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  • Rhaegyr 16 Jun 2021 10:45:23 5,494 posts
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    You've articulated the point I was trying to make a lot better than I did -_-
  • Bichii 16 Jun 2021 10:48:26 4,643 posts
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    Yeah every time my first play throughs I miss whole areas and get the basic ending as I don't Google anything. Then I will look online and realise I missed whole sections and secrets. Bloodborne I think on my 3rd/4th runs I was still finding new areas! Maybe 4th sekiro run I found out about going into the memory and fighting owl.
  • quadfather 16 Jun 2021 10:57:12 38,984 posts
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    I like the obscurity of it all, because there are so many players playing their own different way that people will eventually do something, and mention it to someone else, who says, "hang on a minute, what you mean, I went here instead or did this/that/the other instead" and then it sets everyone off.

    I remember looking at a map of technician ted in the 1980s in a crash magazine, and I noticed they'd missed a room out on the map. I found it by pure accident but they'd obviously not done what I did to get into the room (which was a simple jump near the top of a screen) and I mentioned it to some mates and it was great - because it started us all experimenting with different games in the same way.

    Super metroid on the SNES is another good example.

    It's all about the mystery and the secrets for me.

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  • retro74 16 Jun 2021 11:30:33 3,767 posts
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    Strangely enough I was playing RE Village the other day and despite completing it five times already I found a new area with some more fish in!

    You get to a certain bit and you naturally interact with the stuff in front of you, however if you do that it plays a cut scene and you can never go back to the fish area - got to get the fish first

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