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    Time to relax with the top 3 best board game apps for Android

    There are a huge number of big fans for board games. However, what board games are worth a try? Let’s have a look at our the top 3 best board game apps for your Android.

    As we all know, games keep people entertained thanks to their crisp images, amazing animated characters, ear-catching sound and much more. However, with board games, they provide a lot more than jus entertainment.

    Playing games with your friends or members in your family is a good way to build relationships. Moreover, scientists also demonstrate that board games help our brain activity and improve cognitive skills such as decision-making and problem-solving. Due to many positive effects, board games always have their own position in the booming game industry.

    When mentioning board games, a lot of people may think about Chess, Monopoly or Checkers. Nowadays, alongside classic board games, some modern board games that are available on your mobile phone are rising as a phenomenon. Keep in mind to visit our website –store of hundreds of apk apps & games to download on Android devices.

    1. Tsuro - The Game of the Path

    Tsuro – The Game of the Path is evaluated to be “one of the prettiest apps you’ll ever see… as close as you can get to opening up a box and playing the cardboard version” by Board Game Geek, one famous online forum for board game hobbyists.

    How to play: This game includes 1 game board, 35 path tiles, 8 marker stones, and 1 Dragon tile. Start playing the game by placing a title on the board. Each time you place a tile on the playing table, you need to slide your stone along the path created. If your stone is off the board, it means you are eliminated from the game. Try to take your opponents off the table. The last player standing on the board is the winner.

    Key features:

    - Beautiful design: Every detail is created meticulously. Rainbow stones, the eye-catching game board, sparkling fire, and everything else makes all users attracted.

    - Easy to play: Intuitive controls help users get a real experience like you could touch the board and the stones. No need to buy Tsuro in stores. Just enjoy it via Tsuro - The Game of the Path app for Android.
    - Playing with friends: Tsuro allows from 2 to 8 players at the same time. Why don’t you recommend this game to your best friends, and have a short competition with them?

    - Useful for everyone: Anyone can play Tsuro. To become a winner, you need to have a smart strategy. Play Tsuro to improve your brain function!

    Our store, Top1apk downloader as google play store - free online games and apps, is always here to help you.

    2. Coup

    If you are fond of dominating your family, friends and even a large city in a quick, interesting game, Coup is especially for you.

    In Coup, you will play a as the head of a family in an Italian City. This city is governed by a powerless, corrupt regime. That is the reason why you want to seize power in a huge “coup”. All you need to do is to defraud, manipulate, buy off and everything to destroy the existing government and get rid of all other families. Let your family completely hold the city’s suzerainty.

    How to play: To start the game, you will be offered two cards with two different roles. Each character has its function such as bribing or killing other player’s cards. A winner must be the only player left with at least one secret card. The most important thing is that you conceal your real role by telling lies to escape from any challenge.

    Key features:

    - Play with friends all over the world: You can’t play Coup solo because it is a competitive game. Coup allows up to 4 players at the same time. Invite your friends to enjoy this amazing game.

    - Astounding characters: There are 5 cards, including the Captain, the Assassin, the Contessa, the Duke, and the Ambassador. Each character has its own unique ability. Just take time and discover it all!

    - Ranked players and matches: The battle will be more attractive than ever when you compete with worthy opponents. Coup builds up a variety of ranked rooms to let you have the best experiences.

    - Badges and achievements: The more achievements you get, the more badges you get, and the higher your rank is. Discover more badges, and they will bring you many benefits!

    3. Colt Express

    We are looking at Colt Express which won Spiel Des Jahres in 2015. In this game, each player takes on the role of a train robber who tries to steal as much loot as he can before the end of the game. Wow! Become the richest wanted criminal of the West with Colt Express.

    How to play: To start with, each player will perform a series of basic, simple actions for the purpose of completing a masterplan. When you have finished it, a wide range of skills and tasks will open before your eyes. Be very careful because your mission is not only to loot as much as possible but also to avoid shots from opponents. Each strategy is often changed on the go.

    Key features:

    - Colt Express provides you with two playing modes, solo and multiple mode. Solo mode: Discover the adventures of all 6 outlaws in Story mode through 30 charming chapters with their own plot, rules and achievements. When you complete one story, you can unblock the new multiplayer mode and other fascinating books.

    Multiple Mode: Play online together with up to your 5 friends or co-players across the world. Train your skills and try to stand first in the leaderboard. Let every outlaw be afraid of you!

    - Playing Colt Express also is a treasure hunting journey. In the wild West, hundreds of ancient, priceless treasures are waiting for you.
    Find out more information at https://www.scoop.it/t/play-store-apk-by-top1apk.

    Wrapping it up!

    If you are a big fan of board games, never miss any of the aforementioned mobile apps. Just visit our website and download them all for free. Enjoying board games has never been easier.

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    LOCK. HER. UP.
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    ClintonJMolina11 wrote:
    Game ps4 should buy CD or digital you. CDs or digitals cost more in the machine. thank you
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    You are most welcome.
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    I like having a physical copy but sometimes there are great deals in the PSN store.
    I have never paid full price for a digital copy, for me, for that to happen they need to revamp digital rights management and control. What I mean is they need a mechanism to replicate the convienience of physical media to transfer licenses temporarily(lend) or permanently(sell 2nd hand)

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    ClintonJMolina11 wrote:
    Game ps4 should buy CD or digital you. CDs or digitals cost more in the machine. thank you
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    You don't want to play PS4 games from CD.

    You want to play them from cassette. Hooking a C64 or Spectrum cassette deck up to your PS4 shouldn't be too difficult and is by far the best way to play games. Failing that, I'd recommend a 5.25" floppy drive.
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    ClintonJMolina11 wrote:
    Game ps4 should buy CD or digital you. CDs or digitals cost more in the machine. thank you
    And this is why we voted Brexit!
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    As we told the other 10 ClintonJMolina's, buy on wax cylinder. Would Skynet like to know more?
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    Disc is better
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    Type them in from a magazine like a real man.
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    Clinton J. Molina 11th of the Boston Molinas? With your wealth you should buy digital.
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