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  • wblastyn 4 Sep 2019 10:26:29 31 posts
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    Iím 34 - not married and no kids. Similar feeling here - games are too long and too samey. Iím playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 atm and so far itís held my attention due to the unique blend of minecraft plus RPG. But given the length Iíve no idea if Iíll make it to the end. I very rarely complete games these days, though I did make it to the end of MUA3. Itís some mindless superhero fun and not too long.
  • Quint 4 Sep 2019 11:44:57 59 posts
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    As far as singleplayer-gaming goes I haven't really changed that much other than perhaps getting a bit less patience. When entering a city in an RPG back in the days I was mostly thinking something like "Yay, a new city to explore!", while these days I'm more something like "Ugh, another city filled with randomly moving NPCs saying irrelevant things I have to run around and talk to to make sure I don't miss anything". :)

    For me it's more the multiplayer aspect that's pretty much vanished. Back in the university-days we used to gather sever times a week playing fighting & other multiplayer games on consoles and having LANs on regular basis. After the university times was over we still gathered somewhat regularly, at least a few times a month, but now, at 44 years old, pretty much everyone else has moved to another city and/or gotten married and having kids so these days it's a good year if more than two people gather for some gaming even once.

    This (somewhat depressing) image kind of summarize my multiplayer-gaming evolution over the years :)

  • Britesparc 7 Sep 2019 22:59:11 2,028 posts
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    I think my experience is similar to a lot of other posts here. With jobs, the house, kids, etc, I just don't have the time to play as much as I want. Plus quite often the kids are on the Xbox anyway!

    I usually have one "big" game I try to complete at any one time - a big shooter or RPG - and then other stuff I can drop in and out of, like Forza or Crackdown or (quite often) puzzle games.

    Also, I've been a tiny bit behind the curve when it came to new releases for a while now - going back to before the kids came along, really. But it's only gotten worse. I think I finally completed Arkham Knight at the start of the year and I'm currently playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. I was hoping to finish Gears 4 in time for Gears 5, but as I've not even started it yet, that doesn't look likely!
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