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  • quadfather 20 Jun 2018 09:12:33 34,872 posts
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    There is 'something not right' in that place
  • Mola_Ram 20 Jun 2018 09:28:29 21,170 posts
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    THFourteen wrote:
    bladdard wrote:I thought they were all decent people but now I find myself appalled by the things they say and their opinions but most of all annoyed that they feel empowered, and it's somehow ok to air them publicly.
    They are all still decent people.
    It depends on what you mean by "decent person". There is a perception (that I think is becoming less common, thankfully) that people with racist (or sexist, homophobic, etc) beliefs are terrible human beings in every way. In reality though, people can be perfectly kind and decent and generous, and also be massively prejudiced against people who are different to them. Those things do not cancel each other out.

    As for my... problematic friend, I've just taken to muting him in online group conversations. I think he's probably a decent person in the sense I just described, but I find conversations with him tiring. And I don't think he's capable of stopping. The internet has broken him.
  • JoelStinty 20 Jun 2018 09:45:14 8,065 posts
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    I think it is easy for decent people to get caught up in some really shit views, because most people live in comfort and they get distanced by reality. My uncle and Auntie are probably good examples of that. People you would look up to in all other walks of life, but when it comes to politics they just recite the daily mail.

    I'm curious of what they make of the Trump children separation policy, i don't think they like trump, but they make excuses for him. This weekend will me the ultimate test of their character for me (they come round most weekends) I don't know how i would react if they did make an excuse for it.

    Also i think it is easy to feel distanced by news in the internet day and age, it is something that i have struggled with. Stories where i know i should feel something and sometimes i don't. It does worry me at times. But i think most people are like that.
  • bladdard 20 Jun 2018 10:15:47 1,381 posts
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    @Mola_Ram I suppose by decent person I mean someone who doesn't judge or descriminate through ignorance. TBH that probably includes most of the population but I do find the lurch to the right of western society is bringing these previously unpalatable views to the surface, at least we're talking about it now.
  • Deleted user 20 June 2018 10:28:33
    I've got a bit of a mix in regards to politics with friends. I don't think it's a coincidence that my closest ones are liberal leaning but apart from the odd drunken debate politics hasn't got in the way. I'm very very conscious of trying not to live my life in an echo chamber, especially as I didn't start off liberal so I think having friends that mark out the spectrum is important.

    One of my right leaning friends (who is apologetically so, it's really endearing) comes from a family of not only UKIP supporters but actual (ex)counsellors I can confirm that they are completely nuts. One got kidnapped twice by a nutter and stolen away to a barn in France, the other moved to Philadelphia, amassed an arsenal and still managed to vote for Leave despite being an expat. It's a miracle my friend is as normal as he is.

    Back when I was young and apoliticial, I'd often try to deflect the madness of his Dad as even though I was young and pathetic even I could tell he was talking out of his arsehole. What surprised me is just how much traction the party got, as an 18 year old living in Labour pre recession UK they seemed so far away from the climate, little did I know it was simmering under the surface.

    The thing that always struck me was that the older generations are embittered by the 'foreign element' yet us 30 something and younger have been living in a multicultural UK since born and it really hasn't bothered most of us.

    I would say that I am the only liberal in my family which brought its fair share of issues, however since getting into my 30s I've found my parents at least far more willing to listen to my views and to calm down the racist/homophobic etc. rhetoric. Progress?
  • Fake_Blood 20 Jun 2018 11:40:01 9,653 posts
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    What bugs me are people that deal in extremes, be it left or right. The main issue here in Belgium is immigration, and the only two choices seem to be let everyone in, or let no one in, and I think thereís an argument to be made about structured immigration.

    The biggest problem of the last year have been what they call transit migration, people that want to get to the UK arrive in Belgium, we offer them asylum but they donít want to stay here.

    Iím not really sure why, people keep telling me itís because you canít get IDíd in the UK.
  • PazJohnMitch 20 Jun 2018 14:09:56 14,635 posts
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    I work with a Tory councillor who I also invited to my Wedding.

    So in answer to the thread question: Yes, almost daily.
  • retro74 20 Jun 2018 14:57:11 2,863 posts
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    I have a father in law that wouldn't take the nearest trolley in Tesco the other day because a black man had it before him. He walked round it and got a different one

    He was a leave voter too strangely enough

    Unfortunately we all have to deal with these dickheads on a daily basis
  • quadfather 20 Jun 2018 15:00:07 34,872 posts
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    can't compute
  • Psiloc 20 Jun 2018 15:00:20 5,149 posts
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    retro74 wrote:
    He was a leave voter too strangely enough
    Yeah how strange
  • chopsen 20 Jun 2018 15:00:27 20,528 posts
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    So how does that work then? Chances are if there enough black people around and the supermarket is old enough, all the trollies would have been used by a black man at some point. Is there like a half life a trolley has of blackness after it's been touched, and you have to wait for it to decay after a certain threshold, or is it just cancelled out immediately after if a non-black person touches it?
  • quadfather 20 Jun 2018 15:01:58 34,872 posts
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    I would imagine the said person cannot comprehend that fact and can only go on the situation put in front of him at the time.
  • Psiloc 20 Jun 2018 15:52:44 5,149 posts
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    If they can assume that a white person has used the trolley more recently than any previous black person then said white person would have absorbed the mank, rendering the trolley safe again. And the white person was probably Polish anyway because its the middle of the day and all the English people are out working to keep them on benefits and touching our BRITISH trolleys
  • drhickman1983 23 Jun 2018 07:07:13 6,024 posts
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    My sister's long term boyfriend and father of her kids had joined Facebook, and now he's just posting loads of shitty, low-level resist, "English" memes.

    Mostly guff about hire somebody was told to take down the St. George's cross because it was offensive, and then giving no actual sources. Might have to start calling him out on it. Just a lot of effort.
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