Favourite Retro Games 2018

  • Rajin 9 Jan 2019 20:49:07 819 posts
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    I have been playing a lot of retro games in 2018 and since most of the threads of favorite games is dominated by modern consoles, I was wondering what your favourite retro games are of 2018.

    My favourite retro games of 2018 are:

    Panzer Dragoon Orta (xbox)

    Amazing on-rails shooter with a lot of depth that rewards you for playing well. I also really like the aesthetic of the game and its boss fights.

    Shining Soul 2 (GBA)

    I am a sucker for diablo lite 2d games such as these and greatly enjoyed this one. What did frustate me is some quests locked behind coop and some buggy moments where I crashed and lost a lot of progress.

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

    My favourite Fire Emblem game with a genuinely good story for a change. The beginning is a bit slow but it rapidly builds up in the second halve.
  • Rodderz 9 Jan 2019 23:11:38 3,935 posts
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    For me it would be a few old Nintendo games, as I purchased a Wii last year primarily to play some of my old Gamecube titles. So for my list I'd add:

    Eternal Darkness
    Up there as one of my favorite games of any generation. An amazing story spread across multiple time periods and involving generations of one family in particular. With Lovecraftian themes spread throughout it's no surprise that sanity plays a big role in the face of mysterious and alien 'old gods' and their plans for the world. The 'sanity system' whereby your character starts to lose their mind in the face of things like walking horrors, was implemented superbly. This could include some innovative 4th wall breaking 'controller disconnects' or 'game crash' screens that aren't actually real crashes (I'd imagine there's got to be at least a few people out there that even turned off their systems when this happened. They should have waited :D). Needless to say, I would love a modern sequel or at minimum a spruced up modern remake that was as faithful to the original as possible.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash
    I forgot how enjoyable this entry in the series was and I really liked the mechanic of shifting drivers around or having them lob stuff at the other competitors :). Went to play only a little of this last year and ended up working through most of the cups again!

    Super Monkey Ball
    This is still a brilliant, vibrant and overall damn fun game! One interesting little discovery I found whilst replaying this was the bloody high score on Monkey Golf, which had been set by an old school friend I haven't seen in years, that I still can't beat! The swine!

    Timesplitters 2
    Absolutely loved this series, a favorite of both mine and my best mate for many a year as we blasted our way through all these titles in couch co-op including the classic "multiplayer" modes filled with bots etc. By today's FPS standards it's rather dated now, but I still love this colorful take on the genre that this had in spades and the multitude of different oddballs that made up its extensive character roster. Would love to see a remastered collection of 1, 2 and Future Perfect followed by a new sequel. Someone make it happen!

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  • Timmy 9 Jan 2019 23:12:39 9,208 posts
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    I'm not sure why you have decided to put 2018 on the title, but I also like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

    I completed it again recently, alongside its sequel- Radiant Dawn on the Wii.
  • Timmy 9 Jan 2019 23:15:43 9,208 posts
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    Super Monkey Ball/Monkey Target is my all time favourite multiplayer experience, besides Timesplitters 2/FP.

    Strange that they should both get mentioned so close to one another.
  • DangerousDave_87 10 Jan 2019 00:57:15 5,914 posts
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    I think it's your favourite retro games played in 2018?
  • DUFFMAN5 10 Jan 2019 07:05:50 24,532 posts
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    What are we classing as retro, 360, wii/wii U and ps3 seem to modern, however:

    "looking back on or dealing with past events or situations"

    So, some older games I replayed last year:
    Star Wars KotOR (still brilliant)
    Syphon Filter

    Agree re ET being a classic. You might want to edit though as you have given a lot away. On the very small off chance someone has yet to play and experience as we all did upon release! ;)
  • Rodderz 10 Jan 2019 10:12:47 3,935 posts
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    Ah yeah, fair point Duff, I've spoiler tagged those those bits now ;)
  • Malek86 10 Jan 2019 10:35:36 8,443 posts
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    I completed quite a bit of old games last year, so I'll limit myself to the very old ones here.

    Shining in the Darkness (MD): a fairly straightforward dungeon crawler. Having to draw my own map was pretty fun for a change. There's some grinding involved, but ultimately the game is not too hard if you take the time to explore every level and power up in the meanwhile. Since your party is always fixed, you don't have to think too much about the combat system either. For its time, it's a pretty forgiving RPG. Nice visual design and music too. Very good overall.

    Timelapse (PC): yet another Myst clone from the time when they were all the rage. The story is actually pretty interesting, drawing from history and scifi at once, and the ending is funny too (you manage to get off the island with proof of the aliens' existence, become famous, and they eventually make a videogame about you). Unfortunately, some of the later levels have a lot of pixel hunting. Still good.

