit if you exile someone?

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  • Skirlasvoud 4 Jun 2018 17:54:15 4,039 posts
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    As an aside for anyone in love with State of Decay's concept and looking for a follow-up on PC or mobile phone;

    The top-down City-Builder / RTS version of State of Decay is a game called Rebuild 3. It can be played both turn based and real-time.
    I've played State of Decay 1 & 2 now on PC and while the concept is fun, it can be a little repetitive and infuriatingly loopy at times.

    I've switched to playing Rebuild 3 and while it may not look like much and has the appearance of a flashgame ( admittedly rebuild 1 started on newgrounds), it's pretty much identical to what you're doing in State of Decay, but in a top-down RTS jacket with better options, more polish and a greater scope.

    You're in control of a group of survivors creating their own city-state. You've got scavengers (who can either scavenge or farm), builders (who can build or gather materials), soldiers (who are best at fighting both zombies and other factions), leaders (who can contact other survivors for alliances, trade or man the bars and churches for morale bonuses) and engineers (medics and researchers).
    You don't have a single home site, but instead, you expand the size of your enclave across a decayed city. The facilities you'd have in SoD, are any of the city-buildings you manage to include within your enclave in Rebuid 3. For example; if you manage to take over a park, you can use it to chop wood or hunt deer. If you capture a hospital, it'll heal survivors. Schools reeducate people into different jobs or raise their existing skills. If a building is useless, your builders can flatten it and maybe erect a few more farms for food or workshops where engineers can produce ammunition.

    You have about 30 survivors on average. You can form them into squads and give them missions. Survivors who spend a lot of time together will form friendships, have feuds and might even marry. You can adopt kids, pets, the works.
    Build a town hall and you can pass laws and become anything ranging from a fascist military state, to a theocratic democracy.

    Just like SoD, there are random little events that influence people. Because it's macro, the survivors don't act like a bunch of babies either and it feels more like it's a part of leadership.

    Really scratches my "What if State of Decay but not occasionally infuriating" itch.

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  • Deleted user 4 June 2018 20:36:01
    Reading some of your experiences and I'm actually very interested in giving it a try
  • Daz190uk 4 Jun 2018 23:20:18 358 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Iíve got this downloaded from Game Pass and will get round to trying it.

    Itís so annoying we canít select resolution on the X. I would take 1080p and a smooth framerate over 4K any day of the week.
  • Deleted user 4 June 2018 23:58:04
    I would have thought a performance mode would have been a given.

  • ZuluHero 5 Jun 2018 00:28:39 7,088 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    It's getting too hard now, down to 5 survivors. Can't keep on top of infestations, did a huge clear up tonight, took out 7 of them, but now they are popping up in the places previously cleared out already. Managed to take out my 5th plague heart, but not without casualties.

    Quite a few bugs tonight, the worst one was my character getting stuck in an auto run trying to open a door, worst timing too as I was taking on an infestation. Thankfully the Zs broke open the door from the other side to free my character up.

    Low on resources again too, I'm sick of food going missing all the time, constantly keeping me in the red.

    It's getting a bit too stressful, and not the enjoyable stress I was getting earlier on just searching for stuff or exploring, not sure how much longer I will last playing it.

    I might check out that mobile game...
  • Deleted user 5 June 2018 02:53:06
    I played the game for about 15 hours in total and I feel like I've done everything the game has to offer. I moved bases thrice, destroyed lots of plague hearts, killed zombies, helped out other enclaves, fought other enclaves... that's about it.

    Once you've done that it seems like it's just rinse and repeat. I'm not bothered though because I used my free trial Game Pass to play it but I feel bad for anyone that paid for it. It's good fun to begin with but then you start the realise it's a stinky shit like the EG review outlined.

    I didn't get any glitches though.

    Also, ZuluHero, the easiest way to deal with plague hearts I've found is to collect/craft 4 molotovs and just spam all of them at once - kills it dead instantly. If you buy an AK or the M4 lookalike from a merchant it's best to keep it to deal with the hearts. A magazine and a half from either of them destroys any heart in a few seconds.
  • Dizzy 5 Jun 2018 09:19:32 3,681 posts
    Seen 20 minutes ago
    Registered 17 years ago
    15 hours is perfect.... did you expect a few 100?
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