EDF(5) deploys!

  • starsail 12 Dec 2018 03:43:48 61 posts
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    Can we get a review Eurogamer? This is like a Starship Troopers/War of the Worlds dream come true and from the very first moment I heard my 'security supervisor' speak like a Resident Evil 1 character in mission 1, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. I've been playing it with a big grin ever since and think it deserves a review given its rather loyal cult fanbase.
    Fellow EDF recruits, I'll hopefully see you co-oping on the battlefield soon when I'm not couch co-oping :D
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 12 Dec 2018 07:49:17 3,881 posts
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    I want this but the highly priced digital only is offputting. I wonder if the physical Asian copy plays nicely online with all of the other versions (I assume 4.1 was worldwide servers but then again could have been separate Asia/RoW for all I know)
  • starsail 12 Dec 2018 08:58:35 61 posts
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    Yeah, I hope they do a physical launch. They seem to be targeting the west with Iron Rain according to their review in Polygon, probably due to unimpressive sales but a strong cult following.
    The price for the deluxe is a tad steep but hopefully they drop the standard edition soon enough if sales don't take off. 4.1 often drops wildly during deals so hopefully they'll do the same with 5.
    Not sure about Asian online, whether it targets EU users inside the UK.
    But I've pumped 200 hours into 4.1 ffs, so I'm happy with a digital copy but I'm sure many will want to trade it after a blast through
  • Jonsend 12 Dec 2018 09:14:17 803 posts
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    I'm going to grab this as soon as I'm back from my holiday. I don't play many games these days but EDF 5 has been top of my anticipated games list since it launched in Japan last year.
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 12 Dec 2018 11:28:32 3,881 posts
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    How is the localisation? As satisfyingly cheesy as the last few?
  • Jonsend 12 Dec 2018 16:29:48 803 posts
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    Let's hope so!
  • starsail 13 Dec 2018 06:54:54 61 posts
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    Yes, it's a pure cheese fest and gloriously (intentionally) over acted.

    Not to spoil it, but when you're being led around a military base by a supervising security officer, all these warnings go off to signal an imminent invasion, but he stubbornly remains gloriously unassuming and plays all down the red flags. By the end of the 'controls training', there's a bit that had me in stitches. Then you meet up with soldiers.

    Its a wonderful touch that introduces what to expect.

    I've played into the first 10 missions and love the rebalanced approach:
    *The Wing Diver is powerful but no longer overpowered.
    *Collected drops will now still register if you die.

    I was also able beef up my weapons early on from level 0 to level 5 by replaying Misson 5 (I believe) on Hard. Bugs regenerate on 3 towers, so take out 2 towers and leave 1 to spawn bugs. Let the marines take care of the bugs.

    I'm really enjoying it and while it uses the familiar graphics engine, the new locations are fantastic. Still looking to find an inferno mission thats easy to beat in order to farm weapons and armour.

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  • Jonsend 12 Mar 2019 12:32:04 803 posts
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    Been playing this for a while now. Well recommended and a significant upgrade from 4.1.

    Best things:
    o Location based damage to the bipedal enemies, really satisfying to remove limbs
    o Gun leveling means you usually have a few guns of a similar level and you choose based on behaviour (spread, penetrating, ammo, range) rather than just damage.
    o Support items for ranger adds more strategy
    o Upgrading all classes means you can reasonably switch between them (though I usually stick with ranger).
    o You get some weapons armor even if you die.
    o 60fps

    Downsides :
    o You're locked from Very Hard and Inferno for the first run through.
    o Enemy variety is better than previous, but still a bit limited.

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