Greedfall - DA:I but with Sweet Hats

  • StarchildHypocrethes 9 Sep 2019 10:45:48 32,338 posts
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    Have a bit of a soft spot for Spider's games. This actually looks like it could be decent!

    A safe space for me and like-minded fools to discuss swashbuckling fashion and janky combat.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 9 Sep 2019 10:48:10 32,338 posts
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    Dramatic launch trailer:
  • ChiefGB 9 Sep 2019 10:48:46 11,338 posts
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    Maybe, looks like a weird hybrid between fantasy and period piece. At a glance it feels quite jarring to me.
    Way too much else coming out for it to really register but I am curious how it turns out as it seems to have a bit of noise behind it in terms of written and video previews but Iíve not really read/watched much of it.
  • oldschoolsoviet 9 Sep 2019 11:35:17 6,731 posts
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    Currently downloading day one patch, and kinda excited. It's definitely on the 'B game' side of things, but I'm liking the 17th Cen aesthetic and the few streams of gameplay I've seen show it'll be a solid enough game.

    Liked the idea of Technomancer, but the GiantBomb quicklook showed up the glaring error of only being able to walk, no run and some average combat - this looks a bit of a step up.

    Paging DUFFMAN, this is right up your street.
  • DUFFMAN5 9 Sep 2019 12:50:31 24,912 posts
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    I know mate, thank you. I will keep an eye. I know it sounds mean but I will get when it hits the £20-25 mark.

    Will be interested to read your thought, so keep them coming :)
  • Gruff 9 Sep 2019 13:16:42 3,463 posts
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    This one caught my eye as well, likewise, will probably not buy full price though. Would be interested in your impressions Oss
  • oldschoolsoviet 9 Sep 2019 14:01:48 6,731 posts
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    No pressure then.

    It's a typical suicide run launching into the autumn period, flanked by Iceborne and Borderlands 3, but I saw a good £36 price and thought "what the hell, I'll support it, could do with a decent story RPG".
  • Gruff 9 Sep 2019 14:10:08 3,463 posts
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    Hmmm, £36 isn't bad actually, sub 30 would be better, wouldn't think it will take long to get there either
  • creepiest-lizard 9 Sep 2019 16:48:33 688 posts
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    Hmm. I think I'm one of the five people who actually liked the Technomancer and this looks like a big step up budget wise..
    The gameplay video on the Microsoft store makes it look..dare I say, a little witcherish?
  • oldschoolsoviet 9 Sep 2019 17:20:49 6,731 posts
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    That's what this reminds me of - Witcher. Only played the second, but I see the similarities, especially with the combat.

    Tutorial(?) done, the port of Serene. Lots of mini quests to introduce factions, the ability to use differing options to complete quests, and I can see some of the mechanics, basic as they are.

    Smooth talk with Charisma (failed both 75% checks lol), breaking in and sneaking (should've chosen Lockpick, so many crates of loot left behind) or breeching with explosives(!) to unlock secondary routes. I've never cared for being all alchemy and magic when rifles and armour are up for grabs so....

    Stumbled around, praticed some combat on some bandit types, stumbled into a faction-owned warehouse forcing me to kill the occupants, used their clothes to dismiss some guards elsewhere, and blatantly lied through my teeth to appease everyone before killing an angry mob because I was too stingy to bribe an innkeeper. Needed the coin for a shiny cape y'know ? Phew.

    I feel some of my actions will come back to bite me later on.
  • creepiest-lizard 9 Sep 2019 18:05:34 688 posts
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    @oldschoolsoviet you like it so far?
  • oldschoolsoviet 9 Sep 2019 18:48:44 6,731 posts
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    So far, yep. Barely scratched the surface though. Just exiting the first city on Teer Fradee and met by the most stunning sunset through the clouds......the art design was always going to hook me in though.
    Forgot it had a day/night cycle, and now I'm out of the city, wow. Quite pretty away from the murky streets.

    There's been a few nice touches I've noticed, fast travel directly to quest givers to turn in completions saving you a trek, and the details in game - a lot of basements seem to contain opium den/brothel settings, lots of cushions and red velvet. Nice that the game gives you the freedom to explore locations from the off, and I've even passed by a few shortcuts/routes that require different talents - plugged my second point into Lockpick and now there's paths that require Vigor.

    I suppose it'll all hinge on how the story goes and how complex/rudimentary the faction stuff turns out, but the base mechanics are fine, the crafting/skills are good, and it's a looker. Definitely suffering from Mass Effect VA syndrome though - the lass isn't great but far better than the bloke, restarted after three sentences from him.
  • JoeBlade 9 Sep 2019 21:24:01 4,464 posts
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    A colleague of mine had mentioned this, if not I probably would have never even known about the game. As a result I'm watching a let's play on Twitch right now and this looks pretty good for sure.

    Greedfall has a very strong "poor man's Witcher 3" feel to it IMO. I can't tell for sure because W3 is as phenomenal as it is largely due to the fantastic setting, story and characters, all of which are difficult to gauge based on an hour or so of video of someone else playing it (plus a couple of previews I read up on)
    Combat specifically reminds me more of AssCreed or Piranha Bites' output, though thankfully not as incredibly unforgiving (in a bad way) as Elex/Gothic/Risen were.

