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  • Khanivor 11 Jul 2019 15:06:58 44,383 posts
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    Steifybobbins wrote:
    @dominalien that's one of the more sanitary examples so as not to upset anyones day
    As I’m sure you’re aware through your own reading, a lot of the time kids who’ve been alienated from a parent will come around. They’ll see the subside, controlling parent fir the selfish destructive force that they are and come to the victim parent over time.

    Sadly, this usually means missing out on the childhood part of life, for both parties.

    I hope your kids realize what’s going on sooner rather than later. I think there’s literally no greater evil in this world than depriving children of their parents and vice versa, (I view sexual abuse as the result of a mental sickness and not something done to intentionally cause harm)
  • Steifybobbins 11 Jul 2019 17:50:30 643 posts
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    This is pretty much what I have read or been given as advice and I've begun to accept it. I just hope time does tell as you say
  • ChocNut 13 Jul 2019 06:21:36 2,471 posts
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    Thanks all - we had some positive progress but it’s still unclear. Then yesterday afternoon my daughter split her head open at creche.

    It looked serious when I arrived (thankfully it happened within a minute of when I came home from work). My wife and I drove to the creche together. At first I thought she had brain damage because her speech was slurred (she’s 3 but usually speaks well) so we called an ambulance and thank God she came around in the car.

    We’re back at home now but the three of us heading back to the hospital in a few minutes so she can go under general anesthetic and get stitches.

    She’ll have a cool scar through her eyebrow. I know this probably sounds a bit dramatic but I haven’t much opportunity to edit and I’m on my phone but this is actually what’s going on at the moment.
  • ChocNut 13 Jul 2019 06:25:29 2,471 posts
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    We drove her part way to the hospital and the ambulance met us half way.

    Wish us luck today! Thanks again for all the helpful divorce feedback. Hopefully we can figure this shit out. Oddly the situation with my daughter has helped things but we’ll see.

    I’m a bit distracted until my daughters stitched up. Have a good one all.
  • Dirtbox 13 Jul 2019 06:32:36 91,335 posts
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    Is killing it uncouth now?
  • Deleted user 13 July 2019 07:14:26
    Glad your daughter is sounding like she will be okay and glad talking is helping.

    In all the woe is me, I forgot about a book that might help (might not obviously). It’s called “the five love languages” by Gary Chapman. The book suggests that we all have a love language (e.g. personal time, gift giving, words of affirmation, acts of kindness and... something else I can’t remember). Anyway, theory is that we all have a way of expecting love to be shown and if you don’t speak the same one then you can be leaving each other wanting. Eg you could be the type who does lots for your wife to show your love, but she could be the type who feels loved when you spend quality time with her or when you say you love her or when you give her gifts.

    Sounds out there, but lots of people really rate the idea and it taught me that my wife needs me to shut up and listen to her more than she needs me to decorate a room. It also showed her that I’m the “doing “ type, so me cleaning up and fixing things was / is my way of saying I care.

    Anyway, just something else to think about as a possible reason for why we drift apart. I got it on audible which made it an easier listen, but you could find a précis online no doubt.

    Right, enough drivel from me, the cats want feeding and their looks suggest I could be breakfast soon if I don’t put down my phone.

    Again, glad your daughter is sounding better.
  • CowsMakeNoise 13 Jul 2019 11:26:10 100 posts
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    Iwasexclusive wrote:
    Monogamy is unnatural. There are many fields that need to be ploughed.
    And revolting farming practices like this are why I no longer eat vegetables. Keep it in your pants, Farmer Palmer.
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