    D: The Game (PC): from the genius of Kenji Eno comes... a FMV adventure with very few puzzles, lots of waiting around for the animations to complete, very slow walking, and the most ridiculous plot twist ever. Can't say I liked this much. Enemy Zero was a much better game imho.
  • AboutHalfaStevas 10 Jan 2019 11:05:17 1,695 posts
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    Obviously, it's a shmup. What else? But it is a shmup that got a quite glorious M2 remaster release on the PS4 at the end of last year.

    Normally I'd suggest waiting for a US release, as there was with the equally super Battle Garegga, but given the fact we're still waiting over a year or something for them to get around to delivering the US version of Mahou Daisakusen... maybe not.

    So again, obviously, you should all create a Japanese PSN account, purchase some Japanese PSN credits, and click what you think says "buy" on what you think is the correct product page for Ketsui. (It's not that difficult - you can translate pages now).

    And then struggle with the Japanese menu. (Its not that difficult - you can get an app to translate through a photo on your phone).

    And you should probably avoid playing it with a dualshock, as the dpad is STILL utter gubbins, and there is an utterly inexplicable deadzone on the analogue of about half the travel (I mean, FFS, seriously; but then, you have an arcade stick already - right?)

    And I don't even know why I'm still writing at this point.
  • ghearoid 10 Jan 2019 14:44:15 3,200 posts
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    Advance Wars GBA - I don't think a year goes by without my playing an Advance Wars title again.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn Wii - I've had it for years but played it for the first time last year and was charmed by it

    Animal Crossing GC - I still check in with my villagers now and then. The DS one too, Maple has lived there from day one.
  • mothercruncher 10 Jan 2019 20:20:23 16,198 posts
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    Favourite retro game, by quite a margin, has been Fallout Ď76.
  • quadfather 10 Jan 2019 22:07:09 34,451 posts
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    High five on eternal darkness man :)
  • quadfather 10 Jan 2019 22:11:15 34,451 posts
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    Oh, ok, retro games I played in 2018.


    Eternal darkness - GC
    Rogue squadron 2 - GC
    Resident evil remaster on the ps4 - does that count?
    Doom (+tc's)
    Zombie army trilogy - ok, this isn't retro, but it isn't current :)
    Link to the past - mini SNES
    Super ghouls n ghosts - mini SNES

    And, believe it or not, everquest on the pc, or at least eq99
  • Malek86 10 Jan 2019 23:02:56 8,443 posts
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    Also forgot that last year I finished Resident Evil 2 for the N64. Good times were had by all. I'm in for the remake, probably at launch too. Even if I'll be swarmed with work very soon.
  • Rodderz 11 Jan 2019 13:00:57 3,935 posts
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    quadfather wrote:

    High five on eternal darkness man :)
    Yep👏! So glad I played it again, wonderful game.

    Can't wait for REmake 2 now, think I'll give the demo a blast this evening!
  • Rajin 11 Jan 2019 18:14:34 819 posts
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    Remaster was made for the gamecube so I'd say it counts.

    I left 2018 in the thread title since it migjt otherwise get dominated by the usual suspects and I was wondering who was still playing retro games in 2018 on eurogamer :).
  • Rajin 11 Jan 2019 18:14:34 819 posts
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    Post deleted
  • SnackPlissken 11 Jan 2019 19:06:36 972 posts
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    I bought a lot of retro games in 2018.

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    Freedom Fighters
    In Cold Blood
    The Thing
    No One Lives Forever

    The ones I completed are

    Final Fantasy VIII
    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Full Throttle

    Also played a few backlogs
    The Getaway
    Smackdown HCTP

    Good shout on Eternal Darkness! Iíve been meaning to play that for a long time again. I didnít get very far when I originally bought it for my gamecube.
  • whatthefu 11 Jan 2019 19:42:27 1,218 posts
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    Interesting, about Eternal Darkness, I remember loving the story style and the insanity. Might think about another play through, last one was 2006.

    I've currently started up another playthrough of Ultimate Doom, this time on Not too Rough. I'm a bit crap. Just managed to defeat the level 10 boss without getting killed.

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  • Cappy 11 Jan 2019 19:53:06 14,080 posts
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    It would be great if the early N64 builds of Eternal Darkness leaked, I'd be curious to see if there was much more than a very limited vertical slice and how it differs from the Gamecube version.

    I'd be hoping it doesn't have the 'insanity' effects, there are too many that break the fourth wall which is not something that helps maintain immersion.
  • Rajin 12 Jan 2019 13:30:56 819 posts
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    No One kives forever and its sequel are great!. I did get lost a lot due to objectives being a bit obscure at times.
  • KD 12 Jan 2019 13:34:39 2,085 posts
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    The Wii U I bought took most of my retro gaming time, picked one up finally with a ps3 but did get a nice original snes for free but not even hooked it up yet.
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