    It's also strange this seems to have gone almost entirely under the radar yet I've just noticed it's currently the top selling game on Steam. Meaning it'll probably make a fortune unless it is revealed to be a giant glossy turd.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 10 Sep 2019 01:16:35 32,338 posts
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    I smell vindication in the early reviews!
  • Frogofdoom 10 Sep 2019 07:49:33 13,948 posts
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    Skill ups review has done a good job of putting me off. The things he points out as bad are things that annoy the shit out of me, I think I will grab the monster hunter world expansion instead.
  • Decks Best Forumite, 2016 10 Sep 2019 08:01:22 20,717 posts
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    It's looks pretty shit but RECOMENNDED
  • megalomaniacs4u 10 Sep 2019 08:38:23 91 posts
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    Its a spiders game - so just how buggy & janky is it? Or should I wait till the xmas sales?
  • oldschoolsoviet 10 Sep 2019 10:13:36 6,731 posts
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    6 hours or so yesterday ? No bugs and I only noticed "conseal" as a spelling error in the subs. Don't know if the patch added some polish, but it's been pretty stable for me.

    As for that furniture repairing quest mentioned in the review, played out completely differently for me. Found Constantin just by being nosy, and on adding him to my party he apologised and paid for repairs himself on our return to the inn. There's an underlying theme of quests having multiple choices throughout, and although the quest end might be similar, it's how you've progressed that'll set up the story/results.

    Last quest had me tailing a suspect, and when spotted a chase ensued, before a fight to beat the information from him, albeit not so succesfully. Could've turned out completely differently if I was sneakier, but now I'll never know.
  • Wavey 10 Sep 2019 17:44:58 906 posts
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    I like the look of this. I thought it was going to be around £20/25 but its £45 on the playstation store. I'll wait for a sale but glad its doing well.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 13 Sep 2019 10:03:32 32,338 posts
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    Managed to stick a decent amount of time into this now and so far it's really rather excellent. Miiiiiiles better than any of their previous games.
  • DUFFMAN5 13 Sep 2019 10:12:39 24,912 posts
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    Great to hear :)
  • StarchildHypocrethes 13 Sep 2019 10:24:40 32,338 posts
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    This is so your game Duff.

    Same for @Ror
  • DUFFMAN5 13 Sep 2019 10:50:07 24,912 posts
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    huzzah for that
  • RedPanda87 13 Sep 2019 10:50:28 1,933 posts
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    This is definitely the best game they've made but I'm not totally sold on it yet. I hate that only your character can use skills like lockpicking and that they're so rarely handed out. It does mean you can't do everything, which is kinda good, but also means a game that's sold as being open can feel quite narrow.

    Also, quest logic and how freeform you can be in your approach seems inconsistent so far and the movement is clunky. There's also nowhere near as much dialogue choice as I would have liked or expected.

    I'm not far yet though and there is still lots of good stuff.

    Edit: I don't want to sound too negative. So far the side quests have all been interesting and mostly more substantial than they often are in RPGs. The graphics and voice acting are pretty good, combat is serviceable. It's definitely fun.

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  • First_Kill 13 Sep 2019 11:31:26 17 posts
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    Waiting for sale
  • MrWonderstuff 13 Sep 2019 14:41:48 2,988 posts
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    Just finished AC Odyssey so not sure I could put up with the jank of this after the fluidity found in the latest Ubi-opus. Think I will wait for a sale then jump in.

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  • oldschoolsoviet 14 Sep 2019 22:24:08 6,731 posts
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    Good stint today, and it's got it's hooks into me.

    I love the overall atmosphere and ambience, a murky world of playing politics and generally trying to deal with the crap hand you've been dealt. There are the small good moments, but the general rule of thumb is that whatever quest you're on the verge of completing - it isn't going to end well.

    This isn't the pretty hero saves the day, more legate runs around trying to appease everyone, plate spinning and generally waiting for it all to bite them in the ass later, and it's refreshing in a way. With all the treachery and skullduggery it's an entertaining ride, with more than a few twists when you think you can see the outcome already. There are tropes, certainly a few 2D cartoon villans, but with a few subversions to catch you unawares.

    The quest structure though is still a fluctation in quality. I like the way some minor failure doesn't halt progress on quests, or force you to restart, and the plot plods on with whatever consequences may come, but having two back-to-back quests earlier follow an exact same inane structure (talk to person A, fast travel back to talk to advisor, seek documents, talk to advisor, talk to another, fast travel to person A, back to advisor) was just annoying. I think you could possibly queue them together (they involve contracts, take note) and use multiple speech options to do them concurrently, but that's with hindsight. Despite the abundance of fast travel points, I wish those earlier prompts to instantly travel to the relevant parties reappeared. Would've saved 20mins of running back and forth.

    The world hubs as they are still feel a bit too barren, legwork for the sake of it, and as pretty as they are my fingers are tired of holding cross to run, but exploring and finding areas/chests you don't have the skills to access yet is a bit Metroidy. Still lacking myself, and despite boosts from armour and friendly companions I doubt it'll be until the late 30s levelwise where you have a sensible amount of "go anywhere" freedom.

    But then things like the "loading" camp kick in, making full use of your time. The combat continues to improve with skills opening up offering an abundance of choices (even changing weapons on the fly), and lots of little technical details that you subtly notice before wowing you with some grand panoramic view as you initially enter a new area. The depth of the equipment/crafting isn't as immense as first thought, but for a title with this budget, I'm amazed when even more stuff keeps showing up, along with the impresive unique legendaries I've found hidden.

    For everything that annoys me, I'm still enjoying the grand scheme of it all. Oh, and Petrus is best boi.
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