Multiple repairs..

  • miseryguts 12 Mar 2019 16:40:49 246 posts
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    ..third to be precise & I'm getting more than a little fed up with the whole procedure to be honest.
    I've just shipped to the big N's UK service centre (again!) due to the left Joy-con drifting haphazardly but there has been other issues.
    Has anyone else here had the same faecal matter to deal with & did you pursue a replacement Switch or refund?

    Talk about insult to injury, just received an Email from the big N's customer support saying that they've now got my Switch for repair but they may be a delay of up to 4 WEEKS (honest) due to their annual stock take currently taking place.. something tells me I'm just not meant to own a Nintendo Switch!

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  • Cappy 12 Mar 2019 21:32:40 14,191 posts
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    It depends on how long ago the item was purchased and where it was purchased from.

    Past a year you sometimes have to deal with a service centre. If purchased from someplace like GAME or Tesco you can probably do a return all they way up to the two year mark.
  • miseryguts 12 Mar 2019 21:59:52 246 posts
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    It was purchased about 10 months ago for a birthday present with Mario Odyssey from Argos & is in great condition.. but I think I'm screwed as I can't find it's box any more.
  • Ienjoysquid 13 Mar 2019 00:07:31 373 posts
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    Blue left joycon drifted. Sent back to Nintendo and purchased grey one in the interim.

    Blue joycon replaced by Nintendo, began playing up again within 3 months. Grey one still fine.

    You can buy a replacement analogue stick for £6 and apparently they are easy to fit so I'll try that.
  • garsync 13 Mar 2019 07:30:16 248 posts
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    Replaced two launch left joycon sticks at the weekend because of severe drift and the both work fine now. Got the tools with the sticks on Amazon and YouTube has some videos to show you what to do, it is pretty straightforward. Just needed some needlenose tweezers to help with the ribbon re insertion.

    How To

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  • Fake_Blood 13 Mar 2019 07:44:34 10,209 posts
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    Iíve noticed the fan of my launch model is starting to make a slight noise during the first few minutes of play, but it goes away when it warms up a bit.
    What failed on yours miseryguts? Was it the same thing 3 times?
  • jimnastics 13 Mar 2019 07:50:34 1,803 posts
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    Yep I've had 2 x joycons repaired with stick drift, annoying but the process was pretty painless from what I remember... though I did have to argue for a free repair under EU 2 year warranty guidelines as they tried to charge me at first. But it was a quick repair process at least.
  • Ienjoysquid 14 Mar 2019 21:39:41 373 posts
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    I'm going to have a crack at sending it back for a second repair even though its now 18 months old (where did that time go to?).

    I can't understand why these things are so unreliable. The right one has had a total hammering and is completely fine.
  • wizbob 14 Mar 2019 23:28:09 924 posts
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    So far, I have replaced a drifting joycon and a faulty power supply, making the Switch the least reliable Nintendo console I have ever owned.

    I've had the same NES for 25 years with no problems, my N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Virtualboy, Wii and 3DS all feel rock solid. I'm disappointed with this.
  • Ienjoysquid 15 Mar 2019 18:57:33 373 posts
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    Considering my original right one is indestructible I don't understand why they don't just make them all like that.

    Everyone who has this problem seems to be a left joycon drifting to the right.

    I presume they are made in different places and the left joycon factory, 2 years after launch, still can't get it right.
  • garsync 15 Mar 2019 21:17:00 248 posts
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    They were using the Twix factory model it seems
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