Sam and the Womp

  • neilka 5 Aug 2018 00:30:20 22,534 posts
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    They must be one of the most under appreciated bands in the UK.
    Album after album of brilliant, varied music with great vocals and captivating, emotional lyrics.
    Amazing that people yearn for Britpop dross like Tears For Fears when bands like this who were a million times better before, doing and since.

    I just listened to Bom Bom, what fucking music!

  • Your-Mother 5 Aug 2018 00:51:03 2,766 posts
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    They're no Lord Rockingham's XI
  • Deleted user 5 August 2018 01:14:55
    She's got a nice bom to be fair.
  • mangojoe 5 Aug 2018 09:31:50 2,305 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    The original by Keane was better
  • JamboWayOh 5 Aug 2018 09:35:43 13,158 posts
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    The cover by the Lighthouse Family was much more of a banger imo.
  • Skirlasvoud 6 Aug 2018 13:07:53 4,039 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago

    Hhmmm. Not bad at all. I can't stand listening to their entire album since there's only so much you can do with the trumpet in that particular style, but there's quite a few stand-out numbers.
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