Need some serious guidance on a new gaming laptop (Windows compatible for Steam)

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    Hi folks, read a lot of funny stuff I've read on here; I absolutely LOVED the bad jokes thread with jokes which were so bad that they were hilarious.

    Anyway, down to business. My old Windows gaming lappy busted a few years back and since then have been using a crappy Chromebook.

    (You may want to avoid this droning paragraph as it's not really relevant to my predicament) I was a Nintendo fanboy for a long time so I made use of everything up to the Wii U, but the ridiculousness of the over-priced Amiibo and short-lived lifespan of the Wii U moving onto the Switch was the straw that broke the camel's back.I also had a 3DS and then they introduced the 'New 3DS' after all of this crappy 'Circle Pad Pro' nonsense and then they introduced Amiibo which is extortionate. They've gone from an innovative company that saved the gaming industry in 1985 to greedy bastards. I could go on but I shan't - I'm here for PC advice.
    TL;DR just ignore the above paragraph

    I was and still am a massive fan of the Portal games and I have masses of games on my account which I've yet to touch. I always have plumped for factory refurbished because they're good-as-new. I've heard of Dell outlet and bought from there before - often times I'd get something which was ideal and just needed a bit more RAM which I had no problem with, I just installed some more in the secondary empty slot. The max I paid for a decent gaming lappy with an Nvidia GFX card was 600-ish, plus the cost of extra RAM which was no big deal. But I checked through refurbs out, the listing format has changed and I'm looking at 1000-1500 for a gaming lappy navigating this site.

    Now, I know the basics but I really need advice on the following (necessities are in standards, little that I would like are in italics):

    1) Is brand important?

    2) Recommended GFX cards.

    3) Recommended maximum RAM capability and RAM type - my last one had DDR3, came with 4 GB RAM but I installed a shed load more.

    4) Obviously it'll come with USB ports; all I need is a single USB 3 (or up) as I can always buy a hub for the rest.

    5) ANY kind of HDMI port; mini, micro - you name it.

    6) 15" screen would make me happy obviously with a 720p resolution (or higher if it's cheap enough but that's entirely optional. Depending on price I could opt to go for 1080p).

    6) I wouldn't make much use of an optical drive but a burner can come in handy - is standard DVD or Blu-Ray the was to go?

    7) Best version of Windows? I loved Windows 7 but that's no longer supported. Windows 8 was a pile of turd and I've not used Windows 9 or 10.

    8) I'm not bothered about SSD or a standard HDD as long as it's 7200RPM (which I believe is the fastest?) Can you even buy a laptop without storage?

    9) Any recommendations on the best place to buy a laptop? New or manufacturer refurbished - preferably the latter as they're good as new anyway.

    10) OK, the BIG one - if anyone can recommend a suitable laptop or what specific components such as those mentioned above (RAM included not important, that would be beyond awesome.


    And finally, thanks for any and all help given.

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  • CrispyXUKTurbo 16 Oct 2018 21:37:04 2,930 posts
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    1) Don't buy Sony or Dell

    2) Whatever is the current mid-range

    3) 8GB

    4) not a question

    5) not a question

    6) most gaming laptops are 15"

    6) Don't bother, you'll never use it

    7) 10

    8) SSD is an absolute must

    9) no

    10) Buy a desktop PC and a non-gaming laptop, stream to laptop.
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    Sony make laptops?
  • THFourteen 17 Oct 2018 09:43:31 53,839 posts
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    If you're looking to spend 1-1.5k and you dont get at least 8GB RAM, SSD and 1080p you've been royally ripped off.

    Biggest question for me, will you be gaming on a desk, or will you be out and about, on the sofa, train, work etc

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    Windows 9 is the best
  • Load_2.0 17 Oct 2018 10:21:52 31,893 posts
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    Serious guidance?

    You have come to the right place sir!
  • Deleted user 17 October 2018 13:54:44
    What the problem with Dell?

    Insperion are kind of sexy. My general advice is if you not spending 1500+plus you can usually get more bang for your buck buying something which doesn't have the words "gaming" "Xtreme" or a go faster red keyboard or flashing neon lights.

    What is your price range?

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    whatfruitlivesagain wrote:
    What the problem with Dell?

    Insperion are kind of sexy. My general advice is if you not spending 1500+plus you can usually get more bang for your buck buying something which doesn't have the words "gaming" "Xtreme" or a go faster red keyboard or flashing neon lights.

    What is your price range?
    I guess up to 800 minus any extra RAM I need which I'll get over due course - is DDR3 still the standard? If so, I have loads of it in my old knackered laptops - one of them is 8 or 12GB. Still need guidance about places to buy, recommended models and GFX card models and YES, I know that laptops are approx twice the price of a desktop of similar power but a laptop is really what I need. As I said before, I paid 600 for a Dell with a poxy 4 GB of RAM but slammed an extra 8 or 12 in there and the thing was really juicy; sang like a bird, even with a HDD as opposed to SSD and hell, they're easy enough to swap over.

    And once again, once all of this is sorted you can all expect a plethora of IRL Jaffa Cakes - just name your flavour 'cos there's more than just orange you know. Thanks for the help thus far. Hopefully it'll all get sorted, I don't need a top-of-the line laptop, but above average will make me happy. And as on final note, a few years back my previous gaming laptops were a Dell L502X and a Dell 521X but you've got to move with the times.

    NB: On this shoddy machine I can only access the Steam community. If it takes anyone's fancy to add me, I'm known as 'Sy' on there. I can still send messages, gifts and chat. If nobody is interested, don't worry, I won't cry but I really want to get back into the Steam community. And again, thanks to all of you.